Quitting Meth IS Possible

Written by guest author: Yoko

I began using meth when I was 15 years old. I have never smoked or touched any drug before this. I only started because I knew a member of my family used and I was curious why she did it. So one night, I slept over at a friends house and I called my friend which I knew smoked tweek. He came over I went into the car and we searched for the perfect spot to smoke out in. My heart was racing and my muscles jumped. I was scared. I was so close to saying nevermind, but I did it. I took a long drag. I did not know what the effects of meth were so I kept smoking. I smoked until we reached the bottom of the bag. My face was numb, my lips were dry, and I could not stop talking. I went back to the house and tried sleeping but I couldn’t. My heart was pounding and I was sweating. My muscles were tight and I saw the sun rise.

People say that after the first time you are hooked, but I was lucky..somewhat. I didn’t crave it the next day but I did go back to it because I wanted the rush again. My addiction got worse and worse. It got to the point were I smoked every morning before school and if I did not have my fix I wouldn’t go to school. I would lie to get money from my parents and I was living in my own bubble. I lost many friends and excluded myself from society. I was miserable. I am positive I was close to over dosing many times. I smoked so much that when I stood up my knees trembled, my heart ached, and I could not feel. My pupils were different sizes and I ran into things constantly. It was hard to breath. My life turned into shit. I lost everything I worked so hard for. I thought there was no point in living. I hated myself. I thought of killing myself. Everyday, I would wake wondering why am I still alive. I wanted the nightmare to end.

Finally after two long years of lies, deceit, and chronic use I found God…so I thought. There was something inside of me telling me to quit. I tried time and time again to quit, but unfortunately after three weeks I would relapse. I thought I would never get out of this. I thought I ruined everything that things would never be the same. However, with unstoppable motivation and dedication, I found new passions in life to keep me occupied or keep my mind off of the drug. I quit cold turkey. Now I am 18, I am now a year sober from meth and plan to keep it that way. I know that many people don’t think its possible to quit by themselves, so for those people I am telling them that it IS possible. If I could do it so can you. I am here for anyone who needs motivation. I know life can get hard sometimes, but do not hide behind an addiction. One needs to learn how to confront the issue or problem. The only way you can really quit is IF YOU ABSOLUTELY WANT TO. People can tell you how bad it is for you and not to do it, but if you do not want to quit no one can make you. The change and drive needs to come from inside, from you. I know anything is possible in this life you just have to believe and love yourself.

I just hope I can inspire one to quit or stay away from this selfish, possessive, evil drug. It will suck the life out of you and you will be left with no brain, soul, or heart. Please seek help if you are addicted. Know you are not alone.

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  • Thank you Yoko,
    You are a beautiful girl and through your strength and courage I believe you are a source of inspiration for others that may be struggling to walk away from this addiction.
    Congratulations on your sobriety!

  • Thank you Yoko,
    You are a beautiful girl and through your strength and courage I believe you are a source of inspiration for others that may be struggling to walk away from this addiction.
    Congratulations on your sobriety!

  • So

    I love this stories. It remind us the strength that is in all humans. Sometimes it is hard to remember that there it is. Inside of all of us. But it it great when we find it. I recently quit smoking (regular cigarettes), and even though is NOT the same kind of addiction, it was hard. This is my 3rd time and I know this is going to be the last one. We all have that strength. And it is amazing.
    Thanks for sharing.

  • So

    I love this stories. It remind us the strength that is in all humans. Sometimes it is hard to remember that there it is. Inside of all of us. But it it great when we find it. I recently quit smoking (regular cigarettes), and even though is NOT the same kind of addiction, it was hard. This is my 3rd time and I know this is going to be the last one. We all have that strength. And it is amazing.
    Thanks for sharing.

  • Addiction is addiction and so many times it can be the hardest thing we as humans ever overcome. Addiction comes in so many forms and we can be addicted to so many things! I want to say congrats on kicking the smoking habit for good! That is no small achievement!

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  • Laura M.

    Thank you for sharing your story, Yoko.
    I started using at a young age, too. I had trouble finding my 'place' at meetings because so many were older than me, and thought that I wasn't 'really' an addict because of my age. But, we both know that addiction and the suffering that goes along with it don't care how old you are. To addiction, fifteen is the same as fifty.
    Congratulations on your year. It only gets easier from here. You must always remember that pain, though, never let it escape you. Complacency is dangerous for an addict.

  • I'm really impressed with the way you tried to kick the habit. Although I have not tried it before, the consequences are enough to put me off.

