Shake and Bake or One Pot Meth Making

The newest way to make meth is called the Shake n’ Bake or One-pot method and poses a new danger to communities

New on the scene is the easiest and possibly most dangerous way of making meth. Using the one-pot method means that meth cooks can make meth in one sealed container which is generally flipped upside-down to cause the reaction needed to turn several toxic ingredients into meth. This method generally produces meth in smaller quantity, but doesn’t make it any less dangerous.

The chemical reaction going on inside the container (which can be anything from a Coleman fuel can to a soda bottle) causes an extremely high amount of pressure to build up within the container after being shaken; this method can cause a pretty large explosion. In fact, just the other day, a man died from making meth this way.

Shake and Bake Meth Making materials

The biggest danger in relation to this method is the fact that it is fast and portable. So portable in fact, that it is most common to find people using this method to make meth in their car. They generally drive around while the meth is being made to release the fumes and when the process is over, some 40 minutes later, they simply chuck the used container filled with toxic chemical residue out of the window. Aside from the environmental impact this has, it also poses a hazard to children that naturally want to explore and pick up the things they find.

The remnants of the chemicals that remain in the container are generally muddy brown in color. If you suspect someone of making meth using this method please contact authorities as soon as possible. This type of meth lab is really a mobile ticking time bomb. If you come across a discarded container used in one-pot (shake and bake) meth making do not touch it – contact the police department to discard it, as they will likely need to have a haz-mat team clean up the mess left behind.

Update: One of my readers left  a comment which includes instructions and while I think you are absolutely off your damn rocker if you try it (seriously, don’t), I am including here the list of ingredients he posted for those who are here looking for ingredients for other research purposes.

  • 2 32 oz. Gatorade bottles
  • 2 Mason jars
  • 3-4 ft. of aquarium tubing
  • aquarium air pump (optional)
  • fine coffee filters
  • a funnel
  • 75g 100% lye
  • 130g 15-0-15 fertilizer (no weed killers)
  • 2 96 ct. Pseudophedrine (crushed into fine powder)
  • Coleman lantern fuel
  • 1.5g Ice
  • 2 AA lithium batteries
  • Iodized Salt
  • Liquid Lightning (drain cleaner)
  • Pipe cutter
  • Needle nose pliers
  • Xacto knife/Scissors
  • a woman

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    Shake n bake is easy. Doin the time is hard, and skin graffs are no joke. I seen plenty of guys in the joint with burns on em from this method. Its a simple process of pills, strips, coleman, lye, and a cold pack

  • 2316 woodlife

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  • 2316 woodlife

    P.S. lithium reacts violently to water, even oxygen. This drug ruined my life, I dont recommend it.

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    How can anyone ruin their lifes today? Easy, no matter how much it sucks, it can always get worse. Meth addicts don`t stop because they can`t stop. I`ve been there, its hell, everyting is inside out and upside down, nothing makes sense. But time flies and you have no choice, die or go on. Deep down you want out, you know its wrong, you know its bad but you`re trapped and it only gets worse. And time flies. One week turns into a month, a month is suddenly years. God you say? There is no God., God is an imgaginary friend for grownups. But I got out, I kicked it and the best part is, I did it all without God.

  • Fhfhff

    Nice plan, excpet for one tiny detail; Do you know what people do in jail? Drugs, thats what! Sending someone to jail to make them kick drugs is riddicolous, its the place you are sure to find drugs and you have nothing else to do but drugs. You need to rethink this.

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    my friend has tried unsuccefuly to produce this shit low yeilds ncrappy dope followed the recipes all she got was melted plastic nearly caught fire to the kichen .if ur makin this crap and u get good results you must b fukin good cause only dipsticks try main this garbage.dont get me wrong i like a smoke myself but 4 the trouble and money u spend u may as well buy the good stuff anyway good luck n all the best

  • So . . . Quit.

    People SAY its hard but its really quite easy.  Here’s the REALLY desperate person’s technique for going off crank.

    Go up to a bank, give them a note telling them to turn over all the money but skip the dye packs, and then see how far you get before you’re caught.  Don’t use a gun, don’t threaten violence, and you’ll still get locked up on federal time, dried out, treated, etc, and still be out in 5 years or less with your life back.

