Dog the Bounty Hunter lookin’ for meth dealers

A week ago Dog the Bounty Hunter arrived in Colorado to put the smack down on meth dealers

Dog states that meth is taking over his home state and he wants to do something about it. He and his crew set out from their home in Hawaii to take out several local meth dealers in the Mesa County area. He says it will take about a week to roundup the list of 12-14 fugitives and will air on A&E about three months from the date they finally round them all up.

I am actually glad they brought Dog back on TV – I like his show and I really like him. I know he said some nasty things that got leaked to the press; but admit it — we’ve all said some things in privacy that we wouldn’t want shared with anyone, much less the world. I just hope he learned from his mistake and moves forward in a positive way.

Either way, he is putting fugitives behind bars where they belong so he gets props from me.