Busted: Cops do meth too

Don’t think that just because they wear a badge that cops are immune to meth addiction.

Last Friday, after only 20 minutes of deliberation, a jury found Abingdon VA. police officer Gary Ray Call guilty of possessing methamphetamine with intent to distribute. Oh, he was also carrying his sidearm (duh) so he got convicted of a crime involving meth and a firearm too. During his trial, Call stated that he had been using meth for three years and that he had been introduced to it by another Smythe county sheriff’s deputy. What a pal – eh?!

The night he was busted he made a decision to resell the meth that he had earlier purchased from an informant into the very neighborhood he was paid to patrol and protect. What makes matters even worse is that he became a hypocrite. As a D.A.R.E. officer, he went to schools and gave anti-drug lectures to school children.

Mr. Call is free on bail and awaits sentencing in the spring of this year.

Cops are probably one of the most vulnerable when it comes to ease of addiction; they are human too. One wold think that the amount of people they see under the influence of meth would dissuade them from ever getting involved in using meth, but there is likely alot of pressure to perform and with a never ending stream of illegal drugs being taken from dealers, addicts and meth labs – it’s all too easy for the cops to keep some for themselves and have it go unnoticed.

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