Babies born to meth addicted mothers

There is no better example in my mind that illustrates the strength of meth’s destructive power, than when you look at cases of meth addicted mothers – especially pregnant women that use meth.

Of the strongest forms of love is that of a mother’s love for her children. Meth can even tear apart a biological and physiological bond and make the need to get high paramount above even the need to protect one’s own child. We’ve all heard of the “mother bear” philosophy, where a mother can somehow summon unworldly strength in order to protect a child in danger; many times putting her own safety or needs aside in order to save her child. Women that use meth while pregnant lose the ability to see beyond their absolute need to get high.

Babies exposed to meth in the womb can be born smaller than the average size baby as their growth is many times stunted by the exposure to meth in the womb. Other issues can arise such as prematurity, clefting, cardiac anomalies, and even death of the unborn baby.

Babies born to meth addicted mothers can have a hard time developing the skills needed to survive outside the womb. Studies show that babies have low APGAR scores, have problems sucking/swallowing and thus cannot be fed and may have very little reflexes. Additionally, meth exposed babies may sleep 23 hours out of the day. Women that do meth while in labor majorly increase the chance that the baby will have a stroke during the birth process or shortly thereafter.

If you are pregnant and using meth PLEASE take into consideration the life YOU and God are creating. This baby will have to live the rest of his or her life with your decisions. I know that it is hard to get clean and stop cold turkey, but it will be even harder looking at the face of your precious child everyday knowing that whatever disabilities he or she has, is likely as a result of your drug use.

Please think about it and if you need to talk to someone. Post here or find a 12 step group for help. Use the anonymity of the internet to your advantage and don’t be afraid to speak up!

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  1. Auctually I was on the other side of the hill. I was the pregnant mother on meth. I had my son taken from me right after I gave birth to him. Praise God that my son was almost 8 pounds and he was not born addicted to meth. Not only did I do meth but I was also involved in making meth.

    Just remember that there is hope for your loved ones even the worse cases. I’m a living example. I’m not proud of my past but I am willing to use my past to help others.

  2. Auctually I was on the other side of the hill. I was the pregnant mother on meth. I had my son taken from me right after I gave birth to him. Praise God that my son was almost 8 pounds and he was not born addicted to meth. Not only did I do meth but I was also involved in making meth.

    Just remember that there is hope for your loved ones even the worse cases. I’m a living example. I’m not proud of my past but I am willing to use my past to help others.

  3. I have a frien whose daughter is 5 pregnant and she thinks she is on meth and oxcodone. She is asking for advice, but I don't know what to say. Her daughter is 21 and living with a guy who is using meth and oxycodone. Any suggestions?

  4. Hi LJ, Thank you for stopping by — Here is my 2 cents:

    I assume that your friend has talked to her daughter and explained to her the harm she is doing to her unborn baby by using drugs. Often times, trying to rationalize with an addict is practically impossible. If she truly suspects that the two of them are using then she should call child protective services and explain the scenario to them – she can request to remain anonymous as well.

    Are there other children in the home?

    If her daughter gives birth to the baby and it tests positive then at a minimum they will remove the baby from her and probably try and place him/her with a relative until the mother cleans up her act.

    There is a life at stake right now and there is really no time to try and talk it out with the mother of the unborn child.
    Your friend is more than welcome to come here and ask questions as well – I am more than happy to try to point anyone in the right direction.
    Thank you for caring.

  5. This is a very big problem for meth using mothers it will harsh for their baby, I will thank you to raise this matter
    Thanks a lot

  6. I know that baby is the treasure of a mother but there are cases the baby can cause death to a mother because the baby has a disease so there are mothers that doing an abortion to survive even if they kill the baby.

  7. I have been working with mentaly and physically disabled children and adults for over ten years, some of my clients were affected due to the mothers use of drugs and/or alcohol during pregnancy. It is really sad to think that these children would be perfectly normal if it wasn't for the substance abuse of the mother. A disability is a life sentence, not only for the child but for the parents as well. If you want to have children, then get off the drugs before you fall pregnant and save youself and your future child a lot of heartache.

