Meth Intervention: Cristy

The show Intervention on A&E is sometimes too painful for me to even watch – Cristy’s story most of all.

I saw the story of Cristy (or Christy) on Intervention quite a while back and of all the episodes, this one really affected me the most, truthfully it was her story along with those of so many close to me that made me want to do something about meth; her story is what prompted me to finally start this blog that I had been thinking about for quite some time.

Cristy is a hard-core meth addict, with a 10+ year addiction. She strips for money and amongst her dangerous exploits, she stands in front of liquor stores asking men to buy her alcohol. She has a pretty bad case of meth / alcohol induced psychosis which is apparent as she tries to explain her “deep” theories to the camera man and at one point, she is seen walking around outside of her house completely naked.

Her story is so heart-breaking, because she is just so lost in her addiction. Watching this episode, you can see that Cristy’s family really, truly loves her; her father so much so that he has enabled her for many years out of guilt – it’s hard to watch as he suffers with her. Cristy’s story is really a must-see if you want a real-life glimpse into meth addiction, meth psychosis and the shattered life of a once beautiful girl.

Video loads below:

Update to Cristy’s Story:

Lately there have been rumors spreading around the net like wildfire about Cristy’s death. There is even a newspaper clipping online stating that she supposedly died in January of 2010. I thought the clipping looked fake because the text was too crisp so I started doing some digging and asking around; finally the folks at A&E posted this on their forums:

Addressing rumors about Cristy

A&E has recently received several inquiries about Cristy from the second season of Intervention.  There have been online rumors that Cristy has passed away, but we can confirm that this is not the case.

This is a hoax.  Cristy is alive and we continue to wish the best for her and her family.  We are very grateful to them for their willingness to participate in our series.

So, I am VERY happy to report that Cristy is not dead. I am not sure of much else, nor do I know if she has finally gotten clean, but I do know she is alive – thankfully.

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  1. Thats fuccked up, just watched the episode and wishing the best to her! hopefully she’ll get the messege and get better soon!

  2. Hot?? Sorry that girl is not hot. She is one skanky bitch, maybe before drugs she was ok..But not now, your standards must be VERY low.

  3. Im happy to know shes not dead…I hope she got help n got clean. Her story really touched me. She was such a potentionally pretty girl who could have had so much going for her. Although I do not know her and I continue to watch Intervention and feel so heart broken for these souls …I pray they get well and Cristy still stands out in my head. I would love A&E to find her and update us on her story. Thanks and remember drugs and addiction does not discriminate. …Peace

  4. Everyone on here posting hateful things…you all are obviously on drugs too or the Devils gotcha some other way ….pray for your souls you evil Bitches !

  5. Chrisinchristy. you are a dumb ass fool. and you deserve to die for posting that shit. i would beat your ass to death for that. you freak!

  6.  You know it is soooo sad to see this. This devil’s drug is just running her life. The devil likes to see people fall & fall. He wants to corupt your soul & take your life. Me & my husband have been together for 9 years. For 7 yrs we did meth. We use to beat the crap out of each other & our marriage was failing. When I got pregnet w/my son we both decided to change our lifes around. Now we are happier then ever.We dedicated our life to God 2yrs. ago & now we witness to others who are going through the same thing. There is HOPE. Anything is possible w/God. Keep your head up Cristy’s family & God bless yall & your family.

  7. All you guys that mention nasty comments about Cristy are SICK! This girl needs help and so do YALL!

  8. Courtney you need Jesus! You should be ashamed of yourself. Cristy needs help. Jesus came to the sick not the well. You should pray to Jesus to help change your attitude.That kind of attitude comes from the evil one who rules over hell.

  9. i ran in to cristy in october of last year in a riteaid in north hollywood last year sad to say she’s hooking now

  10. Her sister posted an update on Cristy on YouTube. Cristy is in a mental institution and is doing really well. No reports on when she will be getting out though.

