Meth Poem: My Friend They Call Meth

Just as a disclaimer, I don’t normally post pro-meth articles. This poem however was submitted by a visitor to my blog and I debated as to whether or not to post it. There are two sides to every story and while I do not at all condone using meth, nor do I think one can use it over many years without adverse effects, this poem attempts to prove me wrong. So, I will leave it to you, my faithful readers to give your feedback:

My Friend They Call Meth

I’ve read all these poems about the one they call meth.

I must say something, so I think I’ll confess.

It is enemies to them but for me not so much.

I seem to get along with meth, Ice, shake, and such.

I’m not saying that meth has always treated me fine.

But I can say it’s been a better friend than some family members of mine.

Sure it can ruin your life and take your soul.

But only if you let it get out of control.

I’ve been with you when your producing that smell.

And you’ve only one time landed me in jail.

When I had no one, you were there by my side.

Keeping me company and my mind occupied.

I still have my teeth, my looks, and my friends.

I still have my kids, my wife, and my grin.

So to all you meth poets with lifes such a mess.

who were to weak to live a life with a friend called meth.

I’ve took it, I’ve cooked, I’ve shook it and more.

I’m a 15yr. friend with the one who made your mother a whore.

I would never encourage anyone to get high.

I’m just sayin I’m ok, I’ve done it half my life.

And sure I’ve hit bottom trading everything I owned.

I even packed a duffle bag around cause I called that home.

So to all those who have fallen from the top.

Were takin by greed cause they didn’t know when to stop.

So I guess that’s it, this is the end.

My life is just fine with meth as my friend.


What do you think? Do you think you can live a “normal” life using meth? I personally think this poem illustrates several good reasons NOT to use meth. What do you think?

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38 thoughts on “Meth Poem: My Friend They Call Meth

  1.  I relate to it. I’m 20 years old and been doing meth for a year and I haven’t hit rock bottom. The only problems I had was the hallucinations from the drawbacks but other than that I snort it and take it orally a couple times a week.

    p.s. My nose is fucked up. You can’t get a new nose ..

  2. Everyone handles addiction differently.Personally I do not agree with this poem because of the health effects of it that your body will eventually reveal. I was addicted for almost three years. Started when I was 17 years old. I was SICK, and so is everyone else who uses it. Almost the entire time I weighed in between 68 and 74 lbs… I am 5’4″. Ive been sober for over two years now. Im doing better than ever. I agree with some of the feelings this writer has about it being a better friend than your family, ect. But think about what kind of future you are setting in place for your children. I pray for your wellness. This drug IS THE DEVIL HIMSELF!!!

  3. It not only ruins the life of the user, but their friends and families too. When someone is hooked, the meth is their only “love”. Period. So not only is this poem just complete crap, but it is also inconsiderate.

  4. Definitely not a good friend should be your enemy. A friend doesn’t hurt you and the ones who love you. A friend shouldn’t take you away from reality but help you deal with it. Rather than avoiding it. A Friend does not want your life to hit rock bottom! A Friend wants you happy not miserable. A Friend wants the best for you. It hurts to see someone deeply in denial. I’m sorry if life hits you in the face and you can’t handle it. But this drug is man made, is only here to hurt you more. Sooner or later your going to have to face LIFE. I know its hard but don’t give up on yourself. Someone’s out there for you. Its never to late to change. And to experience life without a harmful substance like Meth.

  5. What I take away from the poem, is that the writer is saying he has it all under control and everyone else has the issues. Typical addict justification. He explains though, that his home is in a duffle bag, so you can plainly see that he is in conscious denial. In his head he knows what he knows, but he denies, to protect his lifestyle. I think it is brilliant…too bad he can’t use that brilliance to dump his friend and do good for himself.

  6. Kudos to the writer’s boldness. There are plenty of crystal meth users in the U.S. — and growing — but you only ever hear about one kind: the stupid. I’m not trying to be insensitive or say anyone here with meth issues are just weak, but there are plenty of people out there that use CMA and don’t go to shit.

