Another Lonely Night

Another lonely night,

Well I got my rig of Crystal and all her might,

But I’m afraid even she cannot fill the empty space,

That used to behold 3 little innocent faces.

I cry every day, sometimes all day long. My heart

That used to beat only for my children’s laughter,

Found a new rhythm, it’s called ‘a bigger blast, only this time,

Make me go faster’.

For dope is all that makes me tick,

Fuck the kids, who cares if they’re sick, or lost and lonely,

And feelin like shit, all because mommy vanished

Into the whole ‘Rig-a-Bit Click.’

Should’ve thought of that before you agreed

To shoot up that first hit.

HA-HA gotcha bitch,

You fell right into my little trick

I bet it makes you sick that,

Even though you knew its tough grip,

you still fell for my little prick,

And strangely enough, his name was ****,

He assured you it would help

It’d make your misery go away,

But what would he know,

He himself was just barely through my door.

Just you wait, as he shall too,

I’ll make you wish you could take it all back,

Oh bet your sweet ass,

Just as you see your whole life,

POOF! in a flash,

No more happy love filled snuggles and kisses,

Now you’re lucky to not be hit, kicked,

And the main target of your “loves” disses.

Oh hunny, if only you could turn back time,

But then you wouldn’t be able to make

This sweet little rhyme.

No, no, no, you stay with me,

My newfound mate,

I’m going to show you the REAL meaning of

HATE! Oh, yes,

After we destroy every single ounce

You used to love and enjoy,

Then it’s your turn my dear

It’ll be the real McCoy.

Now I’m going to instill the fear,

You’ll be praying for death easily before round 2

But awe, Boohoo I’m not quite through,

But when I’m done and you are

practically lifeless, and therefore, no longer fun

Your children, they’ll get you back,

But not without wearing the good ol’ fashion Black.

and That’s if they even show, who knows,

They might have already made the adjust

To their mommy dearest being

A piece of shit junky Schmoe…

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