Meth Poem: My Friend They Call Meth

Just as a disclaimer, I don’t normally post pro-meth articles. This poem however was submitted by a visitor to my blog and I debated as to whether or not to post it. There are two sides to every story and while I do not at all condone using meth, nor do I think one can use it over many years without adverse effects, this poem attempts to prove me wrong. So, I will leave it to you, my faithful readers to give your feedback:

My Friend They Call Meth

I’ve read all these poems about the one they call meth.

I must say something, so I think I’ll confess.

It is enemies to them but for me not so much.

I seem to get along with meth, Ice, shake, and such.

I’m not saying that meth has always treated me fine.

But I can say it’s been a better friend than some family members of mine.

Sure it can ruin your life and take your soul.

But only if you let it get out of control.

I’ve been with you when your producing that smell.

And you’ve only one time landed me in jail.

When I had no one, you were there by my side.

Keeping me company and my mind occupied.

I still have my teeth, my looks, and my friends.

I still have my kids, my wife, and my grin.

So to all you meth poets with lifes such a mess.

who were to weak to live a life with a friend called meth.

I’ve took it, I’ve cooked, I’ve shook it and more.

I’m a 15yr. friend with the one who made your mother a whore.

I would never encourage anyone to get high.

I’m just sayin I’m ok, I’ve done it half my life.

And sure I’ve hit bottom trading everything I owned.

I even packed a duffle bag around cause I called that home.

So to all those who have fallen from the top.

Were takin by greed cause they didn’t know when to stop.

So I guess that’s it, this is the end.

My life is just fine with meth as my friend.


What do you think? Do you think you can live a “normal” life using meth? I personally think this poem illustrates several good reasons NOT to use meth. What do you think?

Comment below with your thoughts…


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