    Why do you think cartels have switched to meth production at cocaine’s expense? Because coke isn’t cost effective (for users). Why do blow, which is so cut up anyway, when one can snort one or two lines of CMA and be good for hours? Coke: good for 30 min. People who go to meth don’t go back to coke lol.

    Also, 75-80% of meth’s bad effects can be prevented with three rather complex and strenuous exercises that truly test one’s resolve: brushing, eating, sleeping. Since CMA or CMA smoke don’t rot teeth — the cotton mouth does — making sure to brush, floss, drink lotta water, dentist checkups, etc. will let you keep your teeth. Eating will prevent gauntness and emaciation. And sleeping (since stupid people do things like stay up two weeks straight) even if only an hour nightly will make sure you’re shadow people free. Funny how D.A.R.E. forgets to mention this lol.

    Don’t always jump quick to conclusions about any topic without at least trying to hear another side of it. The only reason one never hears pro-CMA arguments is cuz all the “responsible” users are shit scared to ever raise their hands for fear of angry backlash. CMA, if made well (like, not in a car trunk), is very clean and effective. CMA is not filled with poisonous household products; it does happen to share an ingredient with each though. Example: Lithium, used for car batteries, is also used for depression medicine! Meth is cleaner, better caffeine to many Americans — not always death. Many Americans absolutely fear LSD, it gives them terrible trips, so why no hatred there?

    Lastly, why some use lightbulbs or foil a la blowtorch is beyond me, but everyone should invest in a small marijuana bong, and retrofit the weed downstem with a bent oil burner pipe bought off ebay, etc. The cool bong water will cool and filter the smoke, making for a far cleaner, better high. (The meth is NOT lost with the water; that’s as dumb a myth as CMA re-crystallizing in the lungs.) Using good paraphernalia over ghetto bulbs, foil, black-resined pipes, syringes, etc. will knock off another 5% of meth’s bad effects.

    I’m not here to promote anyone to use CMA; it is still a hard drug. And drugs are different for every person. Some people like mary jane, some like stimulants, others like booze. But it bothers me greatly when I hear so much venom and rage misdirected at an oft misunderstood substance. Give meth respect for its potency and power, and it will give you respect back. Respect dosage people, a little meth goes a long way!

    -Dr. Drew Pinski 🙂

    P.S. A tip: don’t give up marijuana if delving into meth usage. It’s a great friend to meth, and they don’t cancel out. MJ makes you hungry, makes you literally happy, and makes sleep easier. And, MJ isn’t deadly, just like meth. (Yes, meth being deadly is THE dumbest myth around. You have to take a shit ton of CMA before ever risking your life. Those “dying” either had a pre-existing problem, or were mixing with other deadly drugs like heroin in a [probably dirty] syringe and shooting up, sans weighing out dosage. Remember: responsibility!) Stupidity kills, cigarettes/alcohol/prescriptions/opiates kill, recklessness kills — keep that in mind please.

  7. Wow…this is something, I agree with him. Any drug can bring them down if they let it control them. The key is to control your usage, and know what your getting yourself into. Dont blame the drug, blame yourself for getting out of hand with it. You have better things to love than this. All drugs should be used recreational, not to keep you going, not to keep you eating, not to make you skinny. Just to have a little fun that night. I have been using all different kinds of drugs you name it, im sure I have done it since I was 16, and not once have I fallen or hit rock bottome. I have seen so many people lose everything inlcuding their own life. And its because they let it take control, it became more then just for fun.

  8. People have been commenly using words like hooked and addicted to describe why the disagree with this poem. I think all the author is saying is that for some people who dont get addicted it can be great and sure when your life is in a dip of the rollercoaster of life you can say to hell with it and jump on the pipe for a bit because yes, it does make you happy, but that when your lifes back on track and your happy anyway you dont do it… Some people dont get addicted it really is all about control. Of corse its hard to believe because the people who have it under control dont show any sign of doing it so you have nothing to compare against the scab ridden skeletal junkies that are holding up the local store to get another hit…. Its the difference between someone enjoying a chocolate bar vs someone who eats ten a day… you dont know that the thin person enjoys a chocolate bar only because they dont show any sign of it compared to the obease person in front of you in the maccas que.

