Meth Pictures | Images

This is actually a slide show about meth and its effects. It also shows some of the signs to look for in a meth user such as dilated pupils and irrational behavior.

Personally, I always knew when my ex-husband was high because his pupils were as big as saucers. One tell-tale sign it doesn’t talk about in this slide show is teeth grinding. I have yet to come across a meth user that doesn’t either grind their teeth or do something strange repetitively with their mouth. Although the slide show doesn’t mention teeth grinding specifically, it does show the effect meth has on one’s mouth. The term has been coined “meth mouth” because the teeth of users are often rotten and ground down/broken to practically nothing after long term use.

  • Anonymous

    OMG! How could anyone ever be tempted to try this drug? What’s worse than this? Death? I am terrified now after seeing these pictures, I knew meth is bad news but this is beyond what I expected to see.  I see so much meaning in the treatment for meth right now…

  • KarenT

    My best friend, Michelle, committed suicide while on meth in a raunchy lonely motel room. I was too busy on meth myself to notice that she was hurting that badly. We must remember using not only hurts us, but those we love also suffer. Maybe not as extreme as Michelle, but small sufferings can hurt just as badly. God Bless You.

  • christy

    Retrain your mind to doing something constructive, not destructive….look at your life as a precious gift….I know a lady that did this and today, this lady is amazing….