How to make meth

“How to make meth”

I am wondering – why is it that over 1/4 of the visitors to this site come here because they entered “how to make meth” or some similar variable into a search engine. If you fit that category, I want to ask – Are you seriously thinking about making meth in your house, your car, the coffeepot in a cheap motel?

Just some food for thought:

So if you are still pissing around on the internet looking for ” how to make meth ” then obviously you could care less what some chick online has to say about it. Feel free to come back and visit when you’re out of the hospital and you realize it was a bad idea.

  • Buckeye43207

    I typed “the earth’s method for making crystals” in google and it took me to your sight. I am a single father with 3 kids fallen on hard times with the recent layoffs. Never used drugs, but learning from your sight that i can make money from mixing up a few chemicals in my spare bedroom to make a highly addictive drug is gonna make me RICH!! Goodbye hard times. Repeat customers and  merchandise discounts. I WILL be like a celebrity, but with class of course. 
    THANK YOU, Somechick 

  • Chris

    I just bought a house and it has this smell in the cupboards that won’t go away. There was a smell in the whole house before i painted the floors and walls. It was a foreclosed house so we remodeled everything but just painted the outside of the cupboards and it almost just smells old.  But I heard a story on the news about a couple who just found out they bought a foreclosed home that turned out to be a meth house. So I was wondering how you find out if there were ever drug crimes related to your home? 

  • Store Manager

    I work in a store where they are stealing certain ingredients to make meth, I am not nor will I ever be interested in making this crap just wanting to know what to keep an eye on at the store that these dumbasses are stealing.

  • MsTaraCovington

    lol i typed into google “how to make meth” for research purposes for an essay. just was curious what it contained, not actually HOW to make it but this was a really good message. i dont understand why people get caught up in these things myself. its very sad.

  • jojack

    ha, I had to click this link it sounded hilarious.  I was searching for the byproducts caused from methamphetamine production.

  • CelebrateRecovery

    Charge hard ‘Some Chick’  I am a grateful recovering addict that supports your site

  • Darrylflint

    man i know how to know how to make the shit but i need to know the degree that the tank needs to be or i am going to blow my ass up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bsvvv

    some one put a c4 up her ass n detonate…how to make it bitches not be a mom…

  • Noneyabiz


  • James_dav_bmcg

    fahrenheit? celsius? kelvin? rankin?

  • Blahblah

    u are hella obsessed with meth

  • Smashing_pumpkins44

    your gay

  • Henrybonnie2110

    Thats clever lok

  • Steve P

    I’m an adult, living a drug free life, however I seen a few seasons of the Breaking Bad serie. My intent was to verify if the way they do it in the show is similar to real life, but thank you for polluting search engines. Do you think you’re going to change someone’s life? Do you think people who use meth don’t know it’s dangerous? Let Darwin do its own work. Nature always win. 

  • Nathan Robert Young

     I’m amused at the number of grammar errors and misspellings in your reply. I think, perhaps, this would provide a reason to stay away from drugs, or at least the type of people that use them.

  • Nathan Robert Young

    It just occured to me that I’m equally amused that you stand behind a name associated with anonymous. You’re obviously trying to make a statement here. Why associate that statement with a group that is considered by half the country as a terrorist organization, and the other half considered not worth taking seriously at all?

  • fastChris

    um actually i came here because I was researching about meth mountain because watching and reading things about tweakers is entertaining, but thanks for assuming I want to learn how to make meth. You know what they say about assuming, right?

  • Bpezz

    It’s really unfortunate that there are so many ignorant people like you.  Illegal drugs do not help anyone excel in anything. Why don’t you do some research and get facts. And BTW you need to learn how to spell.

  • Richie

    Thanks Dude !

  • Richard Joseph

    All I have to say buddy is please in the future use a spell check …

  • Randyguthrie

    300m? Are you on meth? Exaggerating like that just make people not take you seriously. 

  • Meatmanmoney

    dont have a web site on it, if you dont use it for knowledgeabe insight for people, i was trying to find something to explain how harmful it is, and how many dangerous chemicals are in it, close your website bitch

  • Crowfly

    The main problem in understanding the cook people away’s seem to miss in these posts – The Idea is to have your sudo on the top layer. Your Lithium flakes must make contact with this top layer while they are reacting with water droplets. The water will fizz the Lithium and it will sink and rise , collecting up and dissolving all the sudo. The sudo will become gummy and stick to the flakes. Don’t shake it or you’ll mix the sudo up in the bottom although it wants to be top layer. Hit the flakes with droplets one at a time if need be. Take your time. Don’t get nervous , air will not tend to go into bottle unless there is a cross breeze. It’s ok to remove the cap for water drops, but re cap while the lithium is fizzing. Doing this slowly will keep the flakes from flaming up. unless your in a big hurry and dump water on it all at once.Don’t do that. Keep fizzing up the gummy flakes till gone. This will give max yield. Use 1 Quarter cup Sulphate of ammonia and 3 Quarter’s of a cup (oven dried) Pure Lye. Off brands of Lighter fluid with Naphtha are even better sometimes than main brands. Don’t be in a hurry this can take 4 hours or more. Pressure is not really necessary. Just observe closely and release as necessary.Cross hatching on sides are Frankenstein Meth Crystals and indicate finish. you may not even see copper BB’s. Crowfly

