Meth Intervention: Coley

“Meth gives me super-human strength; I could move a mountain with my finger” — Coley

A quote from a man torn between his crystal meth addiction and love for his family. Coley’s story is that of a caring and kind man who’s days are spent neurotically searching the local forest for a special type of rare wood called “burl”. Completely spun, he is obsessed with locating this rare and rotten wood that can sometimes be sold for a large sum of money in specialty markets. It appears as if he is on some sort of magic adventure as you watch him tear through the forest on a tweaked-out escapade. In the end, the burl that he does manage to find makes him no money and takes him from his family for days at a time.

“Life has it’s harsh realities – Addiction is the harshest, it has no mercy” spoken from the broken heart of Coley’s wife, who for years has stood by his side through the ups and downs of his chronic meth use. She and Coley’s children share the same heart breaking story about the man they love. It is in fact, Coley’s children that contacted the A&E network to request an intervention for their father.

Coley’s story gives you a glimpse into one families heart-wrenching pain as they struggle along side their beloved husband and father’s addiction to crystal meth.

Coley’s first experience with meth starts with his mom who uses the drug to find common ground with her son. Believe it or not this isn’t as uncommon as one might think; in fact my ex-husband began his life-long meth habit when his mother put him out on the streets to sell it. Sales led to use and before long, he was addicted right along with his mother, step-father and 6 siblings. Meth can easily proliferate and destroy a family-unit – its addiction knows no bounds.

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