Meth Poem: Their still doing me

I’ve quit doing drugs

But their still doing me

Sometimes I wonder

If I’ll ever be free

It’s been almost two years

Since I quit the stuff

And even now

It makes life rough

The damage I done

While on the sh*t

I never noticed

Until after I quit

Now I deal with it

Most every day

Trying to make right

Of the wrong choices I made

The pressures and problems

I’ve put on myself

I would’ve never wished

On anyone else

I wright these words

To help me heal

If you happen to read them

This is how I feel

It may seem like a dream

When you first begin

But it’s really a nightmare

And it may never end

So if you’re thinking about trying

Think about it again

The choice you make

May haunt you till the end

By Greg Roark

12 thoughts on “Meth Poem: Their still doing me

  1. You are 100% right honey, meth is a VERY addicting poison. I started using in 1999 because I belived it kept me from getting asthma, and though I never had an attack during my use, I lost lining to my lungs forever, I now have copd and will eventually be on oxygen for the rest of my remaining years. I no longer have teeth because the car acid and draino and all of the other “healthy” good crap that come with my “asthma” med ate right through them all, I was told many times to have a pretty women and now I'm never told that, and just for your infor if you are the person out there reading this thinking you have no problems YET cause your teeth are still intact, mine were too, until I cleaned up and my body began to reform its self to a healthy state…So don't be fooled and clean up now you still may have a chance. Seek out God and know that he heals All who call upon the name of his son Jesus Christ. I could go on with health and other issues in my meth life that I lost or are still continuing to heal, but I would be here for years. PLEASE reconsider picking up that pipe, needle, snort or anything that controls you life, because if not, you will soon be taking your last breath and chance in this God made life that could be so beautiful and refreshing if you choose to make it that way. Some Chick, I give you all the kudos for sharing your story and experience and will keep you in prayer to continue your good work, you see I live in Phoenix where they say its much easier to get and make the drug and I've seen MANY people hurt by this, killed and family lost. I have a friend of a friend who has been burnt 85% of her body and still gets high, I suppose that wasn't enough, oh but she still has teeth, hmm, maybe thats it? God bless you all and after that first 48 hours of determining to remain clean, I promise it gets ALOT easier, submit ALL to God and he does the rest.

  2. Jeanette your story/testimony is amazing. Thank God you are alive to tell it. I for one am grateful for your sharing this with others. I think that alot of people see those faces of meth photos as scare tactics and don't realize that meth can and will attempt to destroy you from the inside out.

    Again – thank you for stopping by and sharing your story.

  3. so true… my brother does meth… and he tries to be sober… and although he gives up everything, guts n all! it never ceases to stop. his best friend died in a car accident beside him… and it messed him up… he suffers mood swings which arent for the light minded, he has times when his rage gets hold of him… but i always try to advice him, but he never stops. somday i hope he quits, because its one or the other, either he quits, or his life will. it troubles me because im his younger bro… he sortha raised me… but yea… sux… tears me up like seeing your role model dying slowly… i dunno wat ima do… my prayers flow as much as there is fish in the sea… i wish i could help him, but i cant stop for him, he gots 2 do it himself… i trully hate the person who invented the damn drug… i wish so much on him, the devil is laughing now, but yea… n e ways…. good work!!! i love your poem… it touched me caz somday i wish my bro can be like you.. n e ways… keep up d good work ONE LOVE, GOD SPEED…

  4. all these are awsome i havnt dont drugs but i no some 1 who has she was crazy if you wanna get outa them do rehabb these are amazinng

  5. all these are awsome i havnt dont drugs but i no some 1 who has she was crazy if you wanna get outa them do rehabb these are amazinng

  6. ok. as painful as this is for me to read (being that i can relate so well as i have been battling this addiction from the moment i tried it) it just drives me crazy that the wrong their (they’re) was used… idk why it frustrates me so much it just does. too many ppl make that mistake today. And as for this grammatical mistake being in the title, it annoys me that no one else bothered to point this out. (btw, although it often goes w/o being corrected, he also used the wrong wright (write)… although technically he did “craft” this poem…)

  7.  I Quit in 99 & Then Went to Bangin’ Oxycontin- Ended Up With Staph Infection, Vascular Necrosis(Blood Supply Cut Off to My Hip Joint) Then Hip Replacement. With Getting Staph aureus 2 More Times & Was Dead Three Times, In Hospital 18months Cumulative Out Of % Years. At The End of My Rope & Me Trying to Get The Rope Around My Neck,I Actually Prayed to God & Said, I Can’t Stop Doing This Shit– Amazingly after 39yrs of ‘Heavy Hitting’ Crank,Tar, Oxy’s & Never Intending to Quit, I Fell, & Fell Hard, Hard, Hard & Asked God to ‘HELP ME,’ & Guess What He Did. Down So Far That I Couldn’t Do or Help Myself & Dying– With No Hope, ‘GOD Saved Me From Death & Saved My SOUL!’ That was 9-1/2 yrs Ago!
    Thanks for Setting Up This Site.
    Sites Would Pop-Up Saying; ‘Desoxyn 15mg, No Rx Needed. I E-mail Back & Say; ‘ How The FUCK Can You Sell That Shit Without a Prescription!!
    An Ad Like That Means; The Pills are Bogus or You’re Going to Jail.
    While I Was In The Hospital; 5 of My Dealers, Suppliers Died. 1-Murdered 1-Suicide & 3-Drug Related. My Counselor said; Tell Me There’s No HIGHER POWER!!

  8. meth destroyed my family not once but twice. don’t let this happen to you and the only way for this not to take place is never to try it. i pray that this meth demon be chained so it can never harm or temp anyone ever again…….i hate cops, but in this case look me up i can help stop this demon from destroying more families…..may GOD be with us all. Adam Ricard

  9. I have seen first hand the horrible things drugs do to a body….now is the time to change, don’t wait, get help now…..

  10. My husband was on Meth, he got me to try it and I was hooked. Two years of heavy using and I found myself in handcuffs. I went to rehab and got clean. My husband refused to stopped and I had to make the horrible choice to leave the man I’d been with since I was 12. After a year he had gotten off it and we got bad together. That lasted about 4 months. He relapsed and it ended with me getting severally burned and him in jail. I’ve been clean since March 21, 2013. I fight everyday with the what is and the should haves. My support goes out to anyone who is trying to get clean and the ones who are trying to stay clean.

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