Meth Poeth: I Shoulda’ Knew It

I Said I would never do it
Didn’t wanna’ put myself through it.
I knew exactly what it did
And how it controlled your head.

I heard all about my dad
And all the problems he had.
Being strung out for days
All because of his foolish ways.
When it all could have been avoided
If only he didn’t toy with it,
A drug named Devil’s Speed.

No matter what it is that makes you start
Will soon lead to you being torn apart,
With each beat of your rapidly pounding heart.
You will then be pulled away
From everything that steps in it’s way,
Until your soul begins to shatter
that’s when nothing else matters
except for its presence
that feels as if you were in heaven
and if it wasn’t for that next hit
you would completely feels like shit.
It’s this feeling you don’t want
because nothing will stop the taunt
of the voice that seems to haunt
everything in your life.
All because you decided to be bold
took on the drug even after being told.
so now what does your future hold?

Submitted by: Imasurvivor

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