    I thought for awhile about framing my god daughter for something when she started in on crank, but fortunately she got a clue and threw her stash away before she threw her life away.

  • If they get off on the power of making stuff have them make nitroglycerine.  Not only is it just as dangerous to make, and once its made, but overall its less destructive, and the byproducts aren’t QUITE as harmful to the environment.

  • Yes.

    The chemicals involved in the process act as etchents and when handled the prints are chemically engraved onto many kinds of plastics.

  • Jasonfn22

    May21rapture I would just love to tell an idiot like you that before you waste your time and people who reads your long column to fucking learn about meth addiction and what it does to dopemine which means no desires no no energy no nothing for atleast a month and that is just the start of your recovery.You spent the last month forcing yourself to take a god damn bath because your body is all out of whack.I understand that you make your bed and lay in it but your stupid fuck u need to blog about cutting fucking hair or something because u don’t know a god damn thing about addiction.maybe you stupid fuck your confused with pot or fucking alcohol is your ignorance.It takes up to 5 years for your dopemine to get to normal and atleast 1 year u fuck that means 1 fucking year with no desire to fuck fight or hold a god damn flash light.It fucking pisses me the fuck off for someone who does not walk a mile in somebodies shoes to start judging about something they know nothing about u fucking Dr.Phil wanabe motherfucker.

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    life is so funny people are so consumed with all of this irrelavent crap. you wanna do drugs? guess what…go ahead it’s your life. I don’t give a flip what you do with yourself. Hell i have done a few myself. It’s nobody’s buisness as long as you are the only one you are involving. You ain’t hurtin noone walking around at four in the morning with a flashlight tryin to see who’s behind that tree across the pond. lmao

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    I just wanna know a clean, easy, least dangerous method to make this stuff. Honestly I do sooo much better with this than without. I do my homework, partake in my family, go to school, without it I am a bum, a dead beat. So

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     how can anyone justify using crystal meth, that shit is the worst drug and the dirtiest drug on the market how about for starters it deteriorates your body and anyone who has done this drug for any period of time knows this, not only that but the things that people do when they’re on meth the beatings the stealing the running from johnny law. yes I’m a recovered meth user note that i said a recovered not recovering I’ve been clean now for a little more than 20 years and to be honest i never thought i would be able to get away from it but i did and so can you. someday you’ll wake up if your brain isn’t totally ate up from the stuff, you’ll wake up and realize that all the years that you were on meth and all the terrible things that you did to other people when you finally do wake up and you quit using and you get a real life you’ll see that life can be fulfilling when you go to work everyday and you have a nice house because you worked for it not stole it you feel good about yourself, i look back to my days of using and i tell myself if i knew me back then i would have beat my ass. people its not worth it to the people around you or to yourself to continue using that shit. and i know a lot of you are thinking this guy is a hypocrite, but I’m not to each his own the way i see it, if thats what you want to do then so be it, just don’t bring it around me. so just a little food for thought think about the people around you your family your loved ones and ask yourself is it really worth losing all of that for a drug that kills you anyway,and if you keep using that will eventually happen be it breaking into the wrong house to steal there tv or game system so you can sell it and get your next fix, or running from the cops cause you think you’re superman and you think you can outrun them just remember this KARMA is a bitch and she will always win cause no matter what you do.

  • St Ivo69

    I love what you wrote here–because it was basically the same story with me…..

  • Dk_winn

    people who do this or  anytype  of drug need some serious help it does no good to offer help as they just go right back and do it again they get what they deserve

  • And we helped!

