Coffee pots used to make speed

On the subject of the ABC report I mentioned yesterday; there is an interesting note that the report mentions (that I never even thought about) in regards to staying in budget or economy motels. The following is a quote from a police officer interviewed by Bill Weir of ABC:

“Never make coffee in a cheap hotel room…Because at one time, someone probably used the pot to cook meth.”

Now I don’t get the chance to travel too often but when I do, I REALLY try to stay at some place other than motel6 or the like, because the beds are notoriously crappy; so I never would have thought not to use the coffee pot. I am one of those people that actually like to make coffee with the coffee pot. Maybe I’m the minority, but I thought I should throw it out there in case you are going to be staying in an economy motel. It also makes me sarcastically think – “Oh great, even if I don’t use the coffee pot the tweekers next door could blow the place to smithereens while I’m here? Super!”

This sounds a little too McGyver’ish to me – but I did some homework and have been told that it’s based upon fact. There are some really resourceful people out there I guess. Either way – it’s something to be aware of.