American Meth: A must see movie

Meth’s grasp runs far and wide throughout America.

A quote from the movie’s narrator Val Kilmer on Portland’s homeless:

“As surely as meth was pumping through their veins, pride and shame had bled out. An undeniable sign that meth had made its mark”.

This is a documentary that runs close to 70 minutes, but is certainly worth taking the time to watch. Included are some of these highlights:

  • The story behind the “Faces of Meth” project
  • Evolution and history of meth including it’s use in Wars, by Hitler and the transformation into the illegal pep pill called “Benny’s”.
  • Interviews with the Montana Meth project creators and teens in Montana.
  • Issues regarding government funding of meth treatment and awareness programs as well as problems law enforcement officials face when a meth addict is arrested and there is nowhere to place them
  • Trucker Bombs – Delusional and desperate tweakers believe that truckers are all on Meth so they search truck stops to find containers filled with their urine so they can drink it.
  • Mothers talking about their use of meth during pregnancy and beyond
  • Interview with a facilitator at a unique 90-bed treatment facility in Rock Springs Wyoming that allows recovering addicts to have their children with them in treatment. The facilitator talks about how important that is to both the parents and the children. The kids don’t want a foster parent, they want their biological parent — addicted or not they still love them.

If you watch nothing else, I suggest watching the middle of part 4 through the middle of part 7 in the series. Which includes a pre-dawn interview chronicling the story of meth addicts, Holly and James: They are a family living in a mobile home with 4 very young kids and no running water. The kids are dirty and out of control. When both parents finally crash at 5AM the kids are left roaming the house unattended. If you are wondering how meth effects families this is a must see. It’s a scenario that takes place in almost every community in America every single day. Trust me, this story is pretty similar to what I saw as a child.

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