  • May21, I agree with alot of the things u said, nice post! I haven’t done “ice” much, actually 3 times, and the 3rd time was shake n bake shit. I looked it up cuz I wasn’t sure what it was. The truth about it is that the “good shit” is obviously better, however the shake n bake will def get u high, it just seems that u need to take more of it then the “good shit” to feel good. Now like I said I’m new to it, but I def don’t believe there’s ANY shit out there that will keep u up 23 damn days….if ur continually doing it then yes, so if that’s how you meant it then sorry, you’re right….but if you’re saying u will stay up 23 days after doing a few lines, (snorting) then that’s bullshit….My 1st time waS REALLY GOOD GOOD shit and i snorted like 4 or 5 bumps the 1st night n then the 2nd night i did about 2 bumps (lines whatever u wanna call it, but i call it bumps cuz its not like big lines i would do with cocaine) and I was up 3 nights n like i said it was pretty good. So again if you meant it like a person continually snotring, smoking, injecting it like a bunch of days then yes 23 days can b true, but not at all if u mean just doing a lil bit 1 night. Also after that 1st night of doing it, the next day i was sick as fuck. i mean I felt high still (cuz i did like 4 or 5 bumps from about midnight and the last one was taken maybe 10:00 the next morning right b4 we left to do shit for the day. So i was high, talking nonstop,teweaking n shit, but I threw up like every hour or so. Like violently puking, so horrible! I puked all day n then did more that night n felt a lil better. I layed down about 3 hours the 2nd night , but did not sleep at all. My fiance (whom I did the meth with) was able to sleep, but he has done this shit for yrs n yrs so I guess he’s more immune. That’s a cool thing too cuz alot of people say theres no such thing as an “occassional’ meth user, but i swear on everything i love in life that my man really is. He’s 40 and back like 20 yrs ago or so when he was in his 20’s he told me he went thru a period where he was highly addicted, also to crack cocaine a different time, so it is possible for him  to get addicted, but he just started dabbling in meth again recently n can take it or leave it. i did it my 3rd time tonight n that’s why i’m rambliNG! HAHA) but I swear that I AM THE ONE that begged him to get it…n he got me a lil bit n didnt even do any of it, so like I said he can control his addiction. But anyway so like I said b4 I did like 2 bumps the 2nd night (didnt get any higher, but I guess that’s cuz I was already high) n the next morn i felt a lil icky, but did NOT puke at all. So I’m praying tomorrow I won’t puke again, like I’m really hoping the reason I got so ill was cuz it was my 1st time n truthfully I believe me personally, for my body, did too much the 1st night. I think if I did like 2 or 3 maybe i wouldn’t have gotten sick like that, i dunno. So I do not believe I will become a full blown addict either, n I’ll quickly tell u why…i smoked pot from age 12 until maybe 20. Don’t smoke anymore. Then at age 22 i started messing with pain pills (not to get high, besides pot i was VERY against drugs) bu i hadt alot of dental work done n they were handing me scripts of perks n vics like it was candy. Well i took it as prescribed, bt 1 day the pain in my tooth wqas so fucking bad that I decided to take 2 pills, well i loved the feeling n it was on after that. After my teeth were good n i stopped getting scripts i bought off the street, stole to buy it, went to dr n hospitals making shit up to get scripts…i got offered herin many time , but never ever did i cuz to me that was a “drug’, but the pills weren’t cuz a dr prescribed them so it WAS ALL GOOD (I was in denial) oh yea n from 19-20 i was an alocoholic I guess cuz i drank literally every day n when i got pregnant I stopped immediatly. So anyway my pill habit was getting real real bad, ruining my relationships n pretty much my life so when I got pregnant with my 2nd son, I stopeed that cold turkey. well of course they feed u perks after u have a baby n i was in pain so like an idiot i accpeted them.. ADDICTED yet again.I did 2 failed attempts of getting off the pills by going to a methadone clinic, but 3 times a charm cuz I tried it again n it worked!! Now there had been 2 times when i couldn’t get pills n I was in extreme pain n all that was around was cocaine so I tried it, liked it, but it didn’t stop the pain obviously. So I’m still on methadone n haven’t touched pills n have absoutly no desire to mess with pills at all, but I started dabbling in coke n ended up really liking it, well my man n I would do it like every weekend (fri night) n that’s it cuz we have kids n can’t blow all our money like that. Well he had to move out (we r still together, but for reasons I’m not getting into he could NOT stay at my apartment), but once I’m able to move we will live together again. But it works cuz he stays with a few guys n the house is about 25 min from mine so I visit like 4 times a week or so n i bring the kids. he even keeps one kid at a time overnight. Well anyway the guys he lives with 1 of them dabbles in meth sometimes, n the other is a true meth addict. so of course my man started doing it a lil bit too, n one night we were together n he said he had some so i tried it. I don’t know much about drugs so asked him what it was like. he told me it’s like coke, but better, n u stay awake n can’t eat (i can eat n sleep when on coke) Man I wish he had explained like EVERYTHING. I mean it was def alot of fun, but I didn’t expect the excessive sweating, the tweaking, the nonstop having to fucking move, the jaw clenching, looking at my hands n seeing my damn veins, and he did say it would last alot longer then coke, but I thought maybe like 4 hours or something, I def did NOT expect to be awake 3 days in a row n not eat for 3 days!!! And it dehydrates u bad n with all the puking I did I was so dehydrated that if I had gone to a hospital I’m positive they would have addmited me. And he didn’t explain the whole “coming down” process, which is way worse then coke. but obviously I liked the shit if I did it again1 Oh but I was sayin I won’t become a full blown addict (u all can laugh n shake ur heads all u want), but being addicted to the pills, I’ll NEVER let myself b dependant on a drug again. Also I have kids n u can hide a pill habit, but u can’t hide it if ur doing meth every day n there’s no way in hell tHAT I would even let myself come close to losing my kids. I know it’s bad I do them occassionally at all, but I always get a babysitter n go out,, I do not do it in my house or around my boys at all. So i guESS I’m gonna stop typing now, i so did not mean to write nearly this much. I will b shocked if even 1 person reads what I wrote all the way thru word for word, but if you just did you’re awesome n thanks for reading what I had to say!! oh and plz don’t hesitate to comment, say anything at all. LATER!!

