Crystal Meth Kills Me

Closely I watch as you claim another
Restless mind to steal its soul.
Years of pain leave me threadbare
Searching for for the serenity I once
Took for granted. I am lost I can’t
Afford the things I need anymore, I’m
Left more sick than ever before
Making it so hard. I hate thinking of
Everything I lost no telling how much?
The ones that I depended on there
Hopelessness and choice to believe
All the lies no one can hear the cries I
Make asking for someone to stop this
Pain that flows through me. I need
Help. I need to feel the sting of rain
Entering my vein the emotions are
Dying as the stream of life drips
Into a rag I hold under my arm
Making stains as my mind is set free
I no longer fear the harm I’m causing,
Nothing helps anymore.
Even the pain I endure everyday
Know’s And leaves me alone.
Insanity is my new friend .
Light pierces my eyes and causes me to
Loose my focus on the problem. it is the
Stains on the rag I dropped on the floor
Making me do this to myself again.
Everyone knows I’m playing a game.

I cannot win and no one will reach out to help someone that once they called a husband a father and a friend!!

Author: Brandon Turner
I hope you enjoy and will please share it I know it’s not the best buts it is straight out of my heart and soul.

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