Shake and Bake or One Pot Meth Making

The newest way to make meth is called the Shake n’ Bake or One-pot method and poses a new danger to communities

New on the scene is the easiest and possibly most dangerous way of making meth. Using the one-pot method means that meth cooks can make meth in one sealed container which is generally flipped upside-down to cause the reaction needed to turn several toxic ingredients into meth. This method generally produces meth in smaller quantity, but doesn’t make it any less dangerous.

The chemical reaction going on inside the container (which can be anything from a Coleman fuel can to a soda bottle) causes an extremely high amount of pressure to build up within the container after being shaken; this method can cause a pretty large explosion. In fact, just the other day, a man died from making meth this way.

Shake and Bake Meth Making materials

The biggest danger in relation to this method is the fact that it is fast and portable. So portable in fact, that it is most common to find people using this method to make meth in their car. They generally drive around while the meth is being made to release the fumes and when the process is over, some 40 minutes later, they simply chuck the used container filled with toxic chemical residue out of the window. Aside from the environmental impact this has, it also poses a hazard to children that naturally want to explore and pick up the things they find.

The remnants of the chemicals that remain in the container are generally muddy brown in color. If you suspect someone of making meth using this method please contact authorities as soon as possible. This type of meth lab is really a mobile ticking time bomb. If you come across a discarded container used in one-pot (shake and bake) meth making do not touch it – contact the police department to discard it, as they will likely need to have a haz-mat team clean up the mess left behind.

Update: One of my readers left  a comment which includes instructions and while I think you are absolutely off your damn rocker if you try it (seriously, don’t), I am including here the list of ingredients he posted for those who are here looking for ingredients for other research purposes.

  • 2 32 oz. Gatorade bottles
  • 2 Mason jars
  • 3-4 ft. of aquarium tubing
  • aquarium air pump (optional)
  • fine coffee filters
  • a funnel
  • 75g 100% lye
  • 130g 15-0-15 fertilizer (no weed killers)
  • 2 96 ct. Pseudophedrine (crushed into fine powder)
  • Coleman lantern fuel
  • 1.5g Ice
  • 2 AA lithium batteries
  • Iodized Salt
  • Liquid Lightning (drain cleaner)
  • Pipe cutter
  • Needle nose pliers
  • Xacto knife/Scissors

483 thoughts on “Shake and Bake or One Pot Meth Making

  1. Damn. That's scary. Meth is already so easy to get, this just makes it even easier. Now you don't even need a room of your own. You don't even need a table. 40 minutes and a crock pot? That is horrendously awful.

  2. What's worse is that you don't even have to have any money really other than to purchase a few simple ingredients. Because the amount is so small they can generally get in under the federal laws that limit the amount of pseudoephedrine purchased. So the amount of smurfing they have to do is limited as well. If meth manufacturers used their craftiness in positive ways rather than to make meth, well needless to say, we would all be better off.

  3. I was just outside today in a city preserve doing wildlife photography when I found two, 2-liter bottles in the woods which turned out to be this type of meth. Not knowing exactly what they were, but having a hazy idea, I foolishly picked them up and removed them from the woods to a city trash can in the adjacent city park, whereafter I called the police. The spot where I found them was approximately 75 yards from where children play and people use the park. I had never seen this kind of contraption before, and was reprimanded and advised by the public safety officers to LEAVE IT WHERE IT IS next time, for just such reasons as I've read about above and online. I had to come home and decontaminate everything and myself as a precaution. It makes me very sad and sick at heart that this is happening to people- all God's children -right under our noses, while being a wildlife advocate this makes me just ache for the damage to the environment- to God's Creation.

  4. For best results…Anyone using this method needs to be sure to add 4 cups gunpowder, 2 liters of Coleman fuel, and heat over open flame on high….you'll be finished in far leas than 40 minutes!

  5. The move to these easy to manufacture drugs is a direct result of the United States' prohibitory approach to controling intoxicants other than alcohol.

    The “trafficed” drugs carry all sorts of risks and require networks of contacts that these manufactured drugs don't. Basically you need to know people who know people in South America and you have to be willing to commit days if not weeks to traveling back and forth carrying the drugs.

    If we would regulate rather than prohibit drugs it would make the risk premium on horrible, poisonous, mega-addictive drugs like meth less than those associated with going down to the drug store and buying something that was taxed and at least medically evaluated.

