How to make meth

“How to make meth”

I am wondering – why is it that over 1/4 of the visitors to this site come here because they entered “how to make meth” or some similar variable into a search engine. If you fit that category, I want to ask – Are you seriously thinking about making meth in your house, your car, the coffeepot in a cheap motel?

Just some food for thought:

  • Anhydrous ammonia and alkali metal are extremely reactive. Just look at them wrong and KABOOM!
  • A meth lab explosion can cause massive damage in a 300 meter (985 ft) radius. Not only will the explosion maim or kill you, but it could quite possibly kill your family and half of the neighborhood.
  • Got kids or other pesky family members hanging around? Great! Now not only are you inhaling noxious gases, but they are too! Kids are especially susceptible to the free radicals contained in these gases and it can and has been proven to cause cancer at a very minimum.
  • It’s not funny. You are putting your life in danger just using meth, much less making it. Can you see beyond the selfish voice in your head that’s telling you that you NEED to get high? There is nothing that will bring back your family, those you live with or those around you if you decide to make meth and the process goes awry.
  • Chances are you will fail. Most information on the net is incorrect and most sites leave out critical steps. The suckers out there that are willing to chance it are the tweakers on the forums making idiotic posts like “What did I do wrong”, “I made some sh*t but it was bunk and tastes like sh*t”, “I got to the step where u ______________________ and it started smoking really fu*king bad”. (Yes, these are actual post titles). The only ones that say they were successful probably weren’t, but they enjoy making you think they were!

So if you are still pissing around on the internet looking for ” how to make meth ” then obviously you could care less what some chick online has to say about it. Feel free to come back and visit when you’re out of the hospital and you realize it was a bad idea.

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  1. The person above called Legion4weRmany, is clearly on the side of the drug people and all it owns….all drug people say drugs don’t do it people do stuff… and yet the situation as it stands, drugs are clearly the strongest blame in the picture.

    If they were wiped out as an available choice, the same people would do whatever due to their bad attitude or ignorance of actions but they wouldn’t have a chance, nor would they have the strength of a group alliance based on drugs and killing.

    Generally you cannot buy any meth without buying it from a gang member who has to kill someone on kill a random person day. So they are bringing killers into the lives of other’s that don’t want them there.

    Meth is clearly the choice because it’s effective and cheap for those who want to go like a bat out of hell and compete.

    Those that poison the neighbors when cooking….cause the neighbors to have seizures and other health issues not to mention spreading around TB, Hepatitis, and Staph often though bed bugs in the places they waste along the way.

    Probably causing some of these California fires in the woods, These are always inconsiderate, competitive, and hateful unless they they have more stuff than other people, many other people…you see the guy saying he’s got a lot of dirtbikes, kids, wife.

    I’ve seen what happens after that….. Kids get older, divorce, karma comes around to bite for how mean and vicious they really are to other’s…they get to live a while to pay for kids and that’s nice and enjoyable but eventually the kids get all mean and want the same big money and waste everyone else on the road to cash.

    I’ve heard these drug people who indeed are individuals and look at an individual rather well…. telling these lies like forever.

    They basically compete for the lifestyle just as much as they are addicted…. they are angry and competitive if they don’t get some life they think they deserve… and they waste many people in the path that deserve also, like whoever believes any of their lies…..then they cook to make more money and make the place where they cooked uninhabitable while poisoning tenants one and two doors, all away will test positive for meth, but their landlord will rent again anyway and not tell you. The landlord always lives in a 2+ million dollar house….it’s the way greed works….once they get hands on money, it’s me, myself, and I, or my people, my race….there is a strong disinterest in races of various kinds liking each other very much. They don’t, no matter how much segregation you want to enforce in the law it hasn’t worked, it’s not segregated at all and a complete flop to make such laws.

    Their drug user idea is they think drugs is honest business and their own rights but they are too close…. to other people who have the right to reject but they get over on the rejection using lies, and hiding behind walls and doors and privacy laws. I feel their hatred. Not just meth all the addicts do much of the same secrets with hatred…..

    Cooking is toxic to other’s and it’s anything but honest with all the lies they tell to who they don’t care about to keep going and all the thefts…. of them or who they sell meth to or who they keep company with.

    So karma will set in one day. Karma holds off if your raising children and behaving well enough.

    Harmful people like drug users and thieves can’t just keep rolling money into their own children to avoid karma because when that happens the children become suicidal or spoiled brats that are drug and sex addicts or well on the way themselves because they can’t get money from other’s same as parents.

    They could only get money from parents who were willing to waste and kill other people to protect their own brats. It’s just how it is, everybody competing in families.

    If it wasn’t for money buying anything and everything they wouldn’t want meth but they won’t admit that while it’s the way it is now, they make up stories.

    Meth is clearly for competition against the straights. They aim to use the strength and energy to say, I’m up and win competition in life like a body builder on steroids.

    The neighbors will test positive for meth after cooking….not to mention seizures and headaches and skin rashes neighbors get, and setting a bad example for their children but thinking they are trying to protect their own children at the same time.

    It’s them against the cruel world. Even if they only hurt themselves, it hurts the other’s. Meth is just bad, addictive is the key to evil, toxic, and I think also too much energy causing energetic behavior that is overwhelming to other’s making a promise your superman but it’s just the drug working on them at the time.

    I want to see it wiped out off the earth, because everyone is wasting time on it.

  2. So let me get this straight…you ask God daily why he made you an addict, yet you claim to be an atheist…gotcha

  3. I have reason to believe someone I know and love has become addicted to, and may be manufacturing, meth. My suspicions have been growing, and a few minutes ago, I found a can of camp fuel in this person’s vehicle, and I’m convinced if I don’t stop it now, this person will die or be imprisoned. This person is educated, highly-so, yet I fear she/he has fallen into the meth trap. Yes, batteries have gone missing, along with supplies of cold remedies hoarded for when the cold season hits. I’m just sick with worry. Thank you for this and your other posts. I now know what I’m looking for. Unfortunately, the more I find, the sicker I become. 🙁

  4. i was reading articles about stupid drug addicts, had searched for one about two meth heads locked in a closet and this site came up in the Google search. I don’t think anyone searching how to make meth is going to be interested in anything you have to say because your attitude is condescending and judgemental. If you are really interested in helping people maybe you could find a way to take your ego out of the equation?

  5. I came to this page because a house exploded in my friend’s neighborhood and I was wondering if it could be caused by a “meth lab,” not that I care to learn how, just if it could cause such an explosion that leveled the house and blew out windows as far as 5 homes away…..

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