I Am Crystal Meth

I am starting a category of meth related art and poems here. I will start with this one I got in my email quite a while ago. There are so many talented artists that have been affected by this drug – If you have any art, poems etc you would like to share, let me know!

You may or may not know me.
I destroy homes.
I tear families apart,
I’ll take your children and that is just the start.
I’m more precious the diamonds, more valued then gold.
The sorrows I bring are a sight to behold.

If you need me I’m easily found
I’m all around you in every city and every town.
I live with the rich I live with the poor.
I live down the street even next door.

I’m made in a lab just not the kind you think,
I can be made under the kitchen sink.
I can be made in the closet or in the woods.
If this doesn’t scare you to death it certainly should.
I have many names but one you’d know best
My name is Crystal meth.

My powers are awesome just try me and see.
Try me twice and your soul will belong to me.
Once I possess you, you’ll steal and you’ll lie
You’ll do what it takes just to get high.
The crimes you’ll commit for the high and fame
Will be worth millions once I get in your veins.

You’ll lie to your mom and steal from you dad,
When you see their tears you won’t even be sad.
You’ll forget your morals and how you were raised,
Once I teach you my worthless ways.

I’ll take your friends, your control, your pride,
But I’ll always be with you right by your side.
You’ll give up your friends, your family, your home,
When you run out you’ll be all alone.
I’ll take and I’ll take till there’s nothing to give,
And when I’m through you’ll be lucky to live.

You can try me for fun but I’m no game.
Giving the chance I’ll drive you insane.
I’ll give you nightmares while you lie sweating in bed.
I’ll be the evil voices inside you head.

You shouldn’t have tried me how many times were you told?
But you challenged my powers how could you have been so bold?
You couldn’t say no, and just walked away.
If you could do it all over again what would you say?

I’ll be you master you’ll be my slave.
Don’t fear being lonely I’ll walk with you to your grave.
I’ll show you more pain then your deepest betrayal
So come take my hand as I lead you to HELL.

Written by Alicia VanDavis

Just for the record, doing meth doesn’t mean you will go to hell. I bring this up because a teenager asked me after reading this “if I do drugs will I go to hell?” and I explained from my own understanding of what the author is saying that “doing meth will make your life a living hell”. It’s a poem so it’s of course open to interpretation.

What’s your interpretation?

  • christy

    Be strong, walk away from trouble, you will be glad you had the courage and strength to make the right choice…..

  • http://www.facebook.com/gabby.powell1 Gabby Powell

    I was addicted 4 years. I didnt realise until i lost my kids my man n my hone. .now 8 years later i realising whatt it done. Destroyed my life. But it took me losing everything to wake up. I been clean since june 12th 2005. Very proud of that even when the temptation comes around, i have the power to say no. The question always is, when will i relaspe???

  • christy

    Sometimes it takes a close call to death to open the eyes of an addict….I wish talking or being open with someone about how drugs have destroyed or nearly destroyed others could make them realize the dangers, but life is not always simple…..read the newspaper and nearly everyday someones life has been altered by drugs…prison, death, or waking up one day to find everything one has, has left because they can’t deal with watching someone they love destroy their life…Please don’t start using drugs, and if you already do them, STOP…..ask for help……if an addict has children, how in the world can these children have a productive life when the people or person they look up to for guideance is doing drugs….think of your family, they will suffer if bad choices are made…..

  • london donovan

    meth is not something 2 play with.

  • Commonsense_its_not_that_hard

    I would like to post this poem to my Facebook page if it is possible could you please tell me how I would do it.

  • Wah Ching

    I tried meth more than once but I don’t like it. Weed over meth all day all night.

  • Pooksta locs

    I love this poem …. Want too know if I could use it for a song

  • just curious

    Who created this poem? i have a Facebook and it was on my news feed saying that while a young girl was in jail for meth she created this poem and after she got released they later found her dead with the needle still in her arm. I am just wanting to know if this is true or not/

  • starla jean

    I’am a recovering intravenous meth user and I almost lost my daughter and my life due to using. My husband left me I have been beaten an robbed. I have beat and robbed people I have sold my body and soul literally just to get high if you are using please seek help. There are rehab centers and support groups everywhere and they are non judgmental and very happy to have you. I promise you may think you are doing fine but there is nothing like being sober and enjoying life a day at a time

  • Jo

    What do non addicts think about?
    Family, friends, financial situation, job security and enjoyment, car, house, food, bills, maintaining relationships, gardens, pets, children and the list goes on!
    What do addicts think about?
    Their next hit!
    Which life is easier?