  11. Hey girl! I just want to let you know that I will be praying for you & ur hubby. Me & my husband have been together for 9yrs. & for 7 of thoses yrs we did meth non stop except the time I got pregnet w/my daughter then we both stopped & after I had her we started again not to mention other drugs as well, but we really liked meth. Our marriage relationship was just horrible.He would physically abuse me… Thinking I was hving sex w/everybody & their father. We did anything to get the drug.For godness sake we even lived w/several dealers & got high for free.I guyess that was one of the main reasons why we did do it so often.. Meth is the devil’s drug girl..Ur hubby definetly is not in his right mind when on that stuff.Finally me & my husband got tired of going around in circles.. 2yrs. ago I found out I was pregnet w/our son..We changed our lives around quit meth cold turkey. It was by the grace od GOD we were saved! He has to also u know change his group of friends because he isn’t strong enough to say “NO” to it. Tell him exactly how you feel & how he thinks his children would feel by their dad doing this evil drug. Put your foot down & let him know EXACTLY how U feel when he is clear minded because while he is on this drug he is not himself. He is just self destructing himself. Have faith in God he will provide…You are not alone..Please keep me updated as I seee that you posted this comment 7monthes ago.May God bless you & ur family.Your friend-Kristina-

  12. Can you please post a link to the video? I am a teacher and the DOE blocks/prevents certain things from loading on their internet server.  Please and thank you!

  13. what a bunch of sick and cruel comments there are here…While it’s true that sometimes hard core addicts can be very hard to deal with and be around, none of us knows what flows in other people’s minds, and it’s not cool for anyone to judge others, so to say that someone deserves to die because they’re a drug addict is a bit harsh…And the comments dealing with sex stuff are just plain sick.

  14. Cristy is a complete spoiled brat! She is a piece of sh$@ that deserves to die at her own hand. I have no sympathy for selfish, evil, worthless people.

  15. Like all the people I see on this show, I hope and pray that Cristy and all the others may find a way to overcome their addictions and find a more peaceful and meaningful path to walk.  Also that they are able to mend all the relationships they have strained and/or destroyed with those they love. 

  16. I want to be Cristy’s enabler and fuck her all day long while she is passed out in a drug induced stupor.

  17. Unfortunately I think her father waited about 5 years too long to get her help. She might be too far gone, but I wish them the best

  18. They say that because of her attitude. That’s the thing. If she saw that you said you’re rooting for her 100%, she would call you dumb. It’s that attitude and the way she laughed at everyone and just thought it was all funny and that she was soooo much better than them. She’s a dumb brat. I don’t want her to die and I hope she gets (is) better. However, even if she does get better, I don’t see that “I’m smarter and better than you” attitude changing. Hope I’m wrong, that’s just the way I see it. (I know this is a super old post, but I just watched her episode and wanted to see if there was any type of follow up anywhere).

  19. From the time I have seen Cristy’s story I have hoped and prayed she has made it past this time of her life. It is now 2014 and I still think about this episode. I would love to know if she eventually concurred her demons and has a fulfilling life. I truly care about this woman I have never met

  20. She still strips, does meth and drinks, and is 7 months pregnant. .. check her fb page cryste noel.. she’s a piece of garbage, actually posted that she wants a alcohol addicted baby bc they are cute. .. she’s beyond help

  21. I felt bad for her. Nobody knows what addiction is like unless they have been through it or seen someone they love go through it. Your negative comments sadden me.

  22. She is not a piece of garbage. She is a very sick woman who fell so deeply into the abyss of crystal meth addiction that her real self became buried in it. We have no idea who she really is. It’s the drug that’s garbage (and crystal meth is garbage), not the person.

  23. Wow. YOU obviously have issues and you’re taking all of their comments personally,otherwise you wouldn’t give two shits about what some strangers on the internet are saying about another stranger you don’t know. Since you can’t take the comments personally because you know her, you’re obviously taking the comments about addiction personally. So you’re probably an addict yourself.

  24. I am truly mortified at the callousness of some of your comments here! My heart breaks for Cristy and her family. I pray that she finds recovery and can live a beautiful and productive life someday. All alcoholics and addicts deserve that. That’s the whole point of the “Intervention” show: to make sobriety/recovery possible for those who want it! It’s worked for me since 7/20/1997.

  25. and this blog is about the person who wrote it…. and use my friends name to destory her name that is bullshit on this bitch

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