Megan’s Battle Within: The Voice of Meth

The Battle in Me

Just one more time, Megan I promise.

No, I can’t, I don’t need meth and that’s being honest.

But don’t you want to be pretty?

Yea, but meth only made me look gritty.

But your fat and you need to lose weight.

I don’t like who I was on meth; it made my love turn to hate.

You love the feeling, I know it’s true. ‘Cause who spun out of their mind right now, ha? YOU!

I know I might be spun but I’m not having any fun. I forced myself to eat, and I just got sick.

You know you feel good, you know you wouldn’t mind some dick.

Well I guess maybe one time wouldn’t hurt. Just one more time, I promise thats it.

Ha-Ha Yea right, your so full of shit.

Actually I am, I’m quitting you it’s done. Your not going to take over me, walk away right now just fucking run.

I’m not going anywhere you stupid bitch. You need me, and I need you.

I’m don’t need you, go away. Go bother someone else; I’m starting over again today.

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  • christy

    Stay strong…don’t listen to the weak side begging you to give in…you can do it….you just have to want it with every thought…..Love and Prayers to you…..

  • Lilita

    You can do it!! If you hang around with positive people who can help you cope with this demon!! Church, treatments positive friends, youth revival!! And you will!! Get out of this mess!!