Meth Related Videos

The topic of meth has been covered on video from many angles. From documentaries to music videos, there are plenty of videos to choose from on the topic. Some of these videos are disturbing, some are sad and some are just stupid. I apologize in advance if some of the videos embedded in the articles are no longer available from their original sources. I try to keep the videos current, however some of the video sites have taken them down for various reasons.

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Meth Intervention: Coley

Brian Welch: Former Korn Guitarist’s Meth Addiction

Meth Hot Rail

American Meth: A must see movie

Meth Mountain

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Meth Intervention: Cristy

Sometimes it takes the loss of everything…

Crystal Meth Video: Crystal Darkness

Meth Intervention: Tressa

How to make meth: Shock Video

Breaking Bad | Cooking Crystal Meth

Ex-Meth Addict an American Idol

Meth Pictures | Images

Meth Hallucinations

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Meth: The world’s most dangerous drug

Don’t steal a car while high on meth

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