A compilation of meth stories

I receive a lot of stories and feedback via the submit your meth story link on this site and I read every single one. There are so many different perspectives and since I can only write from my single vantage point, I think that it’s important to share the views of others that read this blog as well. Everyone has a story…what’s yours?

From Claudia:

Thanks for sharing. I’m 40- clean for 1 1/2 years. Trying sooo hard to find myself, a life, and a path. Quitting was easy compared to this struggle. Just looking for some friends I guess. Thanks!

my reply: Congrats Claudia, the road is long and sometimes hard, but you don’t walk alone. Even those never addicted have many a struggle with finding our way in life. Keep your head up – you’re doing it!!

From Jeanne:

Meth was my god. It was an evil god that destroyed everything in my life and left me withdrawing cold turkey on the maximum security block of Jefferson County Jail, charged with trafficking, left with nothing. Meth is horrible, horrible, horrible. If I had known back then what I do now…. I would run screaming and never look back when first faced with the choice of simply trying crystal meth.

my reply: Your story is such a familiar story and one that I wish everyone could read. So many people see this site that are addicted to meth right now. Unfortunately, it’s not before they try using that they decide to research the subject of meth.

From Corona:

I live in a very small town in AZ. Im 37 years old and I am a single mother of 4 I not only do meth but I sell it as well I have been doing meth for about 13 years now first it was crank then meth and the worse part to all of my past experiences good or bad here I am still stuck in the same place in which I started which is no where, I feel so alone. . . searching and searching for what? I dunno . . . happiness yes, God? I would think so . . .a bad person I’m not. . . I love my kids? Yes I DO very much.. . my story is very very long I dont know if you will be willing to sit there and read my book about my so-called life.

my reply: Corona, for the record I would humbly and graciously listen to your story. Thousands of people come to this blog and some even read the story behind my blog, we as humans want to relate, and I truly believe that no matter how bad your situation may be, there are many others out there dealing with the same scenario. I don’t believe you are a bad person – I truly don’t believe people should be labeled bad or cast out by society because they are addicted to meth. So many people become addicted to meth because they, just like you Corona, were in pursuit of happiness – which was found briefly until the psychological need to be “happy” caught up with them in the form of dependency. The life of an addict could be considered anything but happiness. Corona, I tried emailing you back, but got no reply – I truly hope that you are OK.

…if you are using, have used, have family members that use or just have something to say about meth addiction, please contact meย or leave your story in the comments below. I would be happy to share your story with the readers of this blog. You might be surprised at how good it feels to get it off your chest. Besides, I hear that helping others is contagious.


6 thoughts on “A compilation of meth stories

  1. Im a ten year user and im only 29…i have 3 girls one ex husband and a addiction to meth…….i have been to 2 rehabs and 3 halfway houses and when i got home i thought for sure this time wld be different..i thought mom and dad wld let me come hm..nope they put my ass bck on the street so here i was dipping and dogding the old crowd but it wasnt long b4 i went and got a 10 pack and was taking it on down through there,you running it!!!! b4 you knew it was begging to come home all the old feelings and lonilness came bck wat i wrked so hard to over come….so i talked to my grandma and told her the truth and im living with her and loving my new found sober life…..and i loved getting high.but my high was getting me!!! LOVE TINK!!!!

  2. you love meth now but will hate it in the end if you dont end b4 it…becareful out there use protection and dont use neddles after anyone..always go with your gut..the meth wrld is like no other crankster gansters play by a whole nother game…dope there is hope to cope with our love for meth..i hate meth…fck it…i aint hoping in that bucket ever again……………..TRUE LOVE>>>love tink

  3. watching my son relapse after 10 years. suddenly he is all skinny and paranoid, out of work, being evicted. I feel like a sucker for helping him out over the last year, paying his rent. I thought it was going to help him, but I was just paying for his dope. I give him a choice have a family who loves you or keep the meth and forget you even know me because i want nothing to do with you if you are on that shit.

