I'm Crystal Meth

I Am Crystal Meth

I am starting a category of meth related art and poems here. I will start with this one I got in my email quite a while ago. There are so many talented artists that have been affected by this drug – If you have any art, poems etc you would like to share, let me know!

You may or may not know me.
I destroy homes.
I tear families apart,
I’ll take your children and that is just the start.
I’m more precious than diamonds, more valued than gold.
The sorrows I bring are a sight to behold.

If you need me I’m easily found
I’m all around you in every city and every town.
I live with the rich I live with the poor.
I live down the street even next door.

I’m made in a lab just not the kind you think,
I can be made under the kitchen sink.
I can be made in the closet or in the woods.
If this doesn’t scare you to death it certainly should.
I have many names but one you’d know best
My name is Crystal meth.

My powers are awesome just try me and see.
Try me twice and your soul will belong to me.
Once I possess you, you’ll steal and you’ll lie
You’ll do what it takes just to get high.
The crimes you’ll commit for the high and fame
Will be worth millions once I get in your veins.

You’ll lie to your mom and steal from you dad,
When you see their tears you won’t even be sad.
You’ll forget your morals and how you were raised,
Once I teach you my worthless ways.

I’ll take your friends, your control, your pride,
But I’ll always be with you right by your side.
You’ll give up your friends, your family, your home,
When you run out you’ll be all alone.
I’ll take and I’ll take till there’s nothing to give,
And when I’m through you’ll be lucky to live.

You can try me for fun but I’m no game.
Giving the chance I’ll drive you insane.
I’ll give you nightmares while you lie sweating in bed.
I’ll be the evil voices inside you head.

You shouldn’t have tried me how many times were you told?
But you challenged my powers how could you have been so bold?
You couldn’t say no, and just walked away.
If you could do it all over again what would you say?

I’ll be you master you’ll be my slave.
Don’t fear being lonely I’ll walk with you to your grave.
I’ll show you more pain then your deepest betrayal
So come take my hand as I lead you to HELL.

Written by Alicia VanDavis

Just for the record, doing meth doesn’t mean you will go to hell. I bring this up because a teenager asked me after reading this “if I do drugs will I go to hell?” and I explained from my own understanding of what the author is saying that “doing meth will make your life a living hell”. It’s a poem so it’s of course open to interpretation.

Update: Since posting this several years ago, it was brought to my attention via the comments that the actual author of this poem is unknown. Many people have claimed it and Snopes even wrote an article about it that appears to be inconclusive – with no real proof of who the author is. I would love to know. But, if in fact the author has passed away, as some rumors may have it, then I appreciate her/his legacy in leaving this behind. To date, it’s the best poem about crystal meth I’ve read.

188 thoughts on “I Am Crystal Meth

  1. For what ever reason you are staying away from the devil drug. You are alive and trying to make a life. I am happy for you. I am 62 years old, my daughter died from the effects of meth, she was in a coma for 6 months. I have been raising her son since he was 2. He is a young man now making his own choices in life. She also left behind a daughter who is a young woman and starting out life. My point is no matter how dark or lonely things might be, your life is only in that place for awhile you have no idea what wonderful things are in the future for you, keep trying and say a prayer once in awhile The Creator will hear you.

  2. Oh my god u poor thing u no what my family havr stuck by me no matter how many times I fucked up and u made a terrible mistake your family r not real family if they won’t hang out with u cause u had an accident well if u live in perth I would be happyto include u in my family they will be understanding and supportive

  3. this poem was not written by alicia and was written about all drugs. shouldnt take credit because its copywritten. its a great message but its not hers.

  4. this poem is not even about meth its about all drugs. people change that part. unreal how people want to take credit for other ppls work i write poems and i copywrite it everytime and i refuse to put it on here since ppl steal words..damn shame and you say your in recovery..you have to change your behaviors to..

  5. Your right.Weed is in no way the same as meth.Weed is what we all could use and need.I think its great.Helping people who need it.Weed is in no way the same as meth this is a fact indeed.There is no comparison to meth and weed I wish everyone could see.A lot of people are misinformed about weed.I pray someday it’s legal in every state.I myself think weed is great.

  6. I am Meth was written by a Native American Woman while in jail she knew the true horror of this drug. She overdosed shortly after being released from jail.

  7. Hi im a user and im trying to kick the habbit,ive tryed on many occasions but always keep going back to it,ive come to this point where i cant do it by myself,my partner also does it but hes not prepared to kick it yet,im scared an dont wanna leave,but i dont wanna do it anymore.ive been writing down all these poems ova the last 2 years an recently seen ur blog,thanxz so much for having this here,it gives me a small sense of hope….Thank you.
    Cant have you anymore…..
    Its consuming me with hate
    cant eat whats on my plate
    these sleepness nights have got me,no longer shall i wait
    i turned to you with hope
    dont want you here no more
    ive finally had enuff,now im showing u the door
    oh help me find my way
    to leave u on this day
    an ill promise ill never go back
    to smoking u again.
    coz u took away my love
    an u tore us all apart
    i dont eva wanna see u
    i wish i diddnt start.
    youve taken away my familys time
    youve taken all my dreams
    theres nothing left inside me
    but broken harts and screams
    no more will i hold u
    pressed against my lips
    coz today is my last day
    im leaving u I QUIT!!!!!!!!

