Meth Awareness

Raising awareness about meth starts with you and me. One person at a time. It’s so important to inform and educate others about meth, because it is one of the most destructive drugs on the street today. Meth is a source of crime and poverty, it consumes addicts and tears families apart at the very root. Our jails, prisons and foster care system are full of people who are dealing with the effects of meth. There is a ripple effect that is tearing through our communities at a record pace and one of the only ways to stop it is through education.

Many people begin using meth innocently at a party or when a friend offers some and before long they are addicted. If people knew what meth was capable of before they began using, the likelyhood of them using would likely be reduced. The articles in this category serve to educate on the effects of meth, types of meth, and anything else that can be used to educate and raise awareness.

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