  6. With the one pot method, I have heard reports that people do not smell anything next door to the people making it. But this article says that they drive around to release the fumes. Is there still an ordor? Why are people not noticeing it as much?

  7. What does the finished product look like? My boyfriend was doing something and I found some milky-yellow, fluffy, spongy powder in the bottom of a drawer. Could this be shake N bake?

  8. I keep hearing about this new method here in Oklahoma and there have been so many labs busted so far this year it's not even funny. I appreciate this post – I learned something. I still am curious as to why Oklahoma has so many labs now when the purchase of sinus meds has been tightened up – you have to show ID at the pharmacy to get the stronger sinus meds and can only buy so much a month….

  9. yeah i wish it was true. i can never find dope in oklahoma and when i do it's expensive (10 bucks a point!) and it sucks. okies can't do anything right. give me mexican ice anytime!

  10. Meth is a terrible drug!!
    Why would you guys stoop so low as meth? My mother just got done being addicted to meth and now she is a better mother. Before she got off it. I WAS THE ONE DOING THE MOTHERLY ROLE. so before you decide to fuck your life up and your kids think fucking twice!!!!

  11. Seriously who the fuck makes a website about making meth?!?!?!?!?! ITS NOT A FUCKING GAME.

  12. It is NOT that easy

    by most experienced meth cooks, this method was though to be a hoax !
    only recently, with some research and the publication of a supporting patent that explains the reactiion and it's reducing agent ” xxxxxxx xxxxxx”,
    is this method now being taken seriously..

    And even when attemped by 10 year Meth cooking vetrens, this reaction is very demanding as far as “care and feeding” required for success !

    Proper pill cleaning and post-reaction proceedures are an absolute must for success..

    Yes some Yahoo's are outhere just slapping it together and getting somthing they will sell: but it is generally HIGHLY contaminated with Ammonia Chloride salt and Plastic Polymer Pill ingrediant Gak.

    However, in time,
    eventually sombody with no class or sense of responsebility will post a step by step method detailing the road to success.

    Then You will either Pill manufacturers usser in a new generation of inactive foilant ingrediant GAK, that specifically targets this reaction at it core.

    There is never going to be another Meth epidemic.
    Its always just a Bullshit game W.O.D. for doo-gooders to fight to the death.

  13. true, the regulations on buying these pills have been tightened, but for “cookers” this law can easily be sidestepped. just get a bunch of people who are willing to buy the pills for money or a cut of the finished product.

  14. you are full of shit, it does work and that proper pill cleaning shit is a lie to, meth will continue to ruin lives no matter what anyone does. it is an epidemic and there are many other ways to get psudoephedrine without the pills. you keep dreaming and maybe cooks will get tired of having their own clean dope and dope whores who think they are god cause they make dope. its so easy that anyone that can make koolaid can make dope. i dont suggest making it cause you start out thinking it will make you money or popular and all you do is screw up all good things in your life and end up in prison without teeth and loved ones and all your friends will move on to the next dumb ass that makes it. so do it if you want to cause ive been there and it will not make you rich you will lose way more than you thought you had.good luck learning how to make dope and i hope you dont loose all that i have

  15. Sorry to hear that you lost your perspective. But just because all of that bad stuff happened to you does'nt mean it will happen to everyone. Some people smoke and get cancer. Some people drink and die from liver and kidney problems. Some people shovel in candy bars and ice cream to the point where they are obese, diabetic, and eventually dead. I'm sure that those people would preach about the evils of the snickers candy bar. My point being is… You can preach all you want, but no matter how passionately you make your case, noones gonna take it to heart. All people have to learn their own way. And if they are headed down that path, that's their choice. It does'nt mean that they are any less of a good person than you are. And if the person turns psycho from doing the drug, then that person needs help, not your criticism.

  16. its so easy to say dont fuck up your life. but i bet you havent hit the bowl just once. try before you predict what will happen. an addiction comes from people who can barely get their hands on the drug. my buddies have been smoking 8 balls and their still more attractive than me and always on their a game. Crystal meth is nothing like what you think it is. It can make you rich and give you better understanding of whats around. 5 bucks a gram of weed. 100 bucks a gram of ice. Cmon, get your shit straight.