  • Jo

    Not being a smart ass to users, but the grief you are causing your families is devastating? I have a step daughter on meth and a son who continually uses substances and I’m battling with their addictions each and every day! We have been stole from and lied too and constantly screamed at, cos we won’t give in to their fucking demands! We care very deeply our hearts are all crushed but we keep all the faith and hope soon they will learn! I believe good will prevail and soon all those dealers will be given life’s jail!

  • Nico
  • Grace

    that’s not creepy at all

  • drew

    Meth is useful fir certain people and situations but if you dont have the self control to reign yourself in it will destroy your life as well as others around you. Unfortunatly the only way to know is try it so over all the cons far outwiegh the pros. Stay away from it

  • Marilyn Grigbsy

    Meth Is The DEVIL. He has taken my family away from me for many many years… My sister’s and brother thinks METH Comes way befor any thing and any one..My sister’s has lost all family homes and every thing in there life….I wish I could just put them all in jail and DO NOT LET NONE OF THEM OUT THAT SALES IT OR EVEN MAKES IT…..

  • Raven

    I love the poem, but it doesn’t stop me doing meth!

  • Raven

    Meth can mess you up if you do not take your vitamins and eat right and you go out and abuse it! It’s called self-control. For my interpretation any drug is lethal if you go out and abuse it. In addition, any drug can kill you so people please stop making it seem Meth is the drug that will kill you in this earth when alcohol and ciggs kill more Americans in this earth than meth. Lastly, Heroin is the number one killer of all drugs, but once again alcohol and or drugs even prescribed when abused has consequences.

  • Raven

    Meth can mess you up if you do not take your vitamins and eat right and you go out and abuse it! It’s called self-control. For my interpretation any drug is lethal if you go out and abuse it.
    In addition, any drug can kill you so people please stop making it seem Meth is the drug that will kill you in this earth when alcohol and ciggs kill more Americans in this earth than any other drug.
    Lastly, Heroin is the number one killer of all drugs, but once again alcohol and or drugs even prescribed when abused has consequences.


    i use to be a meth addict for years it took my family and my children I tried every recovery center money culd buy and yea it worked for a while but as soon as I was out it wasn’t long before I was using again. until I found jesus Christ he was the ONLY thing that took my craveings away he gave me anew hope and purpose. today I have my children and family back thanks to JESUS. I don’t care what rehab u go to I promise it wont work. if ur reading this and are tryn to get off meth or anyother drug I promise give GOD A TRY HE NEVER FAILS. BEST WISHES TO ALL

  • gr8tfull4gr8ce

    who r you to tell anybody that anybody is going to hell you’re not the type of food goes to heaven to hell in the Bible there’s only one person that is unforgivable and that’s blaspheming Holy Spirit so before you speak about Jesus and his laws and who he is and what he says you better know what you’re talking about and if you knew anything about Jesus you wouldn’t be talking to anybody like that

  • gr8tfull4gr8ce

    Edited. ↑Your not the authority on who goes to heaven or hell and there’s only 1 sin that is unforgivable not person. And I apologize for saying you dont know him I just beg u not to be judgemental like that because Jesus Christ is not and doesn’t want us to represent him like that besides the fact that is not true we can’t be the judge of anybody!!! addiction is not a sin it’s a disease and your a sinner as well and his grace is sufficient for you who are u to say its not for soneone else u don’t know they had to walk thru its that kind of talk that makes people sick of a god they can’t live up to exept its all wrong that’s why he died for us bcuz none of us would ever be able to live up to

  • Joshua

    A drug is a drug no since in justafying it weed Meth pills there all a the Same

  • Albert Mar

    I’m 16 and do meth, I function 3 still going good……about 150$ in just the start right?

  • Albert Mar

    I’m 16 and do meth, I function 6still going good……about 150$ (of my money) just the start right? no one gets the happiness the warmth the way life should feel, tell me how you tell someone to stop when they feel what they are doing is not bad? only my friend and gf know. For about three Months know every 10$ I would get my hands on was spent on meth skate on to “CHEWIES” by a dime and blow some clouds til it started to rain one time spent 4 days in that little house in a room with 4 other people he’s 21 (only ever smoked with someone older cause only they have the Appel) I’ve come to love the taste in my mouth the shooting pain in my nose because I know what’s going to happen to me every time I see that little house one google map I get the taste in my mouth my heart beats faster and I get all warm inside, is this it