  9. You say you’re okay, it isn’t mind over matter, it is a serious addiction, so lay back, and watch your whole life shatter.  It is hard to say no, and even harder to quit, people who put thoughts in others heads are wrong, escpecially the ones who are already “lit”  Promises for your future?  You can kiss them goodbye, your friends and family are going to be planning for your funeral, as they slowly watch you die. 

  10. I totally agree.  This person thinks he controls meth but little does he know that’s exactly what it makes you think.  But when he actually realizes it.  It will be to late.  He will probably have bipolar disorder, or some other mental disorder.

  11. II have a similar story to that of the author. I to am a 15 user friend that still had my family friends teeth and job. There have been times when i did not have control as well as times i gave up control in order to fall deeply inside myself in order to cooper with and heal very deep wounds from my past. I have two rules that i will not break no matter what NO FIRST TIMERS AND NO UNDER THERE. If you have never done meth i beg you please don’t. And if you are also an addict who has
    tried unsuccessfully to quit stop letting the dope do you and start doing it
    search deep within and discover what it will take yu to become a functional addict because yes we do in fact exist

  12. Well ive known many meth users and I too was once one myself. And from what I’ve experienced myself personally is, when I stay clean God blesses me with whatever I need, good job, nice cars, a happy family. But when I slide back into its trap, I begin to slowly loose everything in a matter of months. All my hard work gone up in smoke( literally)! I never became addicted to it until I started smoking it. All I can say is yea you may have extra energy while on it, but the longer you use the more it’ll take for you to get high, and if you are user, and get clean and one day say to yourself it won’t hurt anything nobody will have to know. (wrong)! That one time turns to so many more cuz you never want that feeling to go away. So take my advice I beg of you…. Stay away there’s no hope in dope! Enjoy life clean cuz if your on drugs you don’t have a life at all, but until your clean you don’t realize how much time has been wasted and how much time you loose it’s not worth it!

  13. U can’t live a good life on meth this poem describes how my life use to be its crazy I’m 5 years clean n I thank god for it everyday

  14. I too wrote a very nice poem to my best friend meth. All people handle addictive things differently. If you have a decent life with meth good for you, but for the rest of us meth wasnt quite so nice. Your circumstances have everything to do with the outcome. For all you stuggling to stay clean, my advice is not to listen to these that can still be meths best friend. 7 years cleans and counting.

  15. This is Tits! I like your thinking… I still have my kids. My better half. My family. Ya, I was homeless once but it wasn’t my friends fault, i’ve lied, cheated, stolen, came close to death a couple times, ….. I like my friend to, I haven’t known her long, but she is always in my head, I call her my Mistress,.. But I will never blame her for my problems. In fact she is on vacation for a while and if you aren’t a whiney, needy, fool. You can handle being away from them from time to time.. KUDOS Writer!! THUMBS DOWN dumb born again treatment junkie. You need more help than us.

  16. A drug is wat u make out of it i ahve been out of prison for about a month for cooking meth and i ahve not turned back to using it

  17. You are a dopehead. Anybody arguing that hard over such a filthy, poisonous, disgusting substance has got to be a freaking low rent JUNKIE!

  18. Inconsiderate???? of what??? Would you have read it if it was about a fluffy pink puppy?? Probally not.. Everyone is entitled to there opinions and preferences. I Love Smoking Meth as a sex enhancer.
    .im only a meth head when i smoke meth. my drug weakness n have for a long time is tramadol. The drug that made me a “DOPEHEAD LOW RENT JUNKIE was a non narcotic muscle relaxers. Rock bottom happens to the best of us.

