Meth dealer sued for causing overdose

This would be the first case (to my knowledge) in which a person has successfully sued a drug dealer for causing them to O.D. on drugs. I find it interesting that this case was even allowed to move forward and even more interesting is the fact that the dealer even bothered to show up.


A 23-year-old Canadian woman is suing her drug dealer for selling her the crystal meth she overdosed on in 2004, the Leader-Post reports. And since the judge struck down the defendant’s testimony on Friday, she’s essentially won—an outcome her attorney says is the first of its kind.

Sandy Bergen spent 11 days in a coma after her overdose, and now speaks at high schools about the dangers of drug use. Her suit names both dealer and supplier, but the dealer can’t remember who the supplier is. That convenient memory gap got his testimony stricken, handing the $50,000 case to Bergen. “It’s a way of holding him responsible,” she said.

Holding a drug dealer responsible. That’s a hoot! I suppose maybe, just maybe, one day the dealer will get it together and try to get a job or maybe even try and persuade a bank to loan him money; at which point would he possibly held responsible. Right now I don’t think Ms. Bergan has more than an expensive piece of paper.

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