Dehydrated cat urine could pass for meth

Or at least you can go to jail for possessing it…

Yes, it’s another addition to the WTF category of this blog. Wow, writing on this topic I find more things fall into that category than anything else.

Here are some excerpts to the St Petersburg Times:

Inmate freed after test finds powder isn’t meth

It’s just cat urine, the vial’s owner insists.

TAMPA – Cynthia Lynn Hunter spent 50 days in the Orient Road Jail.

On each of those 50 days, she maintained she was innocent of the charge of methamphetamine possession.

That felony arrest cost her her job, her kids’ trust and her boyfriend, she says.

“I promise you,” she recalls telling the deputy who arrested her at a Brandon Wal-Mart in August. “It’s not meth – it’s dehydrated cat urine!”

Deputies found the vial of yellow, chalky substance while searching Hunter’s purse during a pat-down. A security guard had seen her place beer, undergarments and a mixer into a shopping cart, then walk out of the Wal-Mart without paying, according to an arrest report.

Right away, a deputy poured a chemical on the powder to see if it had drugs in it. Such field tests – often called “presumptive tests” – are accurate 90 percent of the time, according to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.

Problem is, Hunter’s case falls into the remaining 10 percent: The meth wasn’t meth. It wasn’t anything illegal, according to FDLE lab results.

According to Hunter, a 38-year-old single mother from Lithia, she got it while hanging out with some friends. Someone passed around the small vials as kind of a novelty joke, she said. “He said it was the latest thing on the market,” she said. “We were just talking, having a few laughs.”

| Insert sarcasm here | I don’t know about you, but I get sick of going to parties and having those pesky vials of dehydrated cat piss pawned off on me. Could this be the newest fad? Maybe worse than Strawberry Quik Meth? OMG someone call the DEA!!1

Now, the million dollar question: Why would someone claim to be carrying around cat urine, much less dried cat urine?! There is in fact a form of dried human urine used to pass drug tests that is sold nowadays; that’s nasty enough in its own right. The fact of the matter is, the cops can’t prove what the substance is; they can only rule out the question of whether it is meth or not.

I read the full article and couldn’t help but laugh out loud; literally. I think I may have heard it all now. Of course you just never know what’s going to happen when you’re talking about meth.

Stick around for the next crazy story…there’s bound to be one.

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    *giggling insanely* Wow…yeah, I wanna carry dehydrated cat pee around with me. Ew. No.

    Though, actually…if you know where I can get some tiger pee to keep the coyotes and other mean varmints away from my house, that'd be cool. I'd rather it was still…er…wet, though.

  • Crystalline forms of cat urine can be used in storage areas to keep rodents away.  Rodents will flee any area that has the strong odor of a feline predator until population pressures force them into that area.

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