Even Dogs can be Victims of Meth

Stolen Chihuahua found after ingesting meth

So picture this.

A year ago in Silverdale Washington a meth addict is given a Chihuahua as a repayment for a drug debt. He goes about his business, day in and day out, spun. Last week, said dog somehow gets into his stash and completely wigs out.

Man, who is also wigged out on meth, decides to take dog to the vet.

The veterinarian not only wonders about the dog’s behavior, but looks to the owner who is acting completely spun. Vet scans the dog’s microchip and gets further suspicious after the dog is found to be registered to a woman in another area.

Vet calls the sheriff, who calls the real owner of the tweeked out dog and they all find out that the dog was stolen one year ago and given to a man to pay off a drug debt.

Man goes to jail.

Dog is in recovery.

The end.

….or is it?