    Quitting a bad addiction is all about will power. And the realisation that God is around to help you out of the shit. All it takes is the first step. All the best to you!

  • littlemisslala

    im on day 8 and its hard

  • maddd

    Im sorry that had happened to to you now but i hope that you are ok

  • maddd

    i think what you said and i think that you are right that that story is a very good story

  • AllTreatment

    That's a very powerful story to hear, and I'm impressed that you have the courage to share your story about quitting Meth.

    I admire your outlook on life and good luck!

  • AllTreatment

    That's a very powerful story to hear, and I'm impressed that you have the courage to share your story about quitting Meth.

    I admire your outlook on life and good luck!

  • cdneff

    I started smoking meth when I was 14. I quit about a year later with a lot of determination and help from friends. Now 4 years later and under alot of pressures of life I have relapsed. I am 7 days into quitting again but its so hard. Your story is inspiring, thank you for sharing.

  • sadiegonzales

    I'm very proud of you. your story made me get goosebumps. congratulations(:


    I wish you well … but I have to share a harsh truth with you. Your battle is just beginning.

    I am recovering for over 15 years now. I can never honestly say “recovered” because the truth is that you never do. You will always crave. Even knowing all the bad things this drug will do to you, your life and everyone around you – you still crave. The only way I have found that helps is to stay away from it. But be honest with yourself – if it was in the room with you and you have a “comfortable” environment to do it – just one hit. It is impossible to resist.

    Well I hope I am wrong, but I have known users all over the US. I have seen the same people swear they quit and become “successful” in life and jobs. And I have seen these same people many years later still using. They may be in a suit and fancier car, but still addicted and still using. Some (most) not so lucky to even get the suit /car, some in the very same position they were many years ago. Quit one year, relapse the next and back and forth. But for you and for the rest of the world, I hope it is different.

    I started when the drug wasn't main stream. I assume it was more pure back then. I see now that everyone can make it mixing whatever they read on the internet. This only makes me assume that the “pure” product is nothing close to pure. This means the affects on the people of today is different from what is was before. Whether that is good or bad I do not know. But from what i am reading … it is not good.

    I write this not to discourage you or anyone from quitting, but to prepare you for a battle that will last much longer than you anticipated. So be prepared for when the drug will present itself to you again. I hope you have the strength to run away from it. For me, I can only hope it never presents itself – because if it does … well …

  • Janine Leroux17789

    Hi im j. I startd off wit meth 7 yrs ago wasnt so heavy into it thou wel all bad things ended no more party for me, i met someone became pregant and meth was out of my life. Wel the guy didnt stay. An meth came back in, started using agen 3 yeatrs ago my daughter was a few months old but this time id use once every month or not at all. Cos my my baby ment the world to me. But little did I no that my behaviour towards my family was bad I was in complete denial I didnt realise how I hurt them. Anyway I thort I was not an addict whatever, a year ago I met this guy at work u could tel he was a druggy but somehow I liked him. I felt sorry for him and even thort I was inlove with this man. Big mistake I lost my family I lost my daughter I was about to lose my job I used meth ever single week. I even ended up geting married to him. Wel had alot to lose I lost my self esteem my pride my motherhood I wanted help I cried every nite I got beaten up I did thing I never dreamt of doing. But this was my down fall. I manage to get out get my divvorce I got everything back but just my self esteem an meth was stil part of my life I never left it behind. Oh how I wished it would get the fuck away from me. I went for help went to rehab got kicked out for looking at a guy an now her I am stil stuck with this bitch and I hate it. Its become worse for me now my esteem is ok the crave is bullshit. If u look at me u wont say im on it cos I could go without it but sumtimes I just wish…

  • Jayandada

    Well done, u now have ur whole life in front of u. Stay the fuck away fro
    That shit.

  • Sammi

    thats so amazing that you did that… im 16, been on meth since i was 13 and i want to stop…

