Meth Poem: This is the life of dope

this is the life of dope

weather you sniff, slam, or suck a glass dick

you’ve sold your soul to some thing sick.

some may make it. some just fake it.

it ends the same you’ve just got to take it

prison or jail is what you must face

all alone now in a strange place.

i just hope you can take the pace

so keep doing what you think is real

and ill show you a whole new deal

one that will change

your life for real

see inside these walls you see it all

the young the old the sick and the bold

yes were all hear just wishing we could be near to the place we call home

intead of being all alone

so think what you will and do as you must


Poem Sent by ROB

  • tamalahuckeby

    I wrote a poem like this in the 90's but it started out like this.
    This is the life if you don't say nope and dedicate your life to doin dope. Whether your snort, slam or smoke a glass dick youv'e sold your soul to something sick. You won't notice how you life will change. You will become something scary and strange. First it's your friends, your kids then your wife, your convinced you don't need them messing with your life. And so on and so on…

  • Amygurl66

    Yeah, this poem that someone wrote in the comment actually came out of a biker magazine, I have the original version it was published years ago titled THIS IS THE LIFE. In the orginal it says it was writen by Jack the Butcher. It had a picture of a guy in prison you can see him through the keyhole. Anyways if that’s you who wrote this then I would like to know what magazine this was published in, just curious.

  • Yoemansj

    No more will you ivade my thinking space
    Thers no room ,no hiding place
    No more ghosts without a face
    You watched as i crawled across the floor listening for voices outside the door
    I hustled and cheated so i could score
    You were my pimp i was your whore
    Good-bye Crystal
    Thats all thats left to say
    As i watch you burn in hell today

  • karla

    II lovee crystal meth shes my main thing she makes me fell algth she makes my boddy triipp ii love her.!<33

  • Hankins187

    Everyone if u wanna get laid just shutup and crawl up a chickens ass and wait

  • Nelmsrobert

    iam rob i wrote the poem this is the life of dop and i was just surffing the net and came across this page and i dont remember ever posting that poem on line but wanted to thank you for sharing it hope it helped someone .and thank you for you page rob

  • Tcharter

    even after six months ill still go out and do it one last time.  its different right. never is,  maybe i don’t want it to be..  the memory refreshed ill start over.  no shame in it. 

  • Tracy

    How do I get the complete poem?