  8. My 5 year old is the smartest little guy but when he was born he was critically high on meth I got him when he was 2 weeks old he had a great deal of neuro problems but got through it now he is in kindergarten doing fantastic with academics but his
    ability to have control of his behavior is impossible he has no impulse controll and is being sent home from school this week 2 times very frequent and getting worse with no help here it is getting hard and he has his sister 1 year younger she is heading there as well

  9. I commend you for taking this little one out of the bad situation he was in, you are obviously a very special person. I wish you and your kids well and hope that the schooling situation gets better. One thing that you may like to look into is a gluton free, dairy free diet for your kids. I have seen some amazing results with diet change over the years and this may just help your little ones. Good luck.

  10. I agree that some complications may occur when a pregnant woman smoke, use drugs, and other vices that can harm the baby inside the womb. I don't know why pregnant mothers do this to their child. Depression is not an excuse.

  11. A child custody evaluation is a report written by a neutral professional about you, the other parent, and your children. It is usually not necessary that child custody issues formal psychological tests be administered to each parent in the context of a child-custody evaluation.

  12. Mary,
    I would really like to see an update from you. Like you My step grandson was born to a meth mother. He is 8. Most of the time he is just fine, but like you, he is sent home often. He has NO impulse control and has no ability to tie actions with consiquens. An example: We have a Bumble Bee nest near our garage. He was sitting poking at the bees with a stick. I told him to stop, he was going to get stung and sure enough he did. We put ice on it as he cried. I told him “I told you that was going to happen, leave the bees along”. I told him to stay in the house now. 10 min. later he was out poking at the again. I yelled at him, he kept poking and sure enough….stung again. I delt with this one again, and shortly….he was out poking again. I an growing fearful as we are constantly catching him with knives in his room. The doctors have been medicating him, but this works for only a while. I am at my wits end.

  13. My cousin is pregnant and it injecting meth I want to get her help but I think it’s to late what should I do??

  14. I’ll be honest – I would call CPS immediately and file an anonymous tip.

    Meth is a SELFISH drug and she is not thinking about the life long consequences that her choices will have on this child’s life. I am not a fan of CPS, but in this scenario it may be the only hope you have. If she’s shooting up, it’s more than just a casual thing – it’s a habit that won’t be broken by any amount of talking or begging.

    Please call (800) 4-A-CHILD to find the office nearest to you to file an anonymous tip. You cared enough to research it online and this may be the only hope to help the baby.

  15. How often was you using? I need some informatIon for a frIend. She is 7 months pregnant and she has only smoked it like 5 times since shes been pregnant, do you think that baby will come out with any health problems?

  16.  my daughter is also pregnant and 6 mo pregnant and i have no clue what to do sounds like a cop out but i have no clue but my jeart is heavy with hurt.

  17. My daughter is 6 mo pregnant and meth addicted and i no the girl i raised and meth has took her soul.she no longer cares about anyone or any thing but getting high.very sad and heart breaking and the hopeless feelings of what to do is unbearable most all the time.

  18. I am a meth baby. I am now 23 years old. I suffer from many things, including abandonment issues, insomnia (4 hours for me without night terrors is amazing), ADHD from a very very young age, and I hate to be touched. I could never forgive my “mother” (thankfully I was adopted although my story is not necessarily a happy one) and I never will. She stayed on alcohol, cigarettes and nyquil as well as meth during pregnancy which isn’t even to mention her birth control pills. As a child raised by intellectuals I can honestly say it’s the worst thing I ever found out about myself, and I thank god for my high IQ.I cannot concentrate for more than an hour. I suffer every day. I could have been a doctor, if not for my “conditions”. Although I have met the woman who biologically gave birth to me, and forgiven her for her past, I have no connection with her, and I am happy she gave me up. I love my parents and I grew up better than my sister did. My connections with others are affected by this. Physical contact is almost like an eletri shock. I trust no one, and am impulsive. I’d rather tell a stranger than a friend a deep secret, at least I know they will tell. I have been diagnosed with many things as a child, thankfully I am able to live a semi normal life. Don’t do meth while you are pregnant. I was lucky. Many are not. Think. You could make a childless couple happy, f*** you could just give this kid a fair start. Stop now. Before you make mistakes that are irreversible.

  19. How are they now? We recently got a 4 and 5yr old whose mother did meth with both. We have daily/nightly struggles. Does it get any better? We are foster parents. The state didn’t tell us about the meth use until this week. We have had them for 3 weeks now.