  8. to be able to admit you’ve done meth is an amazing achievement to do meth will definitely make your life a living hell . I should know I’ve lost almost my entire family close to me (I have relatives all over the world I mean intermediate family) some to drugs, some to cancer, some from unthinkable things-car crashes, drowning, ect. I have a uncle who does drugs please I beg of you guys don’t do meth. I am a 14 year old losing my family year after year ever since I was a few months old. don’t end up doing drugs

  9. my story is messed up I didn’t know I was like this bc the people I lived with put meth in my food and then I was hooked I lost everything my kid my family and my boyfriends I have been clean for 5years now and relize the drug is no joke it messes up ur life and if you don’t get rid of it you will die im glad I found the lord and went with him

  10. I am not gonna preach or feel sorry for you…cause that will not help you one bit. Pride is your hang-up and even that is as worthless as being vain. Somtimes when God wants to get through to someone whom he knows to be special, there is only one way for some people to learn a hard lesson and unfortunately, as you may see it, you won his prize. You will learn, in life, fortunately, you are young, that a pretty package does not always conceal a pretty product. You have your whole life ahead of you to turn yourself into a beautiful person from the inside out and that is more important, as you now know this. In time others will see you likewise. Wisdom leads to Knowledge and Understanding. Knowledge and Understanding leads to Wisdom. Use this time to get to know yourself. Get into Calligraphy, or somekind of useful, sidescape that you can put into use later when you are 30-40 years old and a professional at it. I am 50 and a little bit good at calligraphy, wish I started younger and was better niow. I think when people become homeless, it’s God’s way of trying to get through to them, and when God can’t get through to people when they are at their lowest place in life…then he never will get through to those kind of people. God will fill that void, if ever you discover it. When you have the Lord in your heart, being a loner, is like finding you are your own soul-mate. God-Bless you…and remember. that your family and friends will improve as your own confidence grows, with time of course. A good Christian church, no denomination, perhaps, will create room to bond with God, yourself and friends. Suicide will only punish yourself further and hurt those who love you. Lessons are much easier to learn when you are alive. I can tell you, you will be alright. A friend with Understanding. Desiree Duke bookwurm777@gmail.com

  11. Omg your beautiful and god loves you so much. You have no idea how many lives you are now saving because of your bad choice. You took something very bad and you are now changing lives saving live. Oh plz plz plz plz trust me, you are so valuble and your so loved. I dont know if your even around any more bur if you are and you see this reply to your comment then get in touch with me. I would like to talk to you some more. 1776ishere@gmail.com. plz get in touch with me. There is so much i want you to see. Im a 43 year old christian women who sins every day of my life. And by gods grace i know ill be in heaven. God dont need me perfect he only needs my love.

  12. God made poison ivy too but he never intended for us to roll around in it. Just because God made marajuana he didn’t say we should dry it up then roll it up in paper and smoke it.. lmao but you tried.

  13. I wish some chick had written this poem.But she didn’t.I was about 30 when I wrote this.I was deep into my drug and alcohol fueled life and had met up with meth.I thought it was the best thing that ever happened to me.Then is when my life turned to hell.I dealt it to do it fell into the nightmare that is the poem.So yes I meant the devils hell.Not a living hell.I had lived there most of my life anyway.God came and got me out of it when I finally ask him to with his angels in blue and gave me a place to live for awhile called prison.where I stayed for a couple of years and lost my dad while I was there.So I ask God again to help me and he sent me home.Net mother got to watch me climb back out of that hell and turn my life around a get a job and stay clean for the 5yes she had left in this worlmd.Now 8 and a half yrs clean and just made supervisor over my shift at work.I can that meth no longer has the same voice but let it be heard.There is away.You have to ask him and believe him when he answers and do what he shows you the way to do anything he gives you to do. With love to all who read this.

  14. If no of you have heard this Colorado has now legalized Meth in their state. It’s saddens me to know what this affect is going to do to that State. What are they thinking? I have been a Meth addict almost all my life. I hold a job , pay my bills, take care of my kids and now grand children. I guess my will was stronger then letting the drug control me. I’m not saying it’s a good thing but I started out with the legal drug called ritalin. Getting of that was harder then getting off Meth. Your story hits home to many people and I applaud you for sharing your story . Beauty my dear is in the eye of the beholder. I must say you have to be a special and blessed person to be able to share your story. It’s worth it if you save just one person. God will bless you for ever one who is touch by this. It was his will you survived and by his will you shall sing with the angels in heaven someday. God Bless you and may his angels always be by your side.

  15. I personally am having a lot of problems with this. me and my current bf have been doing it and I cant tell you how much I regret it. although I love the drug and the high, I hate it too, and no one sees whats happening to me. im slowly dying and I cant stop it. im smart enough now to know that im on my own. I wish someone could save me, but ik even if they tried, they couldn’t. its no ones fault but my own. I go with out food or sleep. my teeth are fucked. im ashamed and scared.