    The Peom is awesome by the way!!!! Hope your next one aint about ur rock bottom. Keeps ur friends close and enemys closer

  19. I can only speak about what I have seen and it was not good….I saw nothing good come from drugs…..

  20. it’s obvious that the person in the poem is in denial!! Yes he feels fin and not affected by crystal just like any typical addict! “And sure I’ve hit bottom trading everything I owned.”the poet said these words!! so the poor guy is in denial and he rather continue like that then to find HELP!!!!! “also he says “I still have my teeth, my looks, and my friends.

    I still have my kids, my wife, and my grin”….According to who he still has looks and good denture??? If it’s according to him that doesn’t count!! And if he still has his friends and wife…..they are probably addicts too!! Meth users like to be around meth users and leave the other “normal” friends behind!! His Kids!!!! most likely those kids are everywhere…jumping from house to house!! A true meth addict will never admit that Meth has screwed his life…NEVER! Even if it kills him ! Hahahaha Oh God at least he is admitting something here….”.I even packed a duffle bag around cause I called that home.” well he doesn’t have a real home for sure but if any addict doesn’t mind living like this I guess it’s okay!!!! NOT FOR ANY NORMAL PERSON!! NOT FOR ME! If because of a drug I can’t afford a warm, safe home then that means you ARE OUT OF CONTROL! Your just lying to yourself 🙁 SAD

  21. The drug doesn’t necessarily create mood disorders and other mental illnesses!!! Ice was to me what alcohol is to alcoholics and narcotics are to those in pain… Medication. Something that alleviated the feelings of inadequacy. Self-medication. Do you have a mental illness? I hope not. I do.I am bipolar…I always will be. There is no cure. I am ADHD. Nope. No cure for that either. I am afraid to sleep at night because of my night terrors. I have no idea what I see while I’m sleeping but it terrifies me. When I was using, I didn’t have fear. It is back. Disassociative episodes (think “Sybil”) tend to flip flop with severe panic attacks when my anxiety becomes too much to bear. Yes, I am receiving psychiatric help medically and cognitively now. I’m not condoning or commending meth use. But you’re statement is practically “if, then” and “all or nothing”. Not all dope users develop mental illness. Likewise, not all people afflicted with mental illness develop drug addictions. The effects, the high… the alleviation of the symptoms of mental illnesses…. the euphoria, albeit false, the self-confidence, creativity, remaining focused and productive…these feelings were the addiction for me. And I, like many of you, paid high prices for that dependency…my children, home, employment, family, friends, self-respect, self-worth. But I have not walked in that writer’s shoes. I haven’t walked in yours.But there are so many on this site that are so quick to judge based on their own experiences, their own stories. I think it takes a lot of courage to voice a viewpoint like that in the face of such opposition, adversity and self-centeredness. There is always another part of a story that isn’t in bold print. I applaud every single one of you who are in recovery and found the strength to overcome. Stay strong.

    P.S. It isn’t kind to label people as anything. You would be shocked if you knew how many “acceptable, respectable” users there are in your community. Meth doesn’t discriminate, or segregate… it is not prejudiced… if our support is sincere, we shouldn’t judge either. Just sayin’.

  22. Those who use meth on a daily basis who feel it’s under control, still continue to live in a fantasy world where meth is the biggest liar even to ourselves. Meth addicts become great lawyers, they will do and say anything to convince everyone including themselves that meth is under control, wake up people that is the devil himself talking no matter how you justify it, meth will continue to destroy so many addicts and families,

  23. I have been doing meth half my life, have hit rock bottom, and bounced back. I’m still using, everyday, but I’ve found a happy medium. I have a stable job, my own place, take care of my children, single mom of 3 kids under 5, and they have more than any child could ever need, and if you were to meet me, you wouldn’t guess, in a thousand years i get high. The demon gave up on me.

