Britney Spears – Crystal Meth’s latest victim?

A report published in yesterday’s Sun claims Britney Spears is strung out on crystal meth.

The Sun cites an anonymous American newspaper when stating that Britney Spears had used meth while she was pregnant and that her driver had been spotted in a dark alley buying a baggie of dope from some shady looking guy… Well that just paints the typical drug dealing scene, now doesn’t it? How does anyone know that the baggie contained meth and not some other drug?? I’ve got to wonder about the people that report on these things.

Oh yes, I can see it now – the paparazzi lurking around some dank alley in Los Angeles watching this meth drug deal from down the street. No, of course the drug dealer didn’t see the dude peering around the corner with the ginormous telephoto lens strapped to his torso; drug dealers – better yet tweaked out drug dealers, wouldn’t be on the lookout for anything suspicious, now would they?! Either the paparazzi has got some major cajones or this didn’t happen.

I’ll take media spun B.S. only printed because it has Britney Spears’ name associated with it for $800, Alex.

No matter how much I try to avoid celeb gossip; news about Britney Spears seems inescapable. With today’s news about her supposed addiction to meth, I had to take notice. Of course I don’t know Britney and I can only make an assumption based upon what I’ve seen in the media, but I would venture to guess that just about anyone could tell you that she’s been caught doing some pretty nutty things as of late. I could make a very uneducated guess and say “Yep, she must be a tweaker”, but I will just reserve that judgement for if and when it’s a proven fact. And even if she is tweaked out, the girl needs HELP not judgement and not people that know nothing about the effects of meth poking “fun” at her. If she is the next celeb to commit suicide or die from an overdose – meth wouldn’t be the only thing I’d blame.

5 thoughts on “Britney Spears – Crystal Meth’s latest victim?”

  1. I really doubt it. The tell-tale signs of meth abuse would have been picked up by now: Britney’s skin would be confessing to it, and no amount of makeup would be able to hide meth use away. When that stuff is in the body, the skin does everything that it can to get it out, leaving nasty, visible scars all over the place (primarily in the face.)

  2. my gf getting like brit, kine of fat an all mess up skin, i think she doing ice but i no can tell 4 sure

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