OSU Admin Arrested for Meth Possession

Ohio State Administrator Ronald KochendoerferOhio State University’s assistant vice president of student housing, Ronald Kochendoerfer was arrested last Friday for possession on methamphetamine.

This is a man that made upwards of $80,000 a year who is now going to be making .19 cents an hour in an Ohio state prison if convicted. Apparently, Mr. Kochendoerfer was busted after mailing heroin to a 20 year old Ohio prison inmate in a GQ magazine. How he thought he would pull that off is a mystery to me.

Cops tracked the heroin back to Mr. Kochendoerfer’s home where they confiscated a little less than an once of meth. He was then arrested for possession of meth and not in connection with the earlier smuggling stunt. Huh? Maybe the cops were just looking for a reason to search this dude’s house? Or maybe after tearing up his house they couldn’t find enough evidence to charge him with smuggling the heroin into the prison. Either way he is out on bail awaiting arraignment and has been placed on “administrative leave with pay” from Ohio State University.

Way to be a role model man…