Meth Poem: Their still doing me

I’ve quit doing drugs

But their still doing me

Sometimes I wonder

If I’ll ever be free

It’s been almost two years

Since I quit the stuff

And even now

It makes life rough

The damage I done

While on the sh*t

I never noticed

Until after I quit

Now I deal with it

Most every day

Trying to make right

Of the wrong choices I made

The pressures and problems

I’ve put on myself

I would’ve never wished

On anyone else

I wright these words

To help me heal

If you happen to read them

This is how I feel

It may seem like a dream

When you first begin

But it’s really a nightmare

And it may never end

So if you’re thinking about trying

Think about it again

The choice you make

May haunt you till the end

By Greg Roark