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Time constraints and real-life pursuits amidst a poor economy have left me strapped for time and unable to update as frequently as I once did. I do plan to post new articles when time allows, but for now I will leave you with my meth article archive.

If you have a personal story, poem or article on meth addiction you would like published here, please feel free to contact me.

Looking back…

I started this blog quite a while ago after some soul searching and after coming to the realization that so much of my life had been dictated by the meth addiction I grew up with. I started researching and posting about meth and the effects of meth more as a personal quest for information than anything and after a year of posting frequently on the topic of meth I felt I had learned alot on the topic — then came you: The readers of this blog who have taken the time to comment and share your story with me and the rest of the world. It’s been from many of you that I have learned the most and for all of you that have taken the time to write or comment, I am grateful.

I just want to say before closing that if you are struggling in addiction or a loved one on the outside looking in, you are in no way alone. There is never a point where there is no hope. I have come to believe that the feeling of hopelessness associated with meth use is the devil’s tool. Don’t allow yourself to be lied to and never, ever give up hope.

With that I leave you with some of the most popular articles on this site:

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