Meth Poem: Your Dearest Friend ICE “aka” DEATH

This was sent to me by Whitney. I wasn’t sure if I should classify this as a poem because it’s more like a letter. But it has a rhythmic feel when you read it so I’ll let you be the judge. Either way – thank you Whitney for sharing…

I am the cramping in your stomach. I am the craving that draws you in & holds your prisoner. You know that uneasy gripping feeling you have more often than before. Yeah, thats me!
There are several ways or tricks I use to get into your mind. Once I’m there, theres nowhere to hide. No matter the trouble, crime or embarrassment it may cause. You’ll go futher just to get that taste. You may even consider selling your soul, if you know how good my quality is, no matter the price.
Mother’s I’ll kidnap your child & don’t worry about a ransom. They are mine!! Family’s keep your loved ones safe & sound. If you don’t you’ll be filing a missing person’s report. Don’t forget our children. For one day you’ll wake up & find your parents body on the floor dead from doing way too much!!
When you think you have total control over me. Thats when I’ll surprise you the most. I’ll help you lose your job, even help you steal, I’ll take away everything & make you lose it all. By the time my job is done. You’ll want to turn back time or be dead & gone. Six feet under & done!!
If you haven’t figured out who I am. Let me give you a hint. There are at least 5 ways to do me & each one is better than the last. Try rolling the dice & you’ll hit on ICE!!!

Your Dearest Friend

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