Meth Poems & Art

I have received some of the most reflective and thought provoking meth poems and art from the readers of this blog. Some are written from the veiwpoint of the addict and others are written by those who love an addict. This is the reflective area of my blog that I hope you will take the time to read and gain insight into the hearts of my readers, addicts and loved ones. Enjoy the poems / art here and take a moment to think about the authors. Each of them have poured out a piece of themselves to give you a glimpse into the meth world.

If you have a meth related poem or piece of art you would like to share – please contact me:

Another Lonely Night

Meth Poem: My Friend They Call Meth

Megan’s Battle Within: The Voice of Meth

Crystal Did Me Wrong

Meth Poeth: I Shoulda’ Knew It

Meth Poem: The Scars of Ice last for Life

Meth Poem: The Cook

Meth Poem: Wife of An Addict

Meth Poem: I walked away

Meth Poem: The Person I Once Knew

Meth Poem: Their still doing me

Brian Welch: Former Korn Guitarist’s Meth Addiction

Free Wallpaper: My Life Means More than Meth

Meth Poem: This is the life of dope

Meth Poem: Your Dearest Friend ICE “aka” DEATH

Crystal Meth Poem: I am death

Meth Poem | The Cat in the Sack

Meth Poem | “The Mountain”

I Am Crystal Meth