  • That’s kinda wrong to say “they get what they deserve”…..unless u have truely been addicted to a drug, u have NO CLUE what it is like or how absoutly hard it is to stop. Most people want to stop, but literally can’t and u don’t know everyone’s personal story so u really shouldn’t make comments like that….just sayin

  • OMG!! School n homework, ur a kid?? Oh I know u don’t know me n r gonna think “who the hell r u”, but please stop!! Do not touch meth (or any drug) again!! I understand it sucks to do homework, and go to school, but I promise u can do it sober…and actually b happy!! As for partaking in ur family, that should b fun n enjoyable no matter what!! Trust me u will b an adult n out of ur parents house b4 u know it and u will b WISHING u could go back. People who say “life is easier when u become an adult” is a fucking liar!! It’s harder, u will wish all u gotta do is spend time with ur parents n siblings, and u will wish ur only responsibilty will b a lil homework n dragging ur butt to school every day. Idk how old u r or how long u have been doing meth, but if u go to school u r young n I promise u can quit easily now. Meth will TAKE OVER YOUR WHOLE ENTIRE LIFE!!! I promise u that u do NOT want that! Ur whole life will b spent doing meth, coming down off meth, catching up on sleep n food, spending every last cent u have on meth and then when ur money is gone turn to doing illegal shit to get money for ur fix…calling around to dealers n asking who has what…going to pick the shit up, and then go back up to doing meth n repeat the whole process, I swear that will b ur WHOLE life….There will be NO wife or girlfriend (unless she too is a meth addict, which I guess could b good cuz even tho u will love her u can have her sleep with random nasty men so u can buy meth for u n her), no kids (unless ur gonna have a meth baby) I’m sure ur a nice looking kid, well do meth about 2 or 3 more yrs heavily and say hello to ur “meth mouth” (I’m sure u know what that is,but if u don’t plz do me a favor n look it up) and ur nasty skinny body n face, so skinny that bones r poking out..ur good looking face right now, yea say GOODBYE to that cuz I swear on all that I love in this world, if u use heavy n dont stop now, u will tweak to the point where u do see bugs on u n will will pick n pick n pick at ur face n arms n have nasty, ugly big red open sores all over ur face n arms…then if u take a break from it long enough to let ur scabs heal over, u will have ugly scars all over ur face….Have u ever went on like yahoo or google search engine n typed in “faces of meth”? If u have NOT, do me a favor and go look it up when ur done reading this, n I promise that will b ur face in a few short yrs. I know this girl who was a good friend of mine, very pretty, started meth at age 17, and no lie by the time she was 21 (she used very heavily) she looked literally around 35 and was covered in scars, and her teeth just rotted right out of her damn head. I really loved her, and she could have had a great life, such a pretty girl, and destroyed it…at age 22 she was DEAD. Reason for dying? METH….she shot it up with a needle all the time, well she shared with nasty ass people n caught AIDS. She could not even tell her family cuz she knew it would kill them…So instead of having to see the pain she caused her family from catching aids, she decides to get real high on meth, get into her car and drive it straight over a cliff…It tooks days to find her cuz nobody knew where to look. The corenor was the 1 that told her family she had aids…I always wish there was more I could have done for her, but meth consumes u n ruins lives…I promise u that u will not find 1 meth addict that says “man meth made