  • JustAnother Soul

    I to was an abuser of the substance , I also quit COLD TURKEY after a year and a half .I know seems like a short time on it to be patting myself on the back for quitting .But hear me out ,My next door neighbor was 36 and myself 19,He was an addict and on his 36th birthday we met for the first time since i had lived on my street (1988).And like a fly to a shinny light i was sucked into the game.I was taught so much within the first 2 months that i could make,sell,and trade the drug .Before long the drug store down the road (and the state over)thought my whole family had sinus issues.I quickly jumped from 1g to an 8ball a day for the low low price of 20$(plus gas) .Now not only was it effective it was cheaper than a jay, so it was more tempting.
    After running from nothing in the woods(many times),hiding a friends car in my barn from a dealer,being left to spend the night with people i didn’t know(many times) and watching people i once cared for be put in cuffs (many many times),Setting inside my home with the lights out bc i heard voices. Finally one day Something snapped inside me and i left my neighbor standing in his drive way with his mouth wide open watching me walk home (turning down meth) to go to bed.
    The real kicker for me was when my neighbor ,whom has 2 kids he has not seen since they were born,(by choice), had no lights hooked to his home ,ate from a garden bc he had no job, used a needle that he hadn’t changed since he had started 20 years before,and robbed from the neighbor hood at 2am to make more shake,Looked at me with a big toothless grin and said,”you’ll be just like me,You’re going to be as addicted as i am.”
    My response ,I threw the bag at his feet .Walked away and told him as i slammed the door ,”no i will not ,I will NOT be like u. I am better than all of this .I control the drug ,the drug doesn’t control me!”.
    I am proud to say i went home that night and i haven’t been back down that street.I didn’t wake up in a cold sweat , no craving the drug the next morning,and no with drawls what so ever.When i awoke the next morning i felt as tho i had been asleep for a year and it was all a bad dream.I truly thank god for sending me the sign i needed to pull myself up and out of what could have been the rest of my life.
    If i can see what METH really is and walk away ,Have faith you are stronger than you tell yourself you can do it to. You control the Drug !!!!

  • JustAnother Soul

    You are strong , After all you have been through in life how can u let a Drug take control of every aspect of your life. Wake up look in the mirror ,is that you staring back at yourself or is it someone you hardly know ,never seen ?
    Life is hard i agree , i 2 have made choices in my life that would have wrecked it if not for the tiny voice deep down inside of me that screamed out at the woman i once was.
    Your lil girl need’s her mother . 🙁
    METH has taken everything from you Please for the love of that tiny part of you living in this world today,Don’t let Meth take ever happy mommy moment,every mothers day,every bump that needs a kiss and every HAPPY birthday from ur lil girl.
    I know its hard but

  • Minion415

    I was introduced to meth for the first time at age 20, and I was instantly hooked.  I loved being on it, selling it, partying for days.  It was all good, until you know, it wasn’t.  You don’t always see life degrading around you until you’re pretty far gone.  I went through all the usual attempts to quit and cleanse myself, but when you know literally dozens and dozens of people just like you – people you see at parties, people on the street, people with whom you work, live – it’s always going to be a losing battle.  I went down about as low as I’d care to go.  Occasionally homeless, walking the streets at night with no destination.  Staying up in motels for weeks on end, hiding from everything.  We were all living in our own dark, secluded prisons toward the my final days in that society.

    The truth for me was that my will was straight up mighty, but it can only prevent me from going after the drug.  I’d quit and quit, and relapse every time.  Resisting it when it’s in front of you is an entirely different challenge, and one I believe very few people manage.

    I’ve been entirely off that trash since 2004.  In fact, I don’t care for any drugs, period.  I’m confident that I could stand with pure ice in front of me and refuse to touch it, but it’s certainly a long road, and you can not step off the path.

    For those of you that still struggle with it, you’ve got to believe in your strength and purpose, and know that you can push yourself away from this life and become the person you truly want to be.  Don’t stop trying.  Go to the friends and family that will support you and help you to clean yourself and become a better person.  There is always light ahead.

  • GODsrevelation1


  • josie

    I have never commented on anyones writing and I want to say is that you have given me hope I have been taking this drugs for 6 months now and I didn’t even notice that time had gone by me now I want it to be over I want to quit I don’t want to wait till its do late. I want to quit now I feel sick to my stomach, I feel scared, and depressed I wonder if I can ever be normal again. But you give me hope that soon all this will go away.

  • Morenoxochitl84

    I am realy happy for u,i wish only my sons father would want to quiet

  • Sloe

    I commend you for your honesty. You have to be honest with yourself to move/push forward. The second that you lie to yourself, you will lie to others. be strong your not psycho… you know right from wrong… so, do the right thing. Fight for you. Believe in you.

  • Sarasue30

    this site is wonderful. I am so lost so ashamed so hooked. I am a wife mother a hard worker and used to be full of natural energy. A friend asked if i wanted to try something….sure why not. I remember thinking i found my best friend. I dont do alot but I do it way to much. I lost a tons of weight…size 8 to size 3. I do it cause I cope instead of handle life when not on it i am just tired and that wasnt even me before. What do i do. Dont be mean..dont be the way I was before I even tried it. i got a degree to save everyone now i have done it and cant even save myself.

