How to make meth

“How to make meth”

I am wondering – why is it that over 1/4 of the visitors to this site come here because they entered “how to make meth” or some similar variable into a search engine. If you fit that category, I want to ask – Are you seriously thinking about making meth in your house, your car, the coffeepot in a cheap motel?

Just some food for thought:

  • Anhydrous ammonia and alkali metal are extremely reactive. Just look at them wrong and KABOOM!
  • A meth lab explosion can cause massive damage in a 300 meter (985 ft) radius. Not only will the explosion maim or kill you, but it could quite possibly kill your family and half of the neighborhood.
  • Got kids or other pesky family members hanging around? Great! Now not only are you inhaling noxious gases, but they are too! Kids are especially susceptible to the free radicals contained in these gases and it can and has been proven to cause cancer at a very minimum.
  • It’s not funny. You are putting your life in danger just using meth, much less making it. Can you see beyond the selfish voice in your head that’s telling you that you NEED to get high? There is nothing that will bring back your family, those you live with or those around you if you decide to make meth and the process goes awry.
  • Chances are you will fail. Most information on the net is incorrect and most sites leave out critical steps. The suckers out there that are willing to chance it are the tweakers on the forums making idiotic posts like “What did I do wrong”, “I made some sh*t but it was bunk and tastes like sh*t”, “I got to the step where u ______________________ and it started smoking really fu*king bad”. (Yes, these are actual post titles). The only ones that say they were successful probably weren’t, but they enjoy making you think they were!

So if you are still pissing around on the internet looking for ” how to make meth ” then obviously you could care less what some chick online has to say about it. Feel free to come back and visit when you’re out of the hospital and you realize it was a bad idea.