Faces of Meth

What a swell play on words – I’m guessing that the name of this montage is actually derived from the shock video series called “Faces of Death”. The videos show clip after clip of deaths caught on tape. This series of photos floating around the net is appropriately named “Faces of Meth”. The hope is probably to offer you the same shock value as the videos do. Here are a few of those faces:

faces of meth

faces of meth

faces of meth

I can think of several people in my own life who could have made this list. I have watched so many people I know and/or love deteriorate to the point that I don’t recognize them anymore. These pictures only depict what is happening on the outside and don’t even scrape the surface of what it feels like to be a slave to meth. And if you think you are anything less; Don’t fool yourself.

My experimentation quickly escalated into addiction. It happens before you realize it – and sometimes it’s too late. Meth seems like its fun for a minute, but then you’re a slave to it. It’s just not worth the consequences you’ll have to live with later. – Gina’s story

I have spent much of the past five years a slave to crystal meth. It still calls out to me, despite the loathing I now feel. Unlike the many others I have tried, this drug has a distinct voice: the voice of thousands of men, wanton and sinewy and accessible. The drug still calls me to join their brotherhood, to be initiated all over again into their cabal of wrongful oh-so-rightness. – Andrew’s story

The first day I tried meth I was hooked. I was a slave to meth for the next seven years—lying, cheating and stealing to please my master. Brian’s Story

Just a few examples to illustrate the point. There are very, very few people that can try speed and walk away from it. Once you’ve felt the high – chances are, you are already in its vile grasp. Odds are, those trying speed today will end up one of the newest “faces of meth” tomorrow.

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  1. you can get a way from the shit!!! BUT ‘ONLY” cuz YOU want to our minds and our bodys are so strong!!!!!! that we at all times can take control its all about WILL POWER and wanting more for your self. dont say you cant quit!!! you cant cuz your not ready too…. but i pray for every drug abuser that you day will come as mine did, thank the heavens above that i know i can over come any thing if i WANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!buck up mommys our kids need us. dont be a weak ass bitch and say u jus cant quit, fucking please ok weak bitch stay high, im NOT!!!!!!!! quit only cuz u want too. ”  life in recovery after 26 years of drugs, huh my life is grand i did it for me cuz i knew im worth more and so are you mommys god bless

  2. god your story makes me tear up keep loving your mother, and i know  after 2.05 years you dont look like that cuz after 26 yaers huh and all most 21 mo clean with 2 re-learning crash corses honey i still look good even at age 43. any ways im happy ur mommy bucked up she is strong there is not many mommys that ever buck back up peace

  3. huh ok wtf shit im 43 now 26 years on the shit  i dont have all my teeth in my head but i always looked good even better on it now that im 21 mo clean with a few bumps on the way, i still have aok smile, and about to fix that soon but yeah 4really how were they doin it bathing in it my god

  4. I have a dougther that people tells me that she is using  meth i’m not experience in this she has blak spots on her face please help me

  5. those faces arnt to bad should see the australian faces ther skin peels off ther scull.must be good .putting hydracloric and sulfiric acid in your body…. mabee thay should intrduce a pharmacutical meth program for addicts and kiss methadome good by as heroin is not the problem no more wear meth is ex addict kevin t

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