  • Crowfly

    The heat from the Lithium reacting SLOWLY will give you your ammonia in gas and Liquid . The Liquid ammonia will evaporate once you filter off and allow the fuel to stand. Placing cook bottle into fairly hot transparent small bucket of water BELOW fuel level will help things along ammonia wise. This isn’t necessary while your breaking down the sudo/gum lithium flakes. Sorry for the ass backward posts. The sudo/Lyth breakdown is the most important part. For the smoker you can use aluminum balls , dash of salt and battery acid. This can take up to half an hour to begin smoking. The fuel will turn white . The puddle at the bottom can be drawn up through the fuel with a syringe and THATS Meth. It can be IV injected immediately , but dragon chase first to make sure. Also observe the reaction of the blood when they come in contact. If the blood doesn’t coagulate in the syringe go for it. This is for Liquid Crystal only. If you wan’t to crystallize it and sell it , see you when you get out of prison- crowfly

  • dgenie

    wow,this is the free world,but this is just too much information

  • gracie

    what does it mean when u mix ur meth w water & seems to dissolve in 2 different parts & then coagulates instantly when mixing w your blood? could it be a type of cut used? in the syringe the mixture looked like red jelly!
    & pain was caused at injection sites

  • hayley

    i reckon gelatine is not good for your veins, stop wacking up or get a new drug dealer your gear is f#$%^&^, its been cut with something real nasty lol

  • pocho

    Haha that was a good one….people should also realize they r being monitored on line so get off ur lazy ass and visit a library…

  • victoriaDRose

    Woah dude under me if you don’t like it gtfo. No one asked you to read. .. or comment for that matter. Some chick, you sound cool. I enjoyed your blog. I’m personally a heroin addict. Meth never made it to Rhode Island Thank God. I just got on the methadone clinic 2 days ago. A different meth lol. So we’ll see how that goes. Wish me luck! X♡X♡

  • pat rice tx

    I hope your son is still alive…I can’t imagine having a child with a drug problem how scary that would be…I have three grown children and I always talked openly about drugs…to them..even admitted to doing meth and telling them its a horrible drug like the fruit off the tree in the garden of eden…and told my babies if you never try it…you can’t like it…I am so lucky I don’t have a dependent personality or I would be lost like so many of my friends ended up…it so sad…I was almost 28 before I ever did any drug I was such a good girl..but fell in love with someone who could talk me into things…after 9 years of being a social to regular user…I just said I’m better than this…tomorrow is thanksgiving and once again I won’t be eating I’ll just be acting like I’m eating…what kind of life is this…no life…so just like that I stopped and I had to stop hanging around my friends…because if your around it you will still always want to do it…it stays in you brain that way….I think god every day that my children didn’t ever try meth…I’m blessed in that…my ex husband the one who could talk me the goody two shoe into trying drugs…he has been addicted since we split up in 1999….he is 43 now and he buys ounces at a time…its a part of his life….somehow he manages to keep a very good job…but put him anywhere else and it will take him two hours to do what should take 10 minutes…his mind is so scattered off of meth…I can’t hardly stand to be around him…cause I get so impatient on how long everything takes….I can’t get him to stop…he has no desire too…sad

  • chris thomas

    I wouldn’t have checked out any site (I have no desire to cook meth) only because I’m watching Breaking Bad & was curious as to how it’s done. the only reason I thought I’d check it out is because I know you can find anything here on the good old internet. so, we’re not all looking to actually make anything. but you’re right, it does BAD things to your body,friends, & loved ones.

  • chris thomas

    yes, people screw up their own live, but drugs do affect them negatively as well. If you have someone who has mental health issues already, they definitely are going to be affected negatively. good for you that your life took a turn in the right direction, but not everyone will be that lucky!

  • chris thomas

    I have to agree with Richard Jacobs. for those of us who are educated, it is VERY hard for us to have to read things that aren’t proper grammar. I do agree that we all come from different backgrounds, & have had different lives, so there shouldn’t be judgements on people because of that.

  • chris thomas

    true, true!

  • chris thomas

    you think that your being hooked on drugs only affect you, & maybe friends & family. they don’t, they affect anybody you come across. who’s to say that you won’t come across someone you have a beef with who may have a knife, or even a gun. you are also paranoid,so how do we know if you’re afraid we’re looking at you! I’ve done my share of drugs, including meth. even though I have addiction issues, I was lucky enough to have my Daughter who was worth getting clean & staying that way. had I known what meth was made with, there’s NO WAY IN HELL I would have ever even thought of it!!!