  20. I have a friend who has just discovered she is pregnant ,
    she wants to keep her baby but is considering termination as s
    she experimented with metj either the night aftershe would have conceived or the week after,
    I’ve told her I’m.sure her baby will be fine but she’s.not.convinced can anyone give there onsite to this

  21. What about family members who know the pregnant Mom is using meth? What should they morally do? Or what can they do? Call children’s protective services? The Popo’s?

  22. I know a homeless meth addicted woman who INJECTED meth throughout her pregnancy. The morning she went in to deliver three weeks early after having noticed ‘a lot of blood between my legs’, she said that ‘she wasn’t scared’. Unbelievable! The baby boy was born with two stroke injuries on his brain and problems with his liver. I’m quite sure there are other problems I’m not yet aware of because these people are trying to shelter me from the complete truth because they know that I loathe what they did. The baby boy was air-lifted out of Humboldt County the morning after he was born just last week. He remains in a Children’s Hospital south of here all by himself. There is not one kin of that baby down there with him. Maybe it’s best like that because his kin clearly SUCK but it still isn’t right and breaks my heart…the poor, poor baby boy.

  23. I feel horrible to say this and know I am going to most likely cop abuse.
    However I am 20 y.o and am currently 13 weeks pregnant.
    I done meth over the n.y.e period and stopped as soon as I found out I was pregnant. (at 8 weeks)
    Should I be concerned that my bub would be at risk?
    Basically all my gp has said to me is fingers crossed.

  24. my daughter is six months pregnant and smoking meth, I already have a 7 month old who was taking from her for meth use. DHS cannot force her into rehab, I talk to the police here and begged them to lock her until she has this baby, she has been on a five day binge, I am already raising one meth born baby. She is low birth weight, small head. She has a lot of digestive problems. Constantly getting sick. at 7 months weighs about a 4 mos. old baby. There needs to be a law against mothers who use drugs while pregnant. They have commercials about smoking while pregnant but none about using drugs/meth. There needs to be!

  25. I am in the process right now of waiting for a baby to be born that’s mother is, a meth user and she sat there and told me to my face she is selfish and knew she was pregnant and still did the drug anyways. I know it is a strong addiction but what I don’t get is I am more excited about getting this little boy any day now than she is and she knows it and thinks it is funny. Can people really be so cold hearted. I named him and I worry every day. She goes to jail Feb the tenth and I feel I can know that he stands a small chance she won’t be doing it in there. I was pregnant once and barrier my son when he died during my 7th month. That was the worst thing I ever had to do. And to sit there and listen to her admit she is selfish made me feel good that I have custody of her baby and he ain’t even born yet. Yes I know there will challenges but that baby deserves a chance and someone who will love him and is ready for him to come any day to hold him with open arms

  26. God bless you Lisa.. I am a mother to a beautiful 2 year old that I have had since he was 12 days old and his mother was or is a meth user. I hope you are a Christ follower. Stay in constant
    prayer for protection over him. Every meth baby is different just like any healthy baby and he deserves to be loved like anyone else. I’m so happy that you are willing to give it to him. The love I have for my adopted son is the same I have for my biological daughter. All children have challenges. Congrat on your beautiful baby

  27. we have 11 month old baby boy he was positive in meth when is born….and the cps got him right away as a grandparent we want to take care of him but they wont let us and they were so hard on us
    so my sister in law was the one on the family placement now taking care of him but the cps still wants him back to the foster….I believe that the baby needs more love and caring from family than foster care….because we can give him more love and care and attention unlike in foster care that look up too many other kids….
    they say that he cries a lot before my sister in law had her….my sister in law said since she have him he is a sweet baby boy and cry like a normal baby when hungry….dirty diaper…or want to be held…. they don’t want the baby to go around place…..but I think the baby needs to see places too not just inside a room … he really likes to see lights when they at walmart…he likes going out they go shopping just like a normal baby when you need to take him out…. I just don’t understand what the cps wants because in everything my sister in law do is with extra care because of his condition…

  28. Is there any one who could tell me if using meth an pain pills during pregnancy have been the reason the baby died at 7 weeks old

  29. Do you have any follow up on your story? I have a 2 1/2 adopted son and mom did meth through the entire pregnancy and was high during child birth. He is very hyper and gets very aggressive. There are not many studies i can find on long term for our children.

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