  24. If you believe that, then you are a complete moron and will soon see your life spiral out of control. No one allows their life to get out of control due to dope, that is simply what happens. You are no different than every other dope head out there who thought they would control it and could not. Playing with dope is like playing Russian Roulette for money and claiming you will never blow your head off and instead will get rich. Just as with RR, you will lose and you will lose badly. Stop being and thinking stupid as you are not special, get help now while you are still new to the dope game, and start being productive by thinking clearly and smartly. You are not an exception to the rule but keep doing the dope and you will be a statistic.

  25. I think what most people don’t understand is that there are many functioning addicts around, probably around them. I call them functioning addicts because “we” can do meth on a daily and not let it ruin or control our lives. We work, eat, sleep, and don’t tweak. We can go around anyone and everyone and not have any issues. We are well dressed, groomed, and educated. Not all drug users get lost in the drug. However many, I would even say 95% can’t control their addiction or handle the drugs they are doing and end up losing sight of reality. This is what most people end up dealing with and should not even think of meth as a friend, no one should but if this man thinks it is his friend and was living out of a duffle bag he himself is delusional and should realize he can’t handle his drug.

  26. Yes you can because I use meth everyday and I have a job and go to school . Does it make certain things or situations harder ? Of course. But…. im too young to say I know about it cause.I don’t. But thats my take on it.

  27. I believe that there are functional users out there. I know some of them but I also know people who have had their life ruined by meth. I think its the person and their decisions that determine which way the meth will swing them. Just PS: to all the people who are judging the writer for sharing their unique experience, do me a favor and get a hobby. Everyone is entitled to have their own opinion but no one is entitled o judge anyone else…..just some food for thought.

  28. That was very well said. I totally agree and I would venture to guess he was high when he wrote it. As the mother of a college student who is in love with a meth addict I know that it’s the one who is high that does not see the carnage in their wake.

  29. I am the same way. There’s limits. You can’t let it control you. There has to be a line. I fell once, I won’t put myself back in that position. I now have a clear distinct line I will not allow myself or anyone around me to cross. I don’t put meth that high on my pedistal. It doesn’t belong there. I’m an addict yes, a functioning addict. I stop doing one I’ll pick up another. I know why I do it. It fills a void. Until that void can be filled a better way that works for me, I’ll fight my demons my way. Those who judge, until you have walked a day in my shoes, don’t say shit. It goes way beyond just addiction and usually it’s the people like you that drive most to it. My morals aren’t compromised, I never stole from my family, my family stole from me. And they were sober. Used my coping against me to make themselves look better. When all in all, hands down, they were wolves in Sheeps clothing. Still is. So everyone needs to just learn a different way looking at things.

  30. The “carnage” you speak of is not existent to one on speed. Think about living not knowing there is a moon…you have no interest in loking for a moon or talking about it. It is the same thing with speed, if someone is enjoying their life on it…let them while they can, because they either WON’T see their carnage, or they are bound to at some point. I, personally, liked this poem. Being an addiction counselor who infrequently uses crystal meth (once a month? sometimes over 2 months) makes me want to jump on the author of this poem, but at the same time, he knows his life more than any of us, and form the sounds of it, he is doing okay.

  31. I won’t say that I have a lot of room to talk on this one. I am 30 have 3 kids a wife and have grown up with meth around all my life. My parents, who I will always love, used my entire life. For as long as I can remember. Yet I never suffered as a result of their use. I got everything that other kids got. My parents were never in and out of jail, they never stole, lived out of a duffle bag, and we never went hungry. I can tell you why, and very few addicts in life ever figure this out. There is a difference between use and abuse. I think that any drug can be used and you can still live a happy fulfilling life. If you can tell the difference between use and abuse and know when you have gone to far and can get yourself in check before you leave that wake of destruction. I have been a user now for 5 years and no one in my life has suffered because of it. My kids get taken care of, they get anything that the kids with sober or clean parents would get. My wife don’t use and was totally against the drug, then she saw that it can be controlled. There can be use without abuse. If you have the want will power, control and honesty to do so. If you don’t then ya I agree you should probably leave the drug alone and​if you don’t there will be a wake of destruction to deal with. I have seen both sides of the fence and know more than most.

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