  4. my name is Margie im a little nervous writing for the first time. I have been looking for something like this to talk to others who are apparently going through a lot of the same things I am. I feel so alone. MY beautiful 21 year old daughter has been using crystal meth every day since early june of this year. She had tried it before but didn’t do it that often. She has always had drug problems since she was about 14. First she was addicted to heroin got in some trouble and spent 6 months in a rehab and a little jail time. She did get off of it and was using things like pot zanax, and not much else. I thought the heroin was a scary time well I had know idea that meth takes on a whole life of its own. I have lost my daughter she know longer exists. I know longer exist either. She has taken over our household. I didn’t even realize it was happening. She lives here with my husband and myself and has shared custody of her 2 year old daughter.They go back and forth each week. he gets her 4 days one week and she gets 3. Then it changes the next week. But he always has her on the weekends. He also does meth on occasion. Not that it makes him any better but he is nothing like her. Im in fear of losing my granddaughter and I could not take that. But at the same time I do most of the care taking and run around making sure there is nothing laying around my daughters bedroom that the baby could get ahold of. I know if she doesn’t get help soon that something bad is going to happen. She used to be a good mother but now she is unable to care for her daughter properly. She is a slob she never picks up after herself and even when she takes a shower she still looks dirty.I take complete care of her. She is the most disrespectful person I have ever seen. She has a horrible foul mouth and calls me every name in the book. I am to blame for all her problems because I did drugs when I was younger. I cant explain what a day is like at my house. She steels my money and if I don’t give her money she takes off and is gone for days at a time usually taking my cell phone since she lost hers. Then she doesn’t answer it when I call. I stay up all night worrying she is dead some where. My husband wants to throw her out but im afraid she will end up dead if shes not here for me to watch her. She has agreed to go into a short term rehab. The problem is she has Medicaid and there are not many inpatient rehabs that will take it. I know she will probably leave not long after the withdraw starts but I will not give up on trying to help her get help.I am doing everything wrong as far as enabling her I know that. But its really hard even when she treats me like crap. I know that’s not her. I just want my daughter back. any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  5. Hey guys. I came across this blog and it’s really hitting me I’m the heart. I’m 23 years old and the first time I tried meth was when I was 17. At 19, I found out I was pregnant and stopped using immediately. My daughter was born in june of 2013. Shortly after she was born, I started using meth on occasion. I would stay the night at a friends and get high while my daughter was being cared for by her dad and his parents. When I first started using I could never imagine being addicted to a drug. Even tho my mom was a Crack addict. Fast forward the middle of 2014, I was literally a shell of the person I once was. I only ever saw my daughter rarely. She didn’t really know who I was. We didn’t have a bond at all. I was using every single day. It was very easy for me to get because my mom was doing it and after I asked her enough times, she would give me some of hers. My friends were using. There was a drug dealer living in the same house as me.
    People used to hang around me to try and get in the good graces of said drug dealer.
    December 2014, I’ve been sick for a couple weeks. Couldnt seem to put my finger on it. Didn’t know what the problem was. Then I took a pregnancy test and it was positive. And I was positive I didn’t want a baby. I wanted to keep doing what I was doing. And so I did. I called an adoption place, but it was just too much work for a meth head like me. I seriously considered an abortion but I had no money. So I just felt screwed. And so I kept doing drugs. Come March 2015, me and a friend went on a road trip to Austin Texas from Houston. I hadn’t used since the night before, I had this nasty cough. Yet we smoked about 3 packs of cigs on the way up there. Well on the way home, I was feeling real bad. We weren’t even out of Austin yet. My dad lives in austin so I suggest waiting around a bit to meet up with him and get some food. I was starving. I was thirsty. So we stop at a gas station and she goes in and gets chips and water to make me shut up. I get out of the car and go to the restroom and she follows me but it’s a single occupant restroom. I go in and lock the door and she starts yelling at me and banging on the door. Inside a store. So I come out and when we get back into her car, she attacks me. Hits me in the fave and then climbs in top of me, knowing I’m pregnant and knees me in the stomach. I finally get put of her car cause she kept locking the doors, and I grab my bag and my phone with no service. She takes off and leaves me at a gas station hours away from home with no way to call anyone. I go into the store and I’m crying and telling the people in the store what just happened and that I’m pregnant. So an ambulance takes me to a hospital. They had to run all the tests on Mr because I didn’t know how far along I was and I hadn’t seen a doctor at all. Except for when I got treated for chlamydia and gonorrhea.
    Found out that I was 21 weeks pregnant. 5 months pregnant.
    My dad picks me up from the hospital and I stay with him for 7 days before we head to his uncles funeral. I am all beat up, black eye. Ugly scratches on my nose and forehead. Super skinny. I was not right looking at all. I had to face my family like that. It was so embarrassing. After the funeral, it’s my grandpa and aunt who are going to drive me home from east texas. Long car rides are the worst.
    I get dropped off at my daughters father’s house and it wasn’t so great but I was away from the drugs and I was getting ready for a baby. I told him that I didnot believe this baby was his before, but after the math was added up, it added up to him. Pressure was on. And I did it. I stopped using.
    Jump to this week, I’m 1 year and almost 5 months clean. I have a beautiful 13 month old daughter.
    But on Wednesday morning at around 3 am , for some reason, I snorted a line of meth because I came across my moms stash in a kitchen drawer.
    It’s now friday, and I have done 4 lines total and smoked a bowl early this morning with thay dealer who lives here. My mom has no idea. Just us.
    I’m very scared to go back home. I’m afraid it’s going to be obvious that I’m out of it. That I haven’t slept except for maybe 3 hours. I look nasty. I feel disgusting. I’m coming down and I just want more.
    But I am going home today and I am never going to tell anyone about this. I’m going to pack it away and I’m going to resume the pause in my sobriety.

    That is my story so far

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