Crystal Meth Poem: I am death

This poem was sent sent to me today and though the author doesn’t say much about how meth has effected them, it is signed “a grieving mother”. I can only imagine…


Hello new friend, my name is DEATH,

some still call me Crystal Meth.

I’m easy to find, and a breeze to make,

just ask around, I make you feel great.

Try me for free, I can afford one hit,

I know if you do, I am hard to quit.

Forget those who love you, I am all you will need,

take my hand, to your death I will lead.

I have no conscience, grief is my soul,

I will not leave you, until your body is cold.

You will meet new people, I am social you see,

I’ll teach you to lie, steal, and cheat.

Your new group of friends, they know me well,

and if we get caught, they will leave you in hell.

I am important, I am the best, I make some rich,

then I destroy the rest.

I’ll keep you awake, unable to work, I make mothers cry,

some call me a jerk.

If you have children, or someone you love, I can destroy them,

remember, I am Meth, the Death Drug.

Don’t look in the mirror, you won’t believe what you see,

the reflection looking back, some say it is me.

I’ll rot your teeth, I’ll destroy your gums,

but just remember, you are having fun.

One important thing, you may not even notice the change,

your mind will not function as it did before I came.

Once you are mine, and you have lost everything,

don’t curse my name, you came looking for me.

I’m very possesive, I’ll take your life,

and if you don’t believe me,

Keep doing ICE.

Now that you know me, and we are friends,

KNOW I AM DEATH, will you love me to the end?

A grieving Mother,