my life turn out great”…If they r still alive meth addicts will all say the same thing “it runied my whole life” Sorry I wrote so much, but I really hope u read this whole thing. U should hopefully b young enough n hopefully haven’t been doing meth long enough so that ur not “addicted” so if that’s true then u can quit now, easily so if it’s true please at least think about it cuz it may b too late if u continue….Now if u have been doing it heavily for quite a while n it’s too hard for u to quit, then my advice is think hard about it n I pray u will decide the “right” thing n decide to quit cuz truthfully quitting will never work if u r “forced” to quit by someone…u have to truely want it for u….so if u want to quit but u r addicted (as hard as this will be, and I’m sure it WILL b hard) go to ur family, ur parents, aunt, uncle, whoever is a sober adult that u can trust n u r most comfortable to tell (like I said it won’t b easy)!, but u need to tell so that ur parents can get u the help u need. If they love u n care about u, which I’m sure they do, yes they will be very upset n disappointed, but also happy that u came for help b4 it’s “too late”. Then they can set u up with rehab, or whatever it is u need to do to quit…some parents even go as far as picking up n moving to a whole other city or even state, cuz for some people to b able to really quit they need to b removed from their old friends that r drug users and their old drug dealers and if u like where u live I know it would suck,but any parent that will up root their life n their kids lives to help their child is an awesome parent n if u dont agree with me, u will when u r older especially if u 1 day have kids of ur own! So do whatever it is u need to do and get clean!! I know this was long n like I said I don’t even know u, but I care about people, even strangers, and especially kids and if i even got u to just think about quitting then it was so worth my time sitting here n worth having a major cramp in my hand!! lol….well good luck hon!

  • Damn! Have a little compassion!! It’s VERY obvious that u urself have never been an addict (which is great!), but only another addict can truely n fully understand what it’s like to b an addict. Most people don’t wanna b addicts n hate it, but it’s extremely hard to stop for MOST (not all) people. Plus u do NOT know different people’s individual stories on how they started drugs in the 1st place so DON’T JUDGE!! Because (and I truely hope that this does NOT happen to u) if it is YOUR son or daughter or someone else u love I’m sure u will feel differently.

  • LMAO @  You ain’t hurtin noone walking around at four in the morning with a flashlight tryin to see who’s behind that tree across the pond……funny!

  • Woah!! I actually aggreed with SOME of the things May21 said…and it’s completly cool that u don’t like anything he said, however do u really need to b so harsh??….just sayin

  • rose

    Well I’ve spent the last 4 years cleaning up the property  I just bought. The crap along the roadside was mostly plastic bottles with something yukky inside. I would take the cap off and pour out the gunk and throw it in a garbage bag. Now I’ll have to be careful so that I don’t blow up. Thanks you fuck ups. Thanks for making my roadside clean up even more dangerous. I believe now littering should be a felony!

  • c 50

    they must be stupid or misinformed. its easy as hell to make shake n bake meth.

  • Shawnladd10

    There is basically two…well 3 ways to get meth buy it… fuck for it. or make it . although the first two ways can be fun i think ill. Go with c make kt

  • Ryry

    TL;DR !

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    Get the meds refilled, May21