Crystal Meth Video: Crystal Darkness

This video is a documentary about crystal meth addiction that was aired statewide last night in New Mexico. The video is split into 5 parts courtesy of youtube and totals about 30 minutes. This documentary was created by a non-profit group that specializes in community policing by gathering anonymous crime tips to raise awareness about crystal meth abuse. It is full of personal stories about meth’s effects on addicts, how meth is made and transported and general facts about meth. Being the avid fan of documentaries that I am – I felt the need to write about it and recommend it to anyone wanting to know more about meth.

28 thoughts on “Crystal Meth Video: Crystal Darkness”

  1. Wake up, get help, stay away from this horrible drug. If one saw a rattlesnake lying on the ground, would one pick it up? Probably not, it bites, and it kills. Meth does the same thing. It just takes longer, only one suffers a little longer.

  2. Excellent video — very enlightening to the truth of what’s going on with Meth. I highly recommend watching the whole video and if the personal testimonies don’t grab you, maybe you need some help yourself.

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