  • bennybrownstone

    Hey I’m 21 and everyone out there thinkin this poem only applies to meth it doesn’t I have been a I.v. Heroin user for seven years and this poem applies to that pretty good to I now have a kid on the way he’s due next month and I’m struggling very hard to stay clean I’m actually coming off of meth right now I feel terrible about using this close to my kids birth I don’t even like the meth high I hate it but I love opiates and I know if I do those its over with but the strange thing about meth is even though I like meth just about as much as pulling out my own teeth I get cravings for it sometimes worse then heroin calls my name it is truly the devil meth is the worst drug out there in my opinion I end up going on a few day binge at least once a month and I never have the desire to do it but that’s because its truly the devil I wish I would have never tried heroin crack or meth but out of the three meth is the worst monster in the closet I’ve seen it take over so many of my friends lives they robbed there own families to get it and whored. Themselves out to get it even to the same sex and there hetero sexual I’ll tell u I have robbed my own family lost friends and everything for heroin except for prostituting and heroin is the devils advocate but the fact that I’m addicted to meth also a drug I don’t even like the high of just because I tried it once makes me want to tell everyone that no matter how much u think you’d enjoy the high its not worth giving up everything for like some of my friends and its the worst thing u can do to yourself physically and mentally it rots your brain and deteriorates your body one tear of I.v meth use was harder on my vitals then seven years of shooting up heroin and let me tell u I’m not trying to make heroin sound better because its not but at least it doesn’t decay you inside and out within days of use your physical appearance is ruined and my methhead friends are the reason I tried heroin they got me to do meth they told me don’t u want a better high then just weed just the sound of it excited me with all the promises meth tried to make I felt the worst I ever did in my life I said isn’t there some other drug that doesn’t speed me up and then I did heroin fell in love with it I only did meth recreationally with other methheads and it wasn’t a problem for me to use it and stop for tears at a time but every few months I could hear the devil meth say come on use me again you’ll enjoy the high this time and I always gave in and I guess what I’m trying to say that if its call is strong enough to make a heroin and crack user use the devil your in for trouble and please don’t think I’m saying oh well meth is the only bad drug because heroin and cocaine have caused me to loose everything meth heads do except my soul completely to the devil meth will cause u to have no control I will shoot up meth till the bags gone just because I can’t help myself unless there’s heroin around then meths powers aren’t enough for me to give in but I’ve seen my female and male friends try to sell there bodies to me just for a puff of meth from a pipe when I’m offering them as much heroin and crack as they can handle and I guess the moral of this story is once u meet Billy crystal he will drag u down to the point that u don’t care if u have to even kill for that high and I just wish I could understand why his grasp is so much stronger then any other drug to people

  • bennybrownstone

    Anyone who thinks meth is only drug that gets this deep of hold on you your wrong meth didn’t do this to me but me brownstone did if you change the words from meth to heroin u pretty much have a poem for me and other heroin addicts and anyone who is still in the recreation stage of heroin,crack or meth use please stop before its to late and you sell your sole to the devil and if u think ur already hooked and there’s no hope your wrong continually ask God for your help and he will save you and those of you kids and adults who haven’t tried drugs or haven’t tried one of the three devils advocates don’t do it no matter how hard someone pressures you into it because one of those three drugs will get a hold on you just like this meth poem describes and it will be the toughest struggles if not the toughest thing you will face in your entire lifetime but God will help if u pray and once you overcome the devils grasp with time you will feel normal again and you will gain your friends and family back and your life will be better then ever but don’t be afraid to seek out help in in aoda and talking to my fiance and family members and church minister and everyone will help you get better and you will know once you get clean and stay clean you can say to yourself I overcame Satan that was possessing my soul and try to help everyone you can with your story my next comment in going to do that hopefully it will help someone who is struggling and I know you can call me a hypocrite because I’m high on heroin and meth right now but it was a moment of weakness and I’m trying to get the devil known as hard drugs out of my life

  • Heather

    How can you speak here in Ft.Smith Arkansas? I think you have a great testimony! In God we TRUST!

  • Pamela Stofle

    Praying you will have healing for what meth stole from you

  • Mom Who Cares

    As I say goodbye to my child, whose meth related crimes have put her in prison for several years, I want you idiots using this crap to think not only what it does to you physically, emotionally, and financially, but think about what it does to your family that loves you and only wants you to live a good life. This CRAP needs stopped!!! And if you users aren’t strong enough to say NO to it, tell someone that LOVES you, and they will HELP you say NO! Look at all you are losing, and all that you are costing others. You are smart enough to know right from wrong…is this the legacy you really want to leave behind?! If you want to kill yourself with chemicals, drink some drano and be done with it….grow up, face up, and get over this crap! Is this how you want your children to remember you….mom/dad was a coward & turned to METH rather than show me love! Get off your pity pot…we’re all out of “pity paper}”

  • Mom Who Cares

    you had to learn the hard way….and what do your parents think each time they look at you hun? Was the high worth it? I so hope your message gets through…post it as often and in as many places as you can. If you can save one life….the Spirits will look upon you in favor in the days of Judgement. Live and learn….learn to live! Blessed Be!!!