  17. I dont know what to say to this meth is bad but at the same time it is great and it does keep you on your a game but it does mess your life up so some people have to pick whats more important family or the dope game

  18. so so so true i was dealing in the major leauges making close to 10k a day off pure mexican ice and what did it get me a ten year prison sentence it was fun at the time but here i sit with no teeth knowing that it was never worth the price you pay

  19. I'm in a vicious circle of drug abuse and my family is involved too so its really hard for me to see their mistakes and its making it hard for me to get away from it. why do we keep doing what hurts us even when we know it's hurting us before we do it. why cant i say no?

  20. hey there i hope u get this i realy do..i know firet hand what you are going thure just a fue years ago me my wife and her family went down that road.. if you wasent t6he one cooking it you was the one getting the stff to make it or watching some ones kids while they were out blowing off a batch.. its hard to walk away from that when its your loved ones that u have known your entier life as the ones that watched out for you or the onesthat u played with on family gettogethers .. but i have to say its worth it.. and i hate to say its even harder than you can think to step out on your own and be the one on the outside looking in.. with us it took a little while but before we knew it there was others that came around and saw what they had become as well.. im not saying that any one like this are bad peopple they are not they are just lost in somthing that has no way out at the time.. some times it takes some one to open a door to a dark room to let the light in..and as far as saying no we never could and i mean that no matter how bad we wanted to we just couldent.. so we had to step back one day we just took what we had and we left.. that was hard not knowing what we was doing or even how we would live but it was worth it we got back up on our feet started to live agine.. it was better to face that fear of not knowing than knowing how we would end up if we stayed.. lol it only took 4 years from our life but they were the ones with our kids we will never get back..there is a good side to it all out of the 18 that was in the famly that was locked into meth there are only 6 left today that are still on it and 2 of them got locked up so there is a way and there is a way to help the ones you love but for us we had to do it from the out side looking in ..if you ever want to talk

  21. These people whom seemed to be turned on by the whole idea of Meth, has not had to pay for playing the game. Then again some will never learn………………They will wish they listened when there time comes!!!!

  22. —“contact the police department to discard it, as they will likely need to have a haz-mat team clean up the mess left behind.”—

    Its funny a haz mat team is needed many people have this stuff in there homes for legit purposes and stores sell it no haz mat crew needed then the people getting busted makin this stuff get a large fine or cost added to there punishment for clean up costs or the township spends a good amount of money if no one is caught this is the pop bottle method no haz mat team is needed for this complete waste of tax dollars

  23. ur a fuckwit wanker, try it before you comment, my dad makes meth and gives it to me and i can play sports so much better than the other kids who dont know about it, i used to take ridalin but this is so much better, so fuck you idiot

  24. ya meth is so cool i was a star football then but now after 9 years in prison
    look at me now nothing an by the way yuor dad is a real fucking WINNER

  25. We lived in a building where the person across the hall from us was making meth and using it. My sis and I now have many health problems caused by it because the fumes came through the shared heat system. Couldn't get the cops to do anything about it, or the landlord. The guy is still running loose. We deal with problems daily and there is no medical help around here that seems to know how to help us detox without treating us like we were addicts. Please, my sis needs help! Do you have any ideas about how to get us better?

    PS—don't let the idiots that post and call you names and make light of what you do stop you. Get the word out and keep getting the word out, because their victims don't deserve to suffer, and they don't speak for us!!!

  26. u guys are all fukin idiots meth is only as bad as u guys want to make it out to be. i personally have cooked and done meth u just gotta be smart about it. and its no where near as addicting as everybody makes it out to be and all the shit that ppl say about it rotting ur teeth and causing starvation and scars everywher itsall in ur head. wen i did it i still ate rite still did everything the same as wen i was sober. the point is really meth is only as addictive as u make it.

  27. nah it can be pink white if its yellow the dude put to much gas to it when he was ''pullin it off'' seperating the dope from the liquid

  28. is this shake n bake synth FOR REAL?


