How to make meth: Shock Video

This music video is all the rage on youtube lately; which if that in itself says anything – is sad.

The video goes into far too much detail on making meth, but leaves out just enough so that someone curious enough to follow the steps could get seriously hurt. Rock and roll (or grunge or whatever you would all this) being the art form that it is, can have plenty of shock value and maybe that’s the premise of this video. These guys have probably gotten way too much exposure now that the video is up to close to 100k views at present, with comments like:

“i made the meth perfectly or did i) and smoked it in a bulb and it gave about a 20 sec head rush and then it got hard 2 breath that sh*t is f*cked”

“this is BULLSH*T I f*cking tried to make it and the F*cking balloon never inflated. Although the fresh step doesn’t come in a bag like on the viseo it comes in a box and the pieces were much smaller. Pain in the ass for NOTHING F*CK YOU!!!”

“to all yall wondering and thinking this is fake… it isnt lol. I knew from the first thing they did, my freind ust to be a dealer i should know. Idk bout the other things but im about to try the last one tonight…*crosses fingers*”

The comments go on and on for about 60 pages…So clearly there are people just desperate and/or dumb enough to attempt the meth making methods shown in this video.

I am just going to warn you now…DON’T ATTEMPT THIS…
In fact, don’t attempt to make meth period.

***Trigger warning***

UPDATE: The above comments were taken from the original YouTube video which has since been removed. I was able to find the same video elsewhere, however the comments haven’t seemed to evolve into the same level of idiocy presented on the original video page – thankfully.

225 thoughts on “How to make meth: Shock Video”

  1. I have been around meth my whole life (3 years clean and sober) and i have never seen it made that way before! does it really work?

  2. Look retards- everything in the video is madeup- EVERYTHING….thats the whole premis behind it…the whole joke……

  3. Okay Katz,

    This video is a total fabrication; there is a gas identified as NaOH5 – this cannot exist as it is dictated impossible by the electron valence structure of oxygen – it may only have two bonds in stable forms. They introduce their Egyptian Meth as having the formula: C(22)H(34)O(12) – this chemical does not exist! If it did it has twice the carbon count of Meth and therefore would be chemically distinct and have totally distinct effects. There are other places to find Meth recipes, this was just a publicity stunt to get a poor quality band off the ground.


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