  • DrugsRforLosers

    I want to know if hammering is involved. The neighbor above me is always hammering and doing “renovation” types of things over the past year. I don’t give a rat’s ass about how to make it but I can’t check his garbage or anything else if he is living above me in a condo. All the advice is for someone who lives in a house, to look for license plates, containers but in a condo, he can throw things down the shoot, idiots can take out the drug to bars or whatever, people can come and go more easily, Ah*le security guards can be paid or ignore it because they aren’t paid enough. This is a major concern for me. The smells are there, I don’t smoke anything so the smell is easy enough for me to figure out, but this creep hammers and makes other noises like this, like dragging out hoses or chords or something out of his closet and drags it across the floor. I used to think it was a dog leash but he would make other noises after this sound occurred as it does every day. The only people I can hear are there late at night and it sounds like deals but how would I know? The one thing I am clear about is the sounds and smells. I want to know if it’s a weed grow op or a meth lab.

  • GotoJailDruggie

    Useless fucktard, get off of our planet. You add nothing to this world but problems. I hope your sh*tty attitude towards other human beings gets you what you deserve, you useless piece of sh*t who doesn’t appreciate life. DRUGS do f*ck up peoples lives, as it is messing up everyone who comes into contact with retards like you. Your affect on society is horrible and you don’t deserve the good things in life. Go back into your cave, affect no one and rot there.


    REALLY? IF IT THIS EASY THERE WOULDN’T BE PEOPLE GETTING ARRESTED FOR SALES OF METH. the stuff meth made from is very “bitchy” and just one bead of sweat i hear can blow you and your neighbors out of their shoes….houses is more like it. & end a life or leave a person with missing limbs and scars from 3rd deg burns. it’s a nasty drug. Its dangerous to make.

  • Jay Compton

    Geez, lady! LOL! I was just researching meth as a way to “dig deeper” into the show Breaking Bad. NO way in hell I’d mess with that stuff. I’m drug free. Well, except coffee. Gotta have my coffee!

    While I found your site amusing you shouldn’t mislead people. People who want to use or make meth are going to do it regardless, and the rest of us are just curious for one reason or another, whether it be due to a television show or because, as I’ve read in some comments, you suspect your neighbor might be up to no good.

    Only an idiot would do or make meth, but there are a lot of idiots out there.

  • Chuckalone

    I keep hearing a drum like noise or pounding on the walls sound every night about 3:00 next door. I suspect the kid might be making meth but would like to know if this noise has anything to do with meth making?

  • Just concerned for all

    How can we get through to these individuals to help then to realize tat there is so much more to life then meth and other drugs. Funding Jesus can be such a better “high” than any drug. I’m glad that it is more difficult for them to obtIn the ingredients to make this life distorting poison.

  • Faith

    Have you fallen out of your tree?! Why in the world would you post how to cook this crap online?! There is nothing to be gained from teaching them to cook it? Oh and tips on how to hustle/ sling it is pathetic.

  • suzy

    Not trying to make meth…..but am.afraid that my stepson might be and their is a toddler in the home. Help!?!


    Lmfao, you have to be one of the most ignorant retards ever! N apparently meth isnt helping you focus.


    So just for starters…while telling someone to use a spell check…you spelt loser wrong. To me, a few dirt bikes, a house and kids is all some would need in life. Actually, dirt bikes are what helped get me clean. I never used meth and only researched “How to make meth” purely out of curiosity after watching “Breaking Bad” on t.v., which I’m thinking, you are claiming to have written. Your site is shut down by the way. Your ignorance is unreal. Drugs do not ruin lives. Its a fact. That drug doesnt crawl up your nose or inject itself in you viens. People destroy themselves by making stupid choices. Like I have with heroin. I have no kids but wouldnt mind one, but a few dirt bikes and an empty field or dirt trail is all I need in life. I would be dope sick puking and shitting on myself, but put me on a dirt bike and all is forgotten. I dont need a fuckin 401k…I dont need to be rich either. I can be very happy alone, with just a dirt bike and a few self grown plants for extra relaxation…so your needs in life may not apply to others.lmfa

  • Kate

    Just a thought, I for one am a huge Breaking Bad fan and was simply curious about the process. So, with all due respect, before you go and judge anyone for something that you posted, you should think that it might just be simple curiosity and not anyone wanting to make meth….

  • japo

    A naw dat boy mad lol hell naw and countless money

  • Saggin Gin

    Ha…came across this site trying to learn the way of the meth head. I suspect my neighbor is making this drug and I’m researching everything on the internet to learn everything involved. Everything meaning what to look for in the dumpster as items used during the making of meth process.

    I first became suspicious by noticing all the 10-minute visits to his place. Visits all day & night long. Talked to the guy not to long ago to notice signs of meth use…chewing, fidgety, rubbing his runny nose, etc…

    When I get undeniable proof, I’m taking the evidence straight to the US Marshal’s office. Screw the police who will expose that I’m the one who dropped the dime on this dope head.

    He should have been smarter and covered up his operation to be unnoticeable, but instead, carelessly deals out of his home like nobody will notice. What a dumbchit who deserves to get busted.

  • Doomface

    that guy is hilarious. what is he on?

  • jimmyd787

    Good luck with that calling us Marshals office. Meth labs aren’t their thing .. they u to call local enforcement. .