Megan’s Battle Within: The Voice of Meth

The Battle in Me

Just one more time, Megan I promise.

No, I can’t, I don’t need meth and that’s being honest.

But don’t you want to be pretty?

Yea, but meth only made me look gritty.

But your fat and you need to lose weight.

I don’t like who I was on meth; it made my love turn to hate.

You love the feeling, I know it’s true. ‘Cause who spun out of their mind right now, ha? YOU!

I know I might be spun but I’m not having any fun. I forced myself to eat, and I just got sick.

You know you feel good, you know you wouldn’t mind some dick.

Well I guess maybe one time wouldn’t hurt. Just one more time, I promise thats it.

Ha-Ha Yea right, your so full of shit.

Actually I am, I’m quitting you it’s done. Your not going to take over me, walk away right now just fucking run.

I’m not going anywhere you stupid bitch. You need me, and I need you.

I’m don’t need you, go away. Go bother someone else; I’m starting over again today.

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