  16. Listen to me, you are still alive unlike my daughter who died from this poison. Tell anyone who will listen that you need and want help, do not give up. The drug is making you feel ashamed guilty and afraid. Go to the ER and beg for help, call your crisis emergency numbers just go ask for help and don’t quit till someone listens to you.

  17. I do know this is true, but it was not crystal meth that
    could have turned me blue.
    It was the crack that almost turned me black.
    My favorite Aunt had to die to show me ; she was attacked by chasing that crack.
    That is what made her go back.
    I know she had to pass to make me want to save my ass.

  18. This poem is copyrighted. This was all over Facebook a while back and is originally about naelrcotic pills. Not meth.

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  20. I wrote this poem years ago. I put it on my Facebook in the notes you can look an find it there. I never wanted to take credit for it, for just the simple fact of I hoped maybe one person would read it an not make the mistakes of the people In my life that had took the hand of meth an let it take them to the end, DOPE stands for DESTROTIONS AN DEATH. I wanted one person to read it am pay it forward to help each other out. I have came across my poem in different places used by different people an groups an the words was changed an things were added an to me each person that pasted it on deserves as much credit as I who wrote it. Thank you am have a blessed day..

  21. I in fact know the female who wrote this I was given the opportunity to get to know her while we was incarcerated together she is a amazingly strong and courageous woman I love her and who she is inside I wish I was able to have the chance to get in contact with her again but God knows best stay strong the storm will die with time one love always

  22. Clearly u did not write this poem the girl that wrote it killed herself right after she wrote this and you should do some more studying on it cause only people that are out of control or csnt handle it pick at their face I’m a recovering addict there’s no such thing as an x addict cause once your an addict your one for life I’m a recovering addict of 12 years and to me sounds like your full of shit just looking for someone to feel sorry for you cause if you ever made the shit guarantee you wouldn’t have your own blog I was right in the whole thug life be a little gangsta and I know my shit sorry to burst your bubble little but it’s not cool shit to take credit for something someone else wrote KARMA takes people out like that just saying

  23. @ The reason why you come back to me:

    Written by: Jerico moodley

    Huh huh huh
    I am meth your everlasting baby

    Let me tell you why, you always come back to me

    Well I guess this is what you call true love. But I don’t, because I call u my Bi**ch.

    Let me tell you why?
    It’s obvious that I have a lot more people than you

    When I use the word people, I do you girls and boys, the best one can ever ask for.

    So now let’s get to the point

    Every time you leave me, you find new friends but they are not always there for you like I am

    And the only time you come to realise that is when you are all down and out and feel like your new friends are false friends and me crystal is the only thing that you call true

    That is why you keep taking me back, I don’t come looking for you, you come for looking for me and at that time I just know where to meet you

    So I am going to give you a chance, and only if you are willing to take

    The reason for me doing this is because there is only one greater person than me, and he his Jesus Christ

    If it wasn’t for him, I would have never given you the chance because I with have had total control over you

    Currenty Jesus Christ is dying for you, because you are using me

    But I surely don’t die if you betray Jesus

    So let me be honest with you and tell you to please leave me and work with your real true love which is Jesus Christ

    The reason for me telling you this is because Christ his speaking through me as he is the only one that can stop me

    So will you change, now that I told you the truth and walk with Christ? Or will you still be my bi**ch

    It’s up to you babe

  24. This is your life it’s so fucking intense it doesn’t really matter it doesn’t make sense.
    Your mom and dad told you about the birds and the bee’s
    Do a fat blast and I’ll show you the feds in the trees.
    Weather you snort it shoot it or suck a glass dick it doesn’t matter it’s just fucking sick..
    In your house you will stay your friends you’ll avoid your a spun fucking monkey straight paranoid. Forget who you where you will become a thief and a crook.
    Then the best idea ever you learn how to cook.
    Till one day when your home minding the store. The feds come and kick in the door.
    Bumm rushed and slammed on your chest don’t move you fucking magot your under arrest.
    Now your in court with a public pretender
    You would be better off with your dick in a blender.
    The judge says no deal son it’s twenty to life.
    And your best friend is home fucking your wife.

  25. Heyy asshole she never claimed to have wrote it she only shared her testimony and where do u get off calling her a lier do u know her? Have u lived her life? No so shut the Fuck up and keep that negativity to ur self

  26. The real author is Samantha Reynolds she is a mother who has never actually done meth nor has her daughter and they are both alive to this day. The version you posted is not the original version that Samantha copyrighted in 2000.

  27. Hello Sierra the meth took my daughter she had a lingering ugly death about 12 years ago. I think of her everyday. I have had the honor of raising one of her children since he was 2, he is 26 now. He is the first person on both sides of the family to graduate college. My daughter left me a beautiful gift. My regret is she was never able to share in him. At age 14 while his Mother was on her deathbed, her son told his Mother he forgave her for everything so she could leave this world without that burden Continue to stay clean and strong. You never know what gifts the universe is waiting to hand you


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