Man caught selling meth out of a kids store

Owner arrested for selling meth; Happy Moms and Kids Nutrition Store in Long Beach CA shut down.

Happy Moms and Kids Nutrition Store sold food, clothing and other items to low income mothers – what they didn’t mention however is that they were also using the store front as a cover for a meth dealing operation.

Whilst the owner, Benjamin Enrique Vega was being taken into custody his phone wouldn’t stop ringing with calls pouring in from people looking to buy meth. One of the several calls was answered by a detective who convinced the woman on the other end of the phone that he was Enrique. Officers promptly arrested her as well, when she showed up to buy a $20 sack of meth.

This store was also approved to accept the WIC (women infants and children) food vouchers handed out by the government for low income mothers. Some of the food found in the store was expired or tampered with. Apparently the government doesn’t do any homework on what establishments are allowed to accept these vouchers.

Benjamin Enrique Vega is currently being held in a Los Angeles jail on $30,000 bail where he awaits arraignment later this week.