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The power of being able to relate to others can prove remarkably strong. You ARE NOT alone if you are addicted to meth or have a loved one that is addicted to meth. I hope that you will share your experiences and help turn your negative experience into a something positive. There are people struggling everyday and many of them find their way to this blog; you may even be one of them. Every story, no matter how long or short matters!

Send me your personal stories of meth use, experiences and meth poems and I will publish them for the world to see. Credit will be given to the author, however you may also remain anonymous if you like. If you would like to remain anonymous, please be sure to include that in your submission.

I look forward to hearing from you and sharing your voice with the world!

Email me at: admin [at] (replace the at with @ and remove spaces)

Disclaimer: If you are submitting your story, you are authorizing me to publish it on Some Chick’s Blog. Please refrain from using last names or any information that will identify you or others personally. Thank you for taking the time <3

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