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The author of Tweak; Nic Sheff’s story continues online in blog format.

If you read the book Tweak: Growing up on methamphetamine it probably left you looking for more; details, insight or information on Nic Sheff and how he’s doing today. I personally recall that after reading Nic’s memoir, I immediately came to my computer and Google’d him. That was just before I wrote my little Tweak book review. When I finally came to find Nic’s myspace page I found that he was living in Georgia with a girlfriend, but he didn’t mention much else at the time. All I could do was hope he was doing okay and that he hadn’t relapsed after being sober for so long.

Just this past week I once again visited Nic’s myspace page to see if there were any updates and was elated to read that he now has a blog! It’s only a few days old, but he’s already written a couple of posts to update us on his life; the last of which is written in fashion true to Nic’s style, leaving you wanting more. Nic is a great author and his blog only proves it in a less edited way. If you haven’t read his memior, you should. If you have read his book, you should definitely check out his blog.

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  1. I just got done reading the book Tweak…It consumed me and I actually got mad I couldn't stay up long enough to finish the last 12 pages and I fell asleep. I read it in two days time it was hard to put down. I related so much to the part of trying to put on that front of trying to please everyone. I have tried drugs in the past but lucky never got addicted…Luckily the past month or so I got back into reading and Tweak was one of the first books I picked up. Reading about others addictions and struggles through day to day life seem to help myself to realize “Hey im not all that bad of a person there are worst ppl,places and things out there past present and future. So Nic, Thank You for writing an extraordinary book thats makes you feel the pain of addiction, relapse, and overcoming every day battles. As one of my sponsors once told me. Stay where your hands are and you'll be fine. One day at time of course. I'm a binge drinker been to alot AA meetings they helped but occasionally I still have a drink just don't take it overboard as when I was younger at 19 or so and now im 24. If It wasn't for my nursing job which is wonderful because i'm helping others. I would be that alcoholic and have that self-hate in m. Again, Thank You, Thank You, Thank YOU!!! God Bless You.

  2. I just finish your wonderful book Tweak. I could not put it down.
    Also, your Father's book was very interesting on the parent side.
    Hoping you all the best!

    Carole Lappalainen

  3. Whats up Nic I was at college the night you were in st.louis at Borders signing your book Tweak but my mother got me your autograph . She was a short blond lady. Anyway she told me you were on suboxone . how is that woking for you?I have been clean 11 months now and have read your book 5 times . It is almost like your story was identical to mine. But not in every way.The way you described your mood changes made me realize that I cant control my mood for shit . I recently was put on depakote and I feel great.I am studying to be a substance abuse counsler and i owe it to you to say thanks for giving me tha motivation .I got to go to class hit me back at

  4. By the way I heard you and your father on the radio last week it was really ironic that my mom ran into you and i heard you on a radio station i never really listen to .

  5. Nic if you read this please respond if you want . Have you heard if Subutex will be more effective than Suboxone . The naloxone in this form seems to not let me get the full effect of the medecine I have been on it about four years . When I first got on it they said the withdrawls would not be near as bad as herion. But when I tryed to kick just being on 1 milligram the detox went on for weeks . I am upset because my doctor said it should not be that bad .I still can not get off it but at least i am not poking myself with needles no more.

  6. This is for Jennifer Parkison the fact that you pick up a drink here and there scares me one is to many and a thousand is never enough. Step one says you are powerless over your addiction you picking up an occasional drink means you have not correctly worked a step one PLEASE E-MAIL me AT

  7. My name is Jerilynn. I have been recovered from alcoholism for over 11 years. Nic's book was the best book I have ever read. He is brutally honest and is honestly brutal!!! I read his book is one day, I could not put it down. He truly tells the insanity of his addiction and how the twelve steps can turn your life around. That's if you really want to stop your addiction and turn your life over to God or a higher power. I was drawn to his book after I saw him and his father on Oprah. I immediately purchased his book. Maybe now I can truly understand my sister's addiction to crack cocaine. Unfortunately, she died on an overdose in 1999. Truly the best written book I have read in years. He is honest, so honest. I cried at the end. I truly hope that Nic can keep his life on track. He is a wonderful, very creative young man with a gift from God. I know that his book will help other people who are addicted or help their families understand the power that addiction has in their lives. Fantastic reading!!!!

  8. Read the book. Cried. But I think, Nic, that you are as addicted to females as you are to drugs. Just something to think about. Good luck!! 🙂

  9. Read the book. Cried. But I think, Nic, that you are as addicted to females as you are to drugs. Just something to think about. Good luck!! 🙂

  10. i read nics and his fathers book while i was in prison and told my self when i got out i was gonna do it bigger and better this time roll till the wheels fall off but after i read the books it gave me the thought about maybe i can have a chance

  11. No, Kaybo. You are right. Marijuana doesn’t cause is not so “strong.” That is why folks with a tendacy to addiction or abuse move on to something “stronger.” For those folks MJ is truly a gateway to something else.

  12. I’m 19 and I have a little sister who’s 13 and considering going down the drug route. I have talked to her and tried many options. I told her the harm to her body, family, and life it can take on her and she still won’t listen. I’ve tried a few things as well and she knows but I don’t want her to be like me. I hate that I’ve been a bad role model but I have quit everything and want her to to look up to me now. What do I do??

  13. i’ve read Tweak, Beautiful Boy, and We All Fall Down. these books have inspired me, knowing people including myself who are in effected and or involved with addiction. Nic, you are indeed a beautiful boy even if you did fall down. life is far from perfect and we all make our mistakes. i”m so happy that you found your way out of all the drugs that had brought you down. i can say i”m your biggest fan (: -abigail

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