Baby No More…

Help me I’m falling,

I cannot do this alone.

Please stop me crying.

Because I can’t stop on my own.


You may promise to catch me,

but I’m not good for you.

Because how can you catch me

when you’re falling too.


I long to feel normal,

Because nothing seems clear.

Once I was afraid to die.

Now death I don’t fear.


Some things don’t matter,

But this one thing is so true.

Keep living this life Baby.

And I’m gonna lose you.


And we, We really do matter.

You’re whom I live for.

So I’m making you this promise,

and finally saying baby no more.

This poem was written many years ago when everything around me fell apart I wanted to escape reality and even after been clean for close to seven years, I once again took another journey to a place I don’t like to go. I live with my addiction everyday of my life for the rest of my life. Its a battle not just a fight. I try to learn from my mistakes, but I am nowhere near perfect so I can not promise I won’t slip and fall again, but I will always stand back up brush the dirt off and keep going…..

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