Meth smell is something not easily hidden

Meth labs emit noxious and extremely strong odors that are hard to cover up.

A meth lab can have a strong uncommonly sweet smell; not like a perfume, but something more like a lightly scented cleaning chemical. There is a point int he process where it may smell like a gas leak or rotten eggs. Some of the odors related to a meth lab have been described as smelling like:

  • Lighter fluid
  • Ether
  • Ammonia
  • Auto parts cleaner
  • Rotten eggs

Usually living next to or near by a meth lab you would probably smell these things repeatedly. Sometimes meth cooks will cover the windows with tin foil to keep the scent from escaping and others from seeing in. Spotting a meth lab can be tough, but the smell is generally a tell-tale sign.

The ingredients used in making meth are extremely toxic and flammable. If you are concerned about the possibility that there may be a meth lab near you; it’s no joke – Call the fire department or police and have them investigate.

  • Anonymous

    Honestly, look at what is in meth. Of course, I am sure you know; not to mention what it does to you. People who use meth are known to have Psychosis from using meth, lack of sleep, appetite, & then the inevitable…death. Realistically, most people care about breathing and having sufficient oxygen supply. As meth users don’t have any regard for life itself; as should no one have any reserves for meth users. Go back to your own inner circle of hell in Ashton, ID & rot there.

  • Shawn Cottrell

    I’ll sign that petition.

  • Hvacrpro

    I smell burnt rubber,paint constantly, and Bleach it makes me cough, woke up to it twice already.. apt bldg living , mgr and maintenance men lie to fire dept to deter them from listening to complaints when anyone calls. then they retaliate to turn neighbors against anyone who complains. they got it down .

  • Devin Hines

    drug addicts our not bad a lot of these people were given drugs at early ages legalize everything and offer free counseling and treatment drug problems will be a thing of the past but this hate attitude towards sick people aka drug addicts is just sicking and not helpful

  • Devin Hines

    wow super ignorant and sad please get in touch with sanity bro

  • Frances Adams

    Hi, I have read your problem,, I have the same thing here at my home. the BUMS next door to me are cooking meth and it is very bad , gives me head aches , dizzy, heart rate speeds up, gets very shaky, even through up … When they discovered I knew they have been giving me HELL with harassment sometimes all night long.. I have had to leave and stay in motel when it starts at night, I just cant take it… BUT… I have called local PD.. I get nothing… many times I have called…Then I called DEA they done SLED check.. of course in the daytime…lol … Couple days after that they hauled off truck loads of black garbage bags to the trash… things got some better but not much.. my home is paid for I am age to retire and cant afford to move but I am trying… SOMETIMES I THINK THE……PD….. and these BUMS are buddies ….. because they done ZERO about this … I am looking to move soon as I find something I can afford,,,, it just not worth it living beside all this….

  • That made no sense, but I am not surprised.

  • Funny, it’s super ignorant and sad to try drugs the first time.

  • Mady

    I think I live by a meth lab but there are so many tweakers in the neighborhood that it is hard to pin down the exact house. I smell this awful odor so often that it is making me crazy. My daughter and her husband stayed with me at Christmas and my son-in-law was at my house the most because we were shopping. He said he had a bad headache and he never gets them. The smell let up and was not as strong yesterday and here again it’s starting to smell strong. I guess they need a batch for New Years. I go outside to see if I can smell it but I can’t. Am I wrong, I don’t think so! I am like the guy that posted,,,,,,I hope they all smoke up and die already!

  • KCasus

    Sick ass weak minded people are what these addicts are.

  • bob

    if some one in apt. bldg. can a person get hooked on these drugs by smelling them strong oddrs from below me.

  • bob

    hope they over dose as well who is going to take care of the children another junky .?

  • Tina

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  • Bryan Chandler

    If anyone would have said Adderall or Meth Amphetamine would be prescribed to anyone much less elementary school age children 30 years ago in the next century they would have looked at them and thought they were insane or high or bumped their damn head. It still leaves me with the WTF? expression. To me it’s truly insane. I’ve talked to pharmacists and doctors about it and some just shake their head, some say well its OK for just a short period. ITS FREAKIN PHARMACEUTICAL METH!!. And we are giving to our little kids because some teacher told some Panel of “Professionals” that some of their students are Hyper and un-focused. Um. that would be at least half the kids in the world because THEY’RE KIDS AND THATS NORMAL FOR ALOT OF KIDS!!.
    Call it a conspiracy theory if you want but we need to wake up and realize we are letting our kids get hooked on Meth and surely it is definitely a gateway drug.
    When I was a kid if some Doctor gave kids Speed they’d be in jail with an az whippin from the parent 1st. Makes me so mad. If its just for supposed to be for a short period and help them focus in school then why is it prescribed all Summer too? And I know kids and adults who are absolutely addicted to it and have been on it for over 7 years and will go into severe withdrawal any day they don’t have it. And plenty kids that jerk Panels have recommended it to and Doctors that have recommended it to adults that lose their minds w/out it everyday have graduated to all kinds of other drugs because of it.
    Why would somebody be arrested and put in prison on a felony charge if they were busted buying straight up clean Walter White Ice but it be OK as long as they buy the same thing legally? Is it because the gov’t and pharm. companies don;t get their cut? Anybody who’s been taking Adderall for years would angrily beg to differ saying that Adderall absolutely helps them. Believe me I’ve had that discussion and it always turns into a heated argument. If you’re an Aderallic and reading this and think any different you are in self denial. You only need it for the same reason any Heroin addict or any Junkie needs there ”medicine” You’re addicted and you will get sick w/out it. That is the ONLY reason you need it. I understand why. I really do. Just don’t lie to yourself. Think of it this way if you think you need it for any reason other than addiction. Before you ever took your 1st Adderall maybe you had a little problem focusing or were a little too hyper or whatever reason but you could feel fine every day then w/out Adderall. Now, it’s really a panicky nightmare at just the thought of going 1 day w/out it, right? Remember how when b4 you got addicted to Adderall or anything for that matter how maybe you might have a bad day but you could handle it and probably get over it by just doing something that didn’t involve your favorite poison like just maybe fishing or a hobby or just being around some friends like you could when you were a child and knew nothing of drugs. Watch how little kids can just be happy playing like kids do. Something normal might and do upset them but they usually get over it fairly quick and move on to something else and be happy again. Happy is normal to them w/out drugs. If it was possible to just push a button and bring that back would you push it or stay in the grips of addiction that you have to have daily/nightly just to feel normal and have to dangerously take more to be happy? Wouldn’t you rather be able to just enjoy things naturally as a normal small child would? Do you have any recollection of how something as simple as throwing a football around was enough? Again, if you don’t, just watch how happy little kids are just playing.

  • Bryan Chandler

    Usually cat piss. Especially if it’s “Kitchen Crank” or fake meth that is dirty and made from store bought or otc pharmacy products and God only knows what else.