Crystal Did Me Wrong

The decision I made was poor
When that bitch came knocking on my door
I said “who’s there?” she replied my name is crystal I am new in town and looking for a friend
She looked like a person who I should let in
My parents always told me to never trust strangers
But this time I did.
We started getting close day after day
Every spare second I had I spent it with her with no dismay
Neglecting my family and soon I would pay
We stayed out all night and had the best of times
She was the best friend I have ever had, I ain’t going to lie.
We shared our darkest secrets .and told each other stories until we laughed and we cried
No doubt crystal was the missing link in my life
She filled the void, took down my wall, it felt so right
Like the bond between a husband and his newlywed wife
Next on her list was taking my life
My back was turned and I felt a sharp pain, I spun around and it was her with a pistol aimed for my brain
I screamed Bitch how could you? What could you possibly have to gain?
She said how you could be so blind not to see
You know I am, I know you have heard of me
I felt so betrayed; I gave you all I could give as your friend
I can’t even move, I can’t even breathe, feels like my chest is about to cave in
Bitch this ain’t over, I will retaliate with all my might

She managed to regain my trust and I let her back in
Like armor to a knight
I did what she asked
And so it begins
She told me if I really was a friend that I would give her my soul
So I did, we became closer than we had ever been before
I stayed up for days and never came home
Started breaking the law using credit cards they were stolen
It was such a rush; I did it more with no remorse, shopping online
Not using my head I was way out of line
She had my in the palm of her hand like a puppet on a string
Not giving a dam, the consequences shall soon begin
It wasn’t her freedom that was on the line, it was only mine
She didn’t give a dam; not a care in the world
Knowing she had me hungry for a nut like a starving squirrel
The knock on the door, Oh shit it’s the cops, handcuffs went on, straight to jail not making a stop
The tears rolled down, I’m scared to death, and then panic set in
My first time in jail was an experience all in itself, so the saga begins
Not even one visit, not a cent on my books, this was the last straw
If crystal didn’t come through for me now, it’s all my trust that she took, it’s obvious that conclusion was wrong
I want her to pay and suffer for this wish I did long
I guess it was no surprise everything I believed turned out to be lies

Her betrayal hurt me so bad; that’s it Crystal, you have no more tries
I am done with you, I want you to die.
You have taken my life from me, hope you had fun with your deceitful storied and lies.
This is the last time you will hear from me mark my words
I am taking back what you stole, my soul and my pride
So bitch kick rocks

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