    Combining these chemicals can result in fire, explosion, injury, death, or arrest. I do NOT use illicit narcotics, nor do I condone the use of illicit
    narcotics. This post is for informational purposes only. I take no responsibility for anyone who misuses this information and blows themself up, burns down a
    structure, or gets arrested. DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME.
    Now, on with the show.
    You will need:
    2 2-liter bottles (Clean & dry, with lid)
    1 1-liter bottle (Clean & dry, with lid)
    1 20oz bottle (Clean & dry, with lid)
    Approx 18″ aquarium tubing
    Needle-nosed pliers
    Small pipecutter (Or snips)
    Measuring cups (1/3 and 1 cup size)
    Small tupperware container with lid
    Utility knife or razorblade
    Coffee filters
    1. 1/3 cup Ammonium Nitrate (Get by cutting open cold packs. It's the little white balls. Be careful what you buy, some cold packs are ammonium nitrate-free.
    Other materials can be used, but we're going to do it this way.)
    2. 1/2 cup 100% Lye (aka Sodium Hydroxide. Available at hardware stores in the drain cleaner section. – Drano Crystals, or any other powdered lye works)
    3. 3 cups Coleman Camp Fuel (Engine starting fluid [diethyl ether], or VM&P naphtha can also be used)
    4. 3x Lithium strips (Get by cutting open Energizer AA Lithium batteries – This YOUTUBE tutorial video shows EXACTLY how to get your Lithium strips)

    5. 100ml NP solvent of your choice (Xylene or MEK is recommended – easily found at your local hardware store in the paint section)
    6. 3-4 boxes 120mg 12-hour pseudoephedrine HCl (PSE). The highest count you can find. (Sudafed or a generic equivalent. MAKE SURE PSE IS THE ONLY ACTIVE
    7. about 1/3 cup iodized salt
    8. 4 capfuls sulfuric acid (Available as liquid drain cleaner.) OR muriatic acid (Also sold at hardware stores)
    9. Denatured alcohol or Isopropyl alcohol
    10. 1/8 cup of distilled water (Poland Spring or any bottled water can also be used)
    1. Take the 20oz lid and cut a hole in it big enough to fit the aquarium tubing. It should be snug.
    2. Cut one of the 2-liters in half. Discard the top.
    3. Crush the pills into a fine powder. Use a coffee grinder, blender, or if worse comes to worse, hand crush them with a pair of pliers or something. Put the
    powder into a baggie. The beauty of “shake n bake” is you don't have to clean your pills to extract PSE. Just crush and toss in!
    4. Measure out and crush the ammonium nitrate (optional). If it is dry enough, go ahead and crush it. Not important that you do this, though. It helps ensure
    even cooking, but is not imperative. Put it in a baggie.
    5. Measure out the lye. Be careful not to touch this stuff. It eats anything organic (YOU) and also reacts with metal. Put in a baggie.
    6. Measure out the Coleman fuel or Naphtha. Put it into the 1-liter.
    7. Cut open the batteries. You must do this quickly because lithium reacts with moisture in air and will become hot, possibly catching fire if it is very
    humid outside. Use the pipecutter to cut the outer housing of the battery. Use the needle nosed pliers to peel down the housing to expose the strip. There
    will be a black strip in between 2 pieces of paper. This is the one you want. BE CAREFUL. LITHIUM STRIPS MAKE A SPARK WHEN THEY COME INTO CONTACT WITH METAL.
    DO NOT TOUCH THE STRIP WITH YOUR BARE HANDS IF YOU CAN AVOID IT. DO NOT GET IT WET!!!!! Once you get the strip out of the battery, it can be stored in
    denatured alcohol, and will no longer react with air as long as it is capped. Lithium strips burn VIOLENTLY when they come into contact with water. Be
    CAREFUL!! Here is the how-to video again

    Go time
    1. Pour the ammonium nitrate into the 2-liter bottle (the one you didnt cut in half).
    2. Add pills. Shake up to mix them together.
    3. Add your 100ml Xylene or MEK solvent

