Meth Poem: Wife of An Addict

A Poem about Meth Addiction from a Wife’s Vantage Point

Poem Submitted by: Ericka T

I love you so much, with all of my heart.

From this drug, I wish you’d part.

I see you dying in front of my eyes.

You never these days have time for goodbyes.

Slowly but surely I watch you get weaker.

Behind your back, they call you a tweeker.

With every “hit” you stay further away.

God will you please just come home today.

Weekends go by, then more days go past.

I can’t really remember when I saw you last.

You’ll lie and you’ll cheat and you’ll hide away

Just to spend time with the drug one more day.

Why won’t you deny that life taking pipe?

I never thought that you’d be the type?

You say that it helps you get a lot done.

Seems to me that you’re on the run.

You said “that person” you never would be.

Now you won’t even take phone calls from me.

I feel it’s my fault. Something I did bad.

How do I always make you so mad?

It’s not you, you sometimes confess.

That doesn’t make it hurt any less.

I want to keep you here. Not let you go.

But I cannot save you from all this you know.

I don’t know what to do. My Love, My Heart.

This devil’s about to tear us apart.

It’s got you now, gonna introduce you to death.

It’s killing our family. You know it’s the Meth!