From a Meth Baby: Why You Shouldn’t Use Meth While Pregnant

I am a meth baby. I am now 23 years old.

I suffer from many things, including abandonment issues, insomnia (4 hours for me without night terrors is amazing), ADHD from a very very young age, and I hate to be touched. I could never forgive my “mother” (thankfully I was adopted although my story is not necessarily a happy one) and I never will. She stayed on alcohol, cigarettes and nyquil as well as meth during pregnancy which isn’t even to mention her birth control pills.

As a child raised by intellectuals I can honestly say it’s the worst thing I ever found out about myself, and I thank God for my high IQ. I cannot concentrate for more than an hour. I suffer every day. I could have been a doctor, if not for my “conditions”.

Although I have met the woman who biologically gave birth to me, and forgiven her for her past, I have no connection with her, and I am happy she gave me up. I love my parents and I grew up better than my sister did. My connections with others are affected by this.

Physical contact is almost like an eletric shock. I trust no one, and am impulsive. I’d rather tell a stranger than a friend a deep secret, at least I know they will tell. I have been diagnosed with many things as a child, thankfully I am able to live a semi normal life.

Don’t do meth while you are pregnant. I was lucky. Many are not. Think. You could make a childless couple happy, f*** you could just give this kid a fair start.

Stop now.

Before you make mistakes that are irreversible.

  • Wow that’s a really “deep” n “touching” story…I’m guenuienly sorry that that happened to you. However I am glad that your mother gave u up for adoption, because although what she did was horrible, she at least gave u a “shot” at life. I am, I guess u could say, “new” to meth. I’ve only done it 3 times, but I’m not pregnant, nor would I ever ever touch it while pregnant. I have two sons ages 3 and 6 and they r my world n I would never ever put any child of mine, hell any child at all, in danger like that. I used to be heavily addicted to pain pills (oxy’s, perks, vics) and it was real bad. I got pregnant with my 2nd son and I swear on my life that I quit the day I found out. It’s actually kinda bad to quit pills or herion when ur pregnant cuz it can b such a shock on ur body n make u have a miscarriage, so alot of dr’s recommend going to a methadone clinic(I’m not sure if u know what that is, but basically it’s a clinic that puts u on medication called methadone and it helps u get off of pills cuz it takes away all the bad effects) Well I’m on methadone now (which is how I quit the 2nd time I became addicted to pills) however when I found out I was pregnant with my 2nd son I decided to quit on my own. Now I was very scared about possibly miscarying, but I refused to go on methadone cuz they really are not quite sure the long term effects it has on a fetus and also most babies that r born when their mom is on methadone, the baby comes out addicted to it n a little, tiny, innocent baby has to go thru horrible withdrawl symptoms including, but not limited to, not being able to eat, throwing up, horrible (im not exarggrating, the pain is BAD) bone n muscle pain, low bith weight, and many other things. Well I made myself quit the pills on my own cuz like I said, although I was so scared of having a miscarriage, I refused to let my little innocent baby suffer or have long term problems. So I took all the pain n suffering, it was real bad not having the pills, puking n the pain was 10x worse then giving birth n it never seemed to end (I cringe just remembering it), but that’s what a “real” mother does, they accept n even like invite pain n misery as long as it means their child will not suffer at all. Well I’m extremely proud to say my son was born 8 pounds 6 ounces (big boy!) and healthy as possible. Not 1 thing wrong, and today he’s a happy, healty, energetic, adorable normal 3 yr boy! And I’m dead serious when I say that I do NOT say I’m proud of alot of things in my life, but I will ALWAYS say I’m very proud that I stepped up n was a good mom n made sure my son didn’t suffer for MY MY MY mistake. The baby didn’t ask for their mom to b an addict! And of course u didn’t either. I’m glad u told ur story, hopefully it will help even just 1 mother quit meth or any drug while she’s pregnant. I’m also happy for u that u did meet ur birth mom n did decide to forgive her, because if u didn’t do that it would really only hurt u. U said u had a better life then ur sister…did ur mom keep her? Was ur sister also a meth baby? If the answer to those ?’s is yes, then I’m very sorry for her too. And as long as ur sister is clean i hope u welcomed her into ur life cuz it’s not her fault, just like it’s not YOUR fault, that ur “mother” (she isn’t even deserving enough to b called that) was an addict n u can probably benifit as well as ur sister, from being in each other’s lives! So b proud that u told ur story, cuz even though it may have been hurtful, embarassing, or just plain hard to write ur story, if it helps someone then it was well worth it! So thanks n I hope the rest of ur life is great!

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