Meth In The News

Meth related incidents are in the news pretty regularly. Whether its a drug seizure, drug deal, or something someone did while under the influence of meth – news reporters gravitate to the sensationalism caused by the extreme measures addicts will go to in order to get high.

The articles in this category are a random sampling of things I’ve found in the news. There is no way I could ever cover them all, because unfortunately there is far too much news relating to meth for me to add here. My hope is that you will learn something from this collection of articles.

Even Dogs can be Victims of Meth

Man caught selling meth out of a kids store

Dog the Bounty Hunter lookin’ for meth dealers

Amy Winehouse Overdosed on Meth

A meth fueled plot to kill Barack Obama

Meth is everywhere: One week of News Headlines

High on Meth: Awake for Days

OSU Admin Arrested for Meth Possession

“Successful” People Use Meth too

Baby for sale for meth

Fergie’s Meth Addiction: Psychosis

Britney Spears – Crystal Meth’s latest victim?

Meth addicts to blame for stolen art

Busted: Cops do meth too

Scott Cheever: Meth Sentence

Meth dealer sued for causing overdose

Prometa – Controversial Meth Treatment Program

Anhydrous ammonia season is in

Defendant blames meth use for shooting

St. Paul girl sentenced for giving out meth