  • Heather Westfall

    This poem was actually written by two inmates in prison. If I remember correctly it was written in 1982. They were talking about meth and started going back and forth line by line. They liked the way that it sounded so they got together and wrote it down. They ended up making one poem into two separate ones. This one was taken by a inmate by the name of Riccie Price and the other inmate [I can’t remember his name right now] took the other one. When they say lead you to hell they didn’t mean that drug users go to hell, they meant that this drug causes you to live a life of hell (lose friends, relationships etc.)

  • Sebastian Guzman

    Here in Sydney Australia, Meth is a bad epidemic, when I was 15 I started using pot, which led to ecstasy then cocaine which were all kind of phases I went through growing up. My parents always sent me to private schools and I think I may have certain attributes which made me quite Successful, I had my own printer business and also made great money, drove an Audi, I was married and had a beautiful baby daughter and I had an incredibly beautiful wife.
    But then when my daughter was 12 months I felt my wife started to focus on my daughter and not much on me, so I kind of started hanging out with my friends more.
    Until one day when I was calling my dealer to get some MDMA pills which was just regular, I turn up and the dealer said he couldn’t get the pills anymore ‘but’ he had ‘Meth’.
    If I could only turn back the hands of time and simply said ‘NO’.
    That was two years ago and in two years I lost my job, my car, my wife, I’am not allowed to see my daughter, I went to jail for 9months, my body and face looks horrible, I have no friends and to make it worse I have been homeless since I got out of jail 4 weeks ago. Ice is a horrible horrible life, I had everything and now I have nothing, all because it was so good to feel high. My life is ruined my Wife is gone. Don’t do it. It will ruin your life and take you to hell.

  • hage1187

    Hi everyone,

    I am a 19 year old student at Texas A&M. I recently had a run in with someone who I believe was a user, and a heavy user at that. I began seeing a guy I met at my gym. Good guy, CPA, very clean cut. We dated for about 6 weeks and then went away for the weekend together. We got trashed before the concert. I mean I had 1/3 of a bottle and he easily had 1/2 within a few hrs. At the concert he snapped. Claimed he worked for the government. Told me he was going to kill me if I tried to leave. He took me back to the hotel room. He rushed around paranoid someone was coming after us. He said there were others who were going to try and kill us. He made me hide in the closet. I tried leaving but he attacked me. I told him I would call the cops. He backed away. He began to wipe down the room of his fingerprints telling me he would leave as soon as he killed me.

    When he finally passed out, I retrieved my phone from his pockets. I called a friend and told her what happened that night. He promised he would take me home the next day. He refused to speak about anything that happened that night. He claimed nothing happened. I cut ties with him as soon as I left.

    The therapist I’ve been seeing since the attack believes he was using meth.

    Any ideas/opinions?

  • Kells

    Ice is the devils drug. It kiled my father. Put my mother in prison.. what has life come to?

  • 238 Soldier

    Actually if you die while doing meth you WILL go to hell !!!! Sad but true. So “just for the record” watch what u say and try and water down the truth that this poem speaks.

  • niggatron

    were you on meth when you wrote this?-niggatron3000

  • niggatron

    Jesus was high when he invented god.-JC and dirty dozen

  • niggatron

    Take your own advice. Talk in spanish. because english is obviously dificil for you.

  • niggatron

    Nigga jesus wrote this! its in the bible! “I am Crystal Meth”-Makebelieve 3:16

  • niggatron

    Hi Crystal Meth. I am Niggatron

  • niggatron

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  • niggatron

    Yea, Yo mommas the authority on deez nuts biatch!

  • niggatron

    this needed more anime girls taking tentacles up the ass

  • beentheredonethat

    I read this some time ago but didn’t listen I brought her into my life I even felt her in my veins. yes she is very evil but even though I’m still struggling its been almost 2 months and I will over come it

  • beentheredonethat

    Read the main poem that’s exactly wat it is like

  • ugly duckling

    That is my name I knew of the drug before I even knew what it was I found out at 15. I’m 33 now and have six months clean. It can be done im living proof. Don’t give meth your willpower take your life back!