Amy Winehouse Overdosed on Meth

So says her friend – Amy Winehouse O.D.’d on a mixture that contained crystal meth last year

Just recently several sources reported that a friend of Amy Winehouse is telling all about how the singer overdosed on an almost-lethal mixture of drugs that included crystal meth, cocaine, heroin, ecstasy and ketamine. Soon after that overdose she was almost killed by another O.D. of cannabis after a 3 day hash smoking binge.

Any Winehouse needs to go to meth rehab
Any Winehouse needs to go to rehab

Amy Winehouse needs help – I think any person with a pulse can see that. What she fails to realize or care about is the fact that with her celebrity status she is glamorizing drug use. A part of me is pissed off about how she laughs in the face of those begging her to seek treatment by making a song that’s hook is “They tried to make me go to rehab – I said no, no, no!” The other part of me is feels deeply saddened by her lack of self control and stability.

Is she really different than any other addict in that she thinks she’s invinsible?

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  1. Amy rocks the house! Everyone should leave her alone. She'll work it out. She's just very young and very talented.

  2. If you can stay up for 3 days smoking hash you must be smoking meth..

    Come on.. a hash binge? The closest thing would be a hash afternoon.. smoke some hash, make omelets and watch judge judy.. after that its pretty much inevitable that your gonna be sleeping before the news at 6. 3 day hash binge.. fuck right off.

  3. She is no different than any men with alcoholism. She has an addiction that harms not only her but also the people around her. Although she might not realize it, she really needs help. It's sad that her friends and family are not able to convince her to go to rehab.

  4. I agree with the above commenter. Amy's voice in that song is beautiful but the words become really ugly when you look at her now. SAD. AMY NEEDS to go to REHAB to REST and RECOVER.

  5. i feel so bad she had so much talent and its not her families fault that she doesnt stop it has to be a conscience decesion on her own part. And um I wouldnt worry about the teens glamorizing her I dont think any of them want to look like that

  6. How about you stop spreading bullshit by saying she, or anyone else, can overdose off marijuana or any derivative thereof. YOU CANNOT OD ON MARIJUANA YOU STUPID PIECE OF SHIT.

  7. Personally the meth dealer should be in prision. Meth is a very evil drug and I pray law enforcement and the D.E.A get the dealers and the drug off the street.

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