    At this point, you will see the ingredients starting to react, it will produce bubbles in the bottom.
    4. Add the lithium strips. Take them out of the denatured alcohol, tear them into smaller pieces, and add them to the mixture.
    5. Add your lye MAKING SURE to cover your Lithium strips.
    6. Add the 1/4 cup of water. The water kicks off the reaction, but YOU MUST GET THE CAP ON IMMEDIATELY AFTER ADDING THE WATER. Remember Lithium reacts
    intensely with water and is potentially dangerous. The lithium-water reaction at normal temperatures is brisk but not violent, though the hydrogen produced
    can ignite. Do not add the water if your Lithium has not been buried and is UNDER YOUR LYE.
    7. Add the Coleman fuel or Naphtha to this mixture.
    The mixture will be rolling now (it will look like it's boiling real hard). NOW THIS IS THE TRICKY AND MOST IMPORTANT PART: The reaction builds up necessary
    pressure inside the bottle, don't worry – you will need to let this react WITH THE CAP ON for at least 2 minutes. Let the Lithium do it's thing for a full
    120 seconds. Venting or releasing pressure within the first 2-3 minutes will greatly affect your final yield. After 2 or 3 minutes you will see the Lithium
    starting to get smaller, shriveling up into small Bronze foil looking balls with holes throughout. This is when you MUST VENT by slightly unscrewing the cap
    to release the gas.
    You can gently swirl (not shake!) the bottle side-to-side if you want, you don't have to. Swirling can only help the reaction.
    Be careful! The gas coming out of the bottle is straight ammonia. Do not breathe it and keep it away from your eyes. AVOID KEEPING THE CAP OFF OR VENTING THE
    You may have to add more lye throughout the process to keep the mixture rolling. Once every 20 mins or so. You may not have to, though. If you do, add about
    half of the amount as in the beginning, and do it quickly.
    For at least 45 minutes keep venting and swirling the mixture until it stops rolling and you have hard whitish balls (called bones) in the bottom of the
    bottle. This is a signal that the reaction is over. Let the contents react until you notice the whitish balls – sometimes will take 1-2 hours. Put a cotton
    ball in the funnel hole and 2 coffee filters over and filter the liquid into the 2-liter (the one you cut in half). Dispose of the trash accordingly. Use
    caution, the bottle and trash are noticeable waste items. Try to dispose of it in different locations. The trash can still be fingerprinted. USE YOUR HEAD.
    Gassing the liquid
    Now that the dangerous part is over, on to the DOPE!
    All ready smelling success? wait and see.
    ****This is a smelly and violent process so you should do it outside if possible.****
    ***HCl GAS IS NASTY STUFF AND WILL RUST ANYTHING IN SIGHT! Make sure your tubing is completely airtight because you do not want leaks!****
    Take the 20oz bottle and put about 1/3 cup salt in it. Add 4 capfuls of sulfuric acid (or muriatic acid) and put on the lid you made with the aquarium
    tubing. Make sure it's tight. This is your gassing gizmo. Put the end of the hose just under the surface of the liquid and squeeze the gas into it. You will
    see the meth dropping or “snowing” to the bottom of the liquid. Such a beautiful sight. Pull out the hose and let the 20oz fill back up with gas again.
    Repeat this until the meth stops dropping as much. Filter the powder out of the liquid. This process is known as a 'pull'. After the dope is filtered, you
    can do up to 3 more pulls from the same liquid. Usually the second pull is the best (most product, highest quality). You will have to re-mix the salt and
    sulfuric acid in the 20oz using fresh ingredients, because it won't last long. Make sure not to suck up any of the liquid into the 20oz, or you will have to
    make a new one. The gas inside the 20oz is a bad little dude itself, so use a twist tie or a rubber band to keep the tube closed (fold it in half and tie
    That's it. Let the meth dry on the filters, scrape it off, and voila. You can even use the filters in drinks to get high. The highest the dinosaur's ever
    been is off filters.
    Note: Rinsing your meth with DRY ACETONE (dry your acetone by baking Epsom Salts at 400f for 4 hours, pour the baked epsom salts into your acetone container
    and let sit overnight) If your meth burns leaving residue in your pipe and tastes nasty, a dual solvent recrystallization is highly recommended.
    The methamphetamine is dissolved in a minimum amount of dry denatured alcohol, this is heated USING a small safety fan (always!) as needed to get it to
    dissolve, bring it to a soft boil . Continue boiling until you begin to see the meth form crystals on the surface of the alcohol.
    Add a little alcohol to dissolve the skin again, and add 20 ml of acetone then cover and set in freezer, as the temperature drops, beautiful crystals will
    form. Leave in freezer for 6 to 12 hours or even longer. Generally the longer in the freezer the bigger and better will be the crystals.
    The meth re-crystallizes as the temperature drops, the alcohol won't freeze.
    As time goes on the crystals “digest”. Digestion means the crystals are slowly re-modeled, the outer layers with impurities are stripped away a reform
    without the impurities. In addition the smaller crystals dissolve and become incorporated into the larger crystals because of volume(cubic) versus surface
    area(square) considerations After which the resulting crystals were quickly cold filtered, washed with a little cold alcohol and dried.


    I DID NOT WRITE THAT . found it on bombshock

  29. Nuff said, this is simply stupid. If you're going to make meth do it the right (if you teenagers know how to that is) way for fuck sake..

  30. Meth is a good drug for which a disease does not exist for yet. Its not bad unless your stupid and do it everyday. All drugs should be legal and there is not one good reason why they are not. Prohibition caused violence and the imprisonment of non violent criminals while letting violent offender walk the street waiting for empty cells from the over crowding from mandatory minimum sentences on the drug laws.

  31. Meth is a good drug for which a disease does not exist for yet. Its not bad unless your stupid and do it everyday. All drugs should be legal and there is not one good reason why they are not. Prohibition caused violence and the imprisonment of non violent criminals while letting violent offender walk the street waiting for empty cells from the over crowding from mandatory minimum sentences on the drug laws.

  32. i used meth every weekend for 2 yrs i have even cooked, delt, ect …. one day the guy i was helping cook it got busted while i was out gettin ppl to buy more pills. luckily he did not name names & he got off on a lesser charge ( we didnt have all the stuff to cook) but we had some finished product so they got him with possesion with intent to distribute. so after that very close call & the fact i wasnt getting free dope anymore i decided i was done doing it! that was 4 years 7 1/2 months ago and i have been clean ever since! ppls problem with addiction is not just with meth or whatever drug they have another issue most of them have some form of a mental issue( mine was low self esteam & wanting to be liked) but i have a ton of determanition and used that to make myself stay clean! i wish everyone could do the same.

    also i am adhd/ocd/bipolar and when i was using i found it was easier to concentrate and be more centered in all. so there was one good thing about it. lmao. if they could develope a medication to have the affect that dope had on me with out the harmfull side affects i honestly believe that most ppl would stop using meth.

    anyway i wish all you luck weither you are quiting meth dealing with a meth user and even the silly asses who will try to cook it ( for you i pray you dont blow up yourselves or anyone else) good night & Blessed Be!

  33. I must admit, I was a bit afraid to even search this topic. The reason for my search is because my neighbor is super weird. I am a stay home mother of 2 lovely little girls and after I get them in bed at night, I stay up to read or play games on the internet without interuption. Recently my neighbor has been out of work for whatever reason and he too decides to be a night owl. This is fine, but during the weee hours of the night into the morning he does some crazy stuff! Like deciding to burn garbage or whatever? Banging around on whatever, like I totally dont even know what he is doing over there but it sounds like carpentry work at 2 am or later. Sometimes I will peek out my window and he will just be sitting in his car at 3am. I dont know, maybe I am just making a mountain out of a mole hill, but I am aware that I have moved into a less than drug free community. My husband and I are desperately seeking a new place to live, but its just not something that happens easily for us. But back to my neighbor, I have noticed a few extra visitors at his home lately but could be nothing I suppose. He could just be bored ? I will keep my eyes open and learn what I can about this crap, I cant believe ppl would want to ingest such a horrible chemical cocktail!

  34. What the heck are you talking about? You can't positively ID some powder that someone saw on the bottom of a drawer as “peanut butter” crank! You have no way of verifying that!

  35. ya know i've been on both sides of the fence and i was shootin dope for bout 3 years and yes it was fuckin great! it is my drug of choice! but…. me and my boyfriend ended up in prison. i just got out jan 21st. i was coookin my own dope but because we would stay up for weeeks at a time tweekin we would get bored and for fun we were breakin into peoples houses. not to robb them or steal anything just cuz we would like to tweak threw shit. so in conculsioon its not as horible as everyone thinks but if you cant control it then ur pretty much shit outta luck. but yes i love the shit and i dont think its bad for everyone just the idiots that miss use it!!

  36. so much bullshit it is no more different than medicinal labs guess what dumb ass they use salt and sulfuric just like the meth cooks the public is so gulliable if i said meth made your dick fall off it would be in e next dug commercial

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