Meth Poem: The Scars of Ice last for Life

Poem submitted by: Yusuf L.

It’s been days since I slept
Can’t remember when last I ate
I’m consumed by anger and hate
Meth is leading me to hells gates…

Even tho I put it behind me
Everything I do constantly reminds me…

The wounds are so deep
The climb back to the top so steep
How did I ever get so deep…?

It disturbs my sleep to hear
The erratic beat of my heart
My breathing is shallow
But of no concern
I’m happy meth made me mellow…

I don’t want it to end
But I have to defend
The little morality I have
Still intact…

The dribbles run thru your head
While you lay in bed
Some good and some bad
All reminders of things you’d rather forget…

Chop it long chop it short
Be cunning enough not to get caught
Chop it fine make that line
Dnt you see the meth makes you blind?

But it’s not over yet
You’ll deceive those that care
Still challenge meth?
You better be aware …

I’ll make you cry
At times you’ll wanna die
You’ll turn on your friends & family
Love the ones you hate
for in their arms
On a plate
is da thing you crave
Yes it’s a line but it’s also a way to your grave …

You sold wat you owned
Just to get high
Still you wonder why u getting the awkward eye…

Meth is not a joke
Harsher den coke
You continue to use
Even tho you broke

It’ll make you beg borrow and steal
And never will you heal

The person you were is now dead
All that’s left is jus a thought in Ur head
So tell me now dear friend
Will you let meth lead you to the end?

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