Amy Winehouse Overdosed on Meth

So says her friend – Amy Winehouse O.D.’d on a mixture that contained crystal meth last year

Just recently several sources reported that a friend of Amy Winehouse is telling all about how the singer overdosed on an almost-lethal mixture of drugs that included crystal meth, cocaine, heroin, ecstasy and ketamine. Soon after that overdose she was almost killed by another O.D. of cannabis after a 3 day hash smoking binge.

Any Winehouse needs to go to meth rehab
Any Winehouse needs to go to rehab

Amy Winehouse needs help – I think any person with a pulse can see that. What she fails to realize or care about is the fact that with her celebrity status she is glamorizing drug use. A part of me is pissed off about how she laughs in the face of those begging her to seek treatment by making a song that’s hook is “They tried to make me go to rehab – I said no, no, no!” The other part of me is feels deeply saddened by her lack of self control and stability.

Is she really different than any other addict in that she thinks she’s invinsible?