  • Angelzeyez9682

    I am 29 years old married with four kids. I met my husband 7 years ago. I had a lil girl and so did he . We both had an addiction to meth and still do. The only time we have ever quit is when I was pregnant twice. My family doesn’t know well one sister does but hell she does the crap to. My mom and other sister haave no clue or they pretend not to knowim notsure wich one. This drug rules our live . We spend over 300 a week on it. Now don’t think I am an awful mother because I am not . My kids have no clue and I hope they never will. And they are all spoiled rotten and not mistreated in any way. They mean the world to me and they are why I cry every night. Why I can’t look aat myself in the mirror. Please somone tell me how I no we can quit together. We love each other very much would never even think about splitting up. He works very hard and supports his family. But also supports our habit. We do this drug every single day. We sleep we eat we do normal fanily things but the the dope is always there with us no matter what. I am disgusted with myself. Help me please and tell me how can I do this . I don’t even want to get up in the morning without it. How will I take care of my family. How can I make myself get up and act normal when I can’t even open my eyes. Its not like I can go off to rehab and leave my babies that is out of the question. Tell me what I can do to help myself please .

  • Shaunsreallove4ever0208

    It is possible I did it!! after 6 years of heavily using it!! 🙂

  • Stuck

    I want to quit. I was dealing it and smoking it fulltime for 5 years. I was going out with a very well known dealer then parted ways got up on my own 2 feet and learnt everything from him and pushed it myself. It took everything from me. But I still Want to go back to it even though I hate it. Life is like a plain piece of white a4 paper clean but when I get cooked and start rushin around the paper is colored. I know
    It’s bad and I hate it but what I hate more is
    Knowing its bad knowing I hate it and wanting
    To stop but life is so shit without it at the same time so I want it. It’s been a month and I relapsed 2 nights ago. Now I’m struggling again. Back at square
    1. I don’t get physical pain like I did when first stopped.. But life’s so beautiful but I just can’t see it anymore. I can’t see myself enjoying anything again without it. I’m not proud of it, I want to get off it so badly and be the good person I am clean but I’m just so fucking depressed off it and in a constant war with myself everyday. I don’t no if I will ever be normal again or if I will ever be able to be happy off it. I’m not happy on it, but I’m not happy off it either. Sounds conflicting and probably makes NO sense I know I’ve probably lost it already. Heroin addicts get methadone. I got Valium from my doctor but still doesn’t cut it. I wish I could do it on my own terms but
    Mentally Im to weak

  • kim

     i started doing meth with my mom at 13 yrs old. i gave birth to my first child at 19 and when her father went to prison i started using very heavily. i didnt even realize that i was bad off until dfcs came in and took my child from me. i lost full custody of her and thats when i realized what hell really was. i just wanted to die everyday that i wasnt with her. theres not enough drugs in the world to numb that kind of pain. i went to rehab and worked very hard and got full custody back. i was completely sober for 28 months and was doing really great. graduated school and recently bought a house. i relapsed 3 mnths ago and im terrified of losing everything again. i take care of everybody and everything but myself at this point. i dont do much but i do it alot. i try to quit every week but literally my body cant stay awake and i sleep every nite on it.i kno if i can just get thru the detox process then ill be fine but my body has become accustom to it waking me up in the morning…like coffee..any suggestions? ive came too far…i dont want 2 go backwards!!!!!

  • congratulations on your progress.  I was hooked on Meth for 9 years and i did alot.  i have now been clean for 9 months.  quitting was very hard but i was able to do it.  i had some help though.  i used a product from http://www.Methrecover.com.  it helped me deal with the withdrawal process and it made it possible for me to deal with the cravings.  I would suggest it to anyone that is serious about quitting.  good luck to anyone going through this

  • Guest

    KIm, its like YOKO said, you have to really want that nightmare to end. I did like Yoko and stopped cold turkey, but I had to reach deep down inside and realize that I wanted to live. Its not easy for anybody, but you can do it. You may need to check in a hospital just to break the cycle.Think about how good it felt to be clean and how much you want to get back to continuing month 29 on out. Look at that precious baby and know you can’t give her 100% while using. We said we stopped cold turkey, but that doesn’t mean it only took one time using. Having the attitude that this is not okay is the RIGHT attitude to keep. Everyday tell yourself “this is it”. Say it ever time you use. Go and read the 5 ways to get of of meth and do that too. It’s a fight that I want you to win. Come back and say that you did it. I pray for you Kim, Yoko, Sarasue and Stuck. I am grateful to the others that encourage you all. At least you came here to vent and be honest. Can’t wait to read how happy you are sober and living. Don’t continue to break your body down and burn your brain up. Figure out what you are going to do to stop and do it!! You are still on this side of the grass so it is not to late! God help them.

  • Life after drugs

    Very true. It is possible to quit on ur own. Sometimes you need a lil
    Encouragement and ur story helps for those that need it. Thank you:)

  • George

    When I was reading your story It was like I was reading about myself. I hate this drug. Over 10 years. Lost wife, kids, job, all my friends, lies, solitude, stealing from family. Why do I keep going back. It’s all I have.

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  • Elvis Donofrio


  • Billie Rizzo Tate

    I need help

  • Drex

    Drex. Me too need help. We nid to be strong. I know it’s to win with this kind of WAR in out head. For now just think positive. We need to get track to this blog.
    My god helps us.

  • Drex

    It’s hard to win with this kind of WAR in our head. I Hope it’s never to late for us.

  • Diana

    I smoked ice everyday for 1 year and 4 months to forget everything, I stopped working, I got evicted from my apartment because I couldn’t afford to pay my rent, I sold my car to keep up with my drug addiction etc In other words my life went downhill from smoking ice. I decided to go cold turkey a month ago today and even though I have had good days and bad days it was the best decision i ever made

  • Diana

    You can do anything you set your mind to.

  • alexisrusso

    I hope that I can quit this time..

  • alexisrusso

    I feel you. We’re on the same page.

  • destinyw

    Me too, I feel like non stop sadness. Lack of motivation, crying, turn to help but nobody has got the ability to help someone like me here in my town.I want you in every time I say I’m done its been over 10 years now.thank you I’m not happy off of it I feel like it makes me better but it doesn’t but I keep going to find it and when I do quit I replace it with something else

  • Amy Abner-poindexter

    My 15 year old daughter picked up for the first time monday night after running away from a foster home. She will be coming home to me soon. she used from lated Monday night until she ran to her foster mothers porch yesterday late afternoon early evening. I am scared to death. She has never used anything before this. She is now in a behavioral unit. Any advice for me? I know I need to pray, be there and tough love and all that. But is there anything I can do as a mother now to help prevent future use? My daughter is way above average in school, and i would say a little too smart for her own good!!! (or mine)..

  • Jennifer Limban Santos


  • Gaby

    Jen – are you there?

  • Gaby

    Jenn – are you there?

  • Angelgirl07

    Dear Stuck, feel you. I feel the same way is like I was reading my own feelings and thoughts in your post…. Inside my heart I want to quit so, so bad too but I feel my mentality is too weak . I feel like I’ll rather just take my life than put up with the withdrawal symptoms and recovery process, with the realty of my life, cope with my pain I have kept inside from childhood memories that I want to forget, forget how meth has destroyed my life like it has done it to every meth user ( if not yet it will sooner or later ) . I lost my house, my job, my husband, my friends, my sanity, my soul, my family, my health, my brain.. it breaks my heart that I still choose this evil drug over my family, over my health…I remember how happier I used to be and now I feel worthless, like I’m just a dead shell..no feelings, no nothing..only feel happy when I’m about to hit the pipe cuz I know is gana give me that rush that we seek so much making us think is going to fix everything all of our problems when in reality it pushes us deeper to the black hole we already in. I want to be the person I used to be, I want to be happy , I want ME back…. My real ME, it took the beutiful person away from her family and friends. From her happyness….I already suffered depression and social anxiety before starting my drug use..it runs in the family.. So imagine how is trying to quit for me..and all of us. I tryed to stay sober for 2 months but it got so bad that I couldn’t even go out from my own room my panic attacks were so bad, started planning my suicide, I even started searching the internet for ways to die in a fast, painless way…which it freaked me out cuz I had never had gone that far to search for ways to die.. I felt like I was loosing realty, couldn’t hold on a conversation, couldn’t focus, couldnt even make a simple phone call..cryed for everything, thought everyone was against me, so angry about everything and nothing at the same time…it was hell, even antidepressents wouldn’t work.. I Finally gave in and I relapsed 2weeks ago. I ask my self the same question will I ever be at least close to normal again? How I wish I had never done this drug. God plz I ask you to help us overcome this drug…to help us be strong…I share this in hopes to keep people from using meth and realize how devastating effects it has, even if you tried it a few times plz stop is not worth it. Is better now that later when is too late and much harder to quit, when the damage has been too much. A User for 8 yrs thought I had the bull by the horns it turn out he had me all this time, and not just by the horns but all of me. The sad part is it blinds